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They say if you Try Nectar even once, you may end up hooked. Well, I actually just made that up, but after fucking with the service all morning, I think it’s true. Pornography in general has an addictive quality thanks to that sweet release of endorphins that comes with that sweet release of sperm, much to the chagrin of our girlfriends and the NoFap crusaders of the internet. TryNectar might be even more habit forming, if only because it serves up your very only fantasies instead of somebody else’s wet dreams.


Do you see what I’m hinting at yet? If not, maybe the full domain name will give it away; creates your very own custom porn pics using artificial intelligence. The site is new as hell, launched just a few months ago, but their traffic is quickly rising as more people learn about their offerings. I’m always down to look at some naked ladies, and I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to see the girls of my dreams turned into actual images.



Custom Porno and the OnlyFans of AI

I think it’s safe to say we’re living through the early days of the AI porn revolution, with new sites popping up around the internet every week. I’ve been reviewing them as they appear, and watching with a professional masturbator’s eye as the form develops. The earliest sites had the shittiest, most barebones front pages without much to be seen. TryNectar’s front page, on the other hand, is exactly what I’ve come to expect with the more recent sites: a wall of nudes generated by their AI models.



The similarity to other joints ain’t necessarily a bad thing, as every free tube looks basically the same from outside, too. The more important thing is the quality of the imagery, which is very high in this case. Rather than grouping everything together, they give visitors the option of perusing either of their two specialties: custom anime and realistic fake photos.


One thing they’ve got that I haven’t seen on other AI sites yet is a sidebar menu of Featured Girls. It’s basically like a mini-OnlyFans of imaginary women, with photosets unlockable for a couple bucks a pop. I’m curious how many of these they sell, because while the pics are hot, I’m much more interested in creating my own.


You can Try Nectar for free, with some limitations. Free users are restricted to certain options, like the more basic AI models, and you can only create so many pics before they ask you to upgrade to premium. Plans start at twenty bucks per month, which includes 100 generations per day and a dozen customization options. For thirty bones, you get unlimited generations and access to all the customizations. Fifty bucks offers the same, plus landscape and portrait modes, and “All-access to our best models and add-ons.”


I wouldn’t be surprised if the prices come down in the future. AI porn is new as hell, and the prices haven’t equalized yet, but I expect to see them lining up a little more evenly as more competition arises. I will say that has some of the fastest free image generations I’ve seen yet, banging them out in a few seconds instead of the minutes you often wait elsewhere. Just try not to burn through your freebies too fast!



Who’s Ready to Try Nectar?

Most of the other AI porn generators either have a menu of keywords to check off or a box to type your request into. has something of a hybrid format, offering a prompt-based interface with some menu options. The menu offers up random elements in categories like Body, Scene, Face and Outfits, with a new spread of options every time you hit the “Generate New Ideas” button.



For my first experiment, I wanted to Try Nectar without entering anything into the prompt box. Instead, I started checking off options like Topless, Seductive Posture, Crowded Street, Latina and High Heels. With each click, my chosen keywords typed themselves into the prompt. I chose the Nectar Ultimate Realistic Model, slid the slider for a High-Resolution image, and then hit Create.


About twenty seconds later, my image was ready. There are no telltale signs of AI image generation present, no weird eldritch deformities or extra fingers, so the resulting pic looks like a real photo professionally ‘shopped into perfection. She ain’t topless, but she is gorgeous, showing off in a bikini as pedestrians walk around behind her.


Weirdly, I can’t just click on the image for the full-sized version. You’ll have to right-click on your pics to open them in another tab to see them in all their glory. While you’re at it, I recommend saving them to your hard drive. TryNectar doesn’t currently save your creations by default, even with a Premium account. If you don’t click the Like button, your pics will dissolve into the ether as soon as you exit the Create page. Hopefully, these are temporary issues.



Let’s Talk Customizations

Another gimmick has that I haven’t seen on every site is a small selection of “Customizations” at the bottom of the generation menu. Some of these are options I’ve seen included elsewhere, like POV Missionary, Japanese Girls and Bodystockings. I was more interested in the Customizations that let users create their own AI parodies of popular characters.



Right now, the selection of characters includes babes from light novels like Sword Art Online and RE:Zero, plus a nice little handful of Genshin Impact chicks. I left all my generations the same as my last image, clicked the Yae Miko – Genshin Impact Customization, and then hit Create.


Again, I had my image in about twenty seconds. This time, I got what I’d asked for in the first place: a chick standing topless in public wearing a pair of high heels. She doesn’t look like Yae Miko, though, probably because I forgot to switch the model from Ultimate Realistic. I tried again, this time using Hentai Model 2.


Sure enough, TryNectar hooked me the fuck up. I got a custom manga pic of Yae kicking back on a public sidewalk, flashing a seductive smile while wearing nothing but high heels, nylons and a pair of red panties. There does seem to be an extra high heel just behind one of her ass cheeks, though I may not have noticed if I wasn’t looking for AI fuckups.



Everybody Loves My Frankenstein Sluts

As I got the hang of Try Nectar’s system, I started banging out more custom porno. There is a tiny bit of a learning curve and some experimentation necessary if you want images exactly to your specifications, but they’ve included a couple helpful tutorials to simplify things. I also feel like the menu options make it easier than a purely prompt-based setup, since you can just click around like a mad scientist making Frankenstein sluts.



One weird quirk I noticed was that my images seemed to have Likes as soon as I created them. I used their 2.5D model to generate a curvy brunette, which came out of the machine with 120 Likes already. I really don’t know how to account for this, because it suggests the images were premade. The image generation is fast, but it’s not the instant gratification I expect from a search function.


I tried doing some really oddball requests as a test. I can’t imagine anybody asked for a blue-skinned fox girl in the jungle, or an office lady with a cowboy hat in front of a firetruck. As soon I generated them, though, they had 50 and 41 Likes, respectively. It looks like those numbers are just totally made up, which is weird and unnecessary, but doesn’t make the site any harder to whack off to. does have a couple minor quirks, namely those phantom Likes and the fact that images aren’t automatically saved. Still, the system offers masturbators a ton of power to create their own custom nudes as if by magic. I was impressed enough that I’m going to rub one out to my creations just as soon as I finish typing this. My advice is to take advantage of the initial freebies, and splurge on a membership if you’ve just got to have more.

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