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You already voted! lives on a domain that I think has the potential to become valuable as fuck, regardless of what they’re actually offering. It’s the kind of simple, straightforward branding that hasn’t been possible on a dot-com in decades now. While it remains to be seen what artificial intelligence might ultimately bring to the porn scene, this initial goldrush has been impressive, to say the very least.


So, what exactly is PornX peddling? Some might say they’re selling your very own fantasies to you, but only if you’re willing to whisper some of your dirty little secrets to the robot in the box. Their service uses AI to create the porn images of your wet dreams, which goes a long way in explaining their exploding popularity. The domain wasn’t even registered until a couple months ago, but with a gimmick like this, I was one of the first in line to take a test drive for myself. Let me tell you all about it.



Who Do You Want to Make Today?

As you’ve almost certainly noticed by now, AI has been exploding throughout the early half of 2024. If you’re a curious pervert like myself, you’ve probably spent some time trying to get custom masturbatory content out of services like ChatGPT and DALL-E. I’ve been reviewing the adult-oriented versions of these platforms, and my list of AI Porn Sites is one of the newest and fastest growing features here at ThePornDude. You’ve seen it, right?



These sites have been popping up so fast that a lot of them launch with the most simplistic, barebones presentations., for example, is a hell of a porn generator, but their front page is just some white text on a black page. PornX comes on a little stronger with a color scheme aping Pornhub and a whole wall of preview images.


One of the selling points here is the wide range of styles they offer. Most AI porn generators will create fake photos and machine-dreamed hentai, and yeah, can do those, no problem. The full menu of styles is expansive as fuck, though, with around 30 different options like Marvel, Oil Painting, Disney Cartoon, 80s Photo and Dark Souls. Given how rapidly these services are evolving, I expect that menu to grow.


The front-page spread shows off a little bit of everything their users are creating. Right now, I see photorealistic blondes flashing their naked flesh and tattoos, elven babes that could have come from a D&D manual in a more perverted world, and science fiction BDSM fuck scenes with beautiful women and robot cocks. Asians, redheads, anime babes and purple furry sluts are all possibilities here.



Making Porn with wastes no time directing visitors to the real meat of their AI porn sandwich, with a big button front and center, encouraging you to CREATE. They offer a limited free plan for perverts with empty wallets or just cheap hearts. You don’t even have to register an account to get started.



Not only does PornX outdo most of their competition with their wider range of art styles, but they’re also the first site I’ve reviewed with both menu-based and prompt-based AI generation interfaces. The main catch is that free users can only play with the menu, while paying members can type their fantasies into the box. Sorry, cheapskates—maybe ask mom for an advance on your allowance, huh?


I figured I’d go in for a freebie first. If you’ve used one of these services before, you’ll know what you’re doing right away. It really is as simple as checking off the boxes you want. Keep in mind that the more keywords you select, the less likely it’s going to be that the resulting image will contain all of them.


I asked for a full body shot of a woman in her 20s with big breasts, thick thighs, blonde pigtails and an angry face. I wanted to see her naked, shot from a low angle as she does yoga in a grocery store. Finally, I chose Noir as my style and hit Generate.


About 45 seconds later, I had a sexy blonde babe staring back at me while doing an obscene pose under the florescent lights of the cereal aisle. Her fingers and toes are all hidden, either behind her body or offscreen, which is a clever way of hiding some of the most obvious signs of AI art. If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was a lightly photoshopped photo of a real chick.


Not only is the quality high as fuck, but I think actually nailed every one of the filters I’d chosen. The only one I ain’t sure about is Noir, because there’s nothing dark, spooky or mysterious about it. Other than that, it’s exactly what I asked for.



Getting Fancy with that AI Porn

Forty-five seconds ain’t a bad wait to see the woman of your dreams, but you probably ain’t going to be satisfied with just one. If you want faster generation, you’ll want to upgrade your membership plan. offers a couple different membership tiers with increasingly fast speeds. The $11.50 plan includes HD upscaling and their InPaint tool, or for $19.50 you can get 4K upscaling and the custom prompt.



I was eager to try out the prompt-based interface as soon as I had my PornX Gold account. Again, the system will be familiar if you’ve used one of these before. You type what you want to see into the Prompt box, and type whatever you don’t want to see in the Negative Prompt box.


“Thick naked woman, red hair, big butt, dildo, tits out, in a bar,” I requested, leaving the Negative box empty. I think the prompt system takes a little longer to work, because it took about 90 seconds even with my premium account. The big-booty redhead in the pic doesn’t have a dildo, but she is totally naked in a bar, and I can definitely whack off to this.


She seemed like a good jumping-off point to test the baked-in image enhancement features. First, I upscaled her to 4K, which only took a few seconds. The image is much bigger, though I’m not sure how upscaled it really is. It gets pretty damn pixelly when I zoom in.


Next, I tried the InPaint feature. Using the menu, I asked for cotton shorts, messy black hair and a happy face to replace the sultry look she’s sporting. I used the paint brush to highlight her ass and her head, and then hit Generate. After a minute or so, the new pic popped up next to the old one.


The results are interesting, and I could jack off to the pic if I was hard up. PornX did a decent job adding the cotton shorts, and yeah, they’d given her messy black hair in the places I’d highlighted. The spots I’d missed still showed the same flowing red hair, which is fine because it blends well, but holy shit, her new head is huge. At least she’s smiling, just like I’d asked for.



Collaborating with the Horniest Robot I Ever Met

The InPaint tool was probably the least impressive part of my visit, but it’s still some mind-blowing technology that you wouldn’t have even imagined a year ago. I think the feature will be most useful in its current form for small tweaks, and you’ll probably have to try a few times to get the results you want. Remember, AI porn is evolving faster than fuck, so I fully expect this feature to improve dramatically in the coming months.



Once I got the hang of it, me and the robot brain started collaborating on my own little custom AI porn stash. Most of the time, generation only took a few seconds, though I did have a couple that took closer to a minute. Just once, the system seemed to get totally hung up and stuck with a “Generating…” message. I’m not sure if it was a coincidence, but it didn’t happen again after I turned off my adblocker. is one of the more impressive sites coming out of this early wave of AI porn generators. Their system is as sleek and their creations are as fapworthy as the other guys, but what really makes them stand out is their interface. They offer more styles than most similar platforms, and they’re also the first I’ve seen to combine prompt-based and menu-based generation interfaces. It’s free to jump in and start creating, so I’m guessing most of you clicked the link long ago. Congrats if you’ve read this far, but what are you waiting for?

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