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X Pictures

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X Pictures

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Given the name, it’s unlikely X-Pictures would ever be mistaken for something wholesome. Sure, Elon Musk has made some comical attempts at turning X into his own personal brand, but most folks see the letter and immediately start thinking about fucking and sucking. The only real question I had was what kind of X-rated imagery these guys would be peddling. A year ago, I would have guessed it was a nudie photo gallery site, but in 2024, we’ve got some more futuristic toys to play with.


Do you see what I’m hinting at? is an AI-powered site that promises to create the naughty pics of your dreams. They’re a brand-new joint living on a domain registered just a month ago as I type this up, though they’re already claiming nearly a million users and twice as many generated images. They’ve got a couple different adult-oriented AI services to offer, so without any further ado, let’s check them out!



AI is Becoming as Horny as I Am

Over the last few months, I’ve been reviewing a few new AI porn sites every week. I’m still blown away by their awesome power and the quality of the pics they’re putting out, and it seems like they’re constantly getting better as those AI brains grow bigger and bigger. The X Pictures front page is a sleeker looking place than earlier sites, and not just because of the polished presentation. The images themselves are fucking gorgeous.



Their machine can create custom hentai, realistic photos and even hardcore sex pics. I’d consider the first two styles more or less standard, as AI porn generators have been doing them since the very beginning. Cum-drenched porn imagery is a little more complicated, and most of the sites claiming to create it have come up short. By contrast, the girl with sperm all over her face out front looks like a legit screengrab from a dirty movie. Hell, it looks like something I could have shot at PornDudeCasting!


The fully AI-generated pics are just half of the formula. Their machine can dream whole-ass women into photographic existence, and it also has a pretty good idea what’s under everybody’s clothes. That’s right, folks: X Pictures can also undress photos you have laying around, whether they’re professional modeling shots or just some candids you snapped at the company picnic. Please use this power responsibility so you don’t ruin it for the rest of us.


X-Pictures is a premium service, obviously. AI fuckery is a little bit more resource-demanding than running a free tube or porn forum, and they’ve got to pay for that power somehow. The good news is that they do offer a solid free trial. You can generate 10 images and undress 3 photos without having to put any quarters in the machine.


If and when you’re ready to upgrade to a paid plan, they’ve got a couple different tiers to consider. The $10 a month Basic plan lets you generate unlimited pics and undress 70 with faster speeds than free mode, plus you get access to the photo archives and more space to save your creations. For about $17, their Premium plan bumps the undressing number to 150 pics, rolls in some premium filters, and offers even faster speeds. The Premium plan is at the higher end of the cost spectrum for an AI site, so it’ll be interesting to see if it comes down as more competition pops up and prices equalize.



Who Wants to See a Naked Woman?

I decided to test drive the X-Pictures photo undresser first. Step one was uploading a shot of the lovely Ophelia Kaan that I’d snapped when she visited me recently at PornDudeCasting. She’s wearing nothing but a pink pair of panties, an official PornDude shirt and a beautiful smile. X Pictures can undress women or men, with a few different options for each. I could have put Ophelia in a bra or bikini, but I wanted to see her fully naked.



Next, I used the paintbrush tool to highlight Ophelia’s shirt and panties. Her hair is flowing over her shoulders and onto the shirt, so I colored in those overflowing locks, too. Then I tapped the Undress button and waited. With a free account, the result was ready in about three minutes, with a countdown timer to let me know it was cooking.


X-Pictures fucking nailed it. I was worried the hair would complicate matters, but the AI did a beautiful job removing the shirt but leaving the hair cascading over Ophelia’s shoulders. Her newly exposed boobs and shaved coochie look completely real and absolutely sexy as fuck, with no obvious signs of AI image generation. Honestly, it makes me want to revisit the whole video of me dicking her down.


I tried again with another pic from PornDudeCasting. This time it was Richh Des in a similar getup, though she’s kneeling instead of standing. Again, her hair flows over her shoulders and onto her shirt. did a good job leaving her hair in place, and her AI-synthesized naughty bits look legit, but it did leave some light artifacts where the edges of her shirt had been. It’s good enough to whack off to, but I might try again later after I test these other features.



Now Let’s Make Some Porno

Next, I gave the X Pictures image generator a spin. They’ve got a menu-based interface for making pics, with a few pages of keywords broken down by category. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of menu-based AI sites add an optional text prompt, which I suspect will become more or less standard as these platforms continue to develop.



I started simple, asking for a semi-realistic European woman in her 20s to 30s, with a thick body, modern tattoos, and thick T&A. I asked for a seductive smirk, brown messy hair and a pair of cotton shorts, shot from a low angle as she dances in the club. Then I tapped Generate.


With a Premium X-Pictures membership, my pic was ready in about a minute. The machine hit most of the keywords I’d checked off, though she looks to be outside, not in a club. She is a smoking hot brunette with flawless jugs, though, and I’d probably stop for a fap break if I wasn’t so busy reviewing pornography. Fortunately, I’m almost done here… had proven it could do nudes, but it could it do porn? For my next experiment, I dialed in some settings for a beautiful woman and then perused the Porn Action filters. They’ve currently got 17 options like Anal, Cumshot, Dildo and Titfuck. There are even some extra-kinky filters like Shibari, BDSM and Sex Machine, but I kept it relatively vanilla and chose Reverse Cowgirl.


The resulting pic does have some AI weirdness, but I imagine it’s more noticeable to me since I’m looking for it. The naked lady on a poster in the background has a weird shape, but the girl backing her shapely ass up on the dick in the foreground looks a lot hotter. She’s looking over her shoulder, mouth agape as she gets boned by a cum-covered cock. They seem to have been at it for a while, because she’s also got some spunk in her hair.


I left most of the settings the same but picked the Anal filter next, followed by Blowjob and then Pussy Masturbation. Just a few months ago, most of the AI porn machines really struggled with pics of actual sex, and the capable ones required a lot of trial and error to get a good image. X Pictures is noticeably superior in this regard, banging out realistic, fapworthy pic after pic after pic. may be one of the newer players in the game, but they’re already one of my favorite AI porn sites on the internet. Both their image generator and their photo undresser work as advertised, instantly generating titillating content out of whatever you give it. As AI porn continues to evolve, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of features they roll into the service next, and I know I’ll definitely be along for the ride. The free trial lets you play with all the best features, so I recommend starting there and seeing where it takes you.

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