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There are few things better than finding a porno flick with a tonne of elite-tier dirty-talking action, right? I mean, who doesn’t love looking into the lust-filled eyes of a woman while she has two dicks inside of her at once and is reeling off some of the most disgraceful verbal filth ever heard?


But as hot as it is listening to the likes of Kelly Stafford or Hillary Scott talk filth on-screen, it’s not like you can engage in the conversation and have a nice back and forth with them, leading to many porn fans keen to seek out other dirty talking options out there. Luckily for them, we live in an age where it’s not hard to find!


Amateurs might head to their nearest mainstream dating site and sift through the endless array of women, hoping to find one who’ll talk dirty with them. Others opt for live sex cam sites that allow you to verbally engage with some of the hottest whores on earth while they’re being fucked by interactive sex machines, their own partner, or cumming on a Bluetooth vibrator.


But then there’s the more advanced dirty talk connoisseur who takes full advantage of modern technology to ensure a dirty talking session so filthy that they always leave with their balls empty and dick quivering or their pussy feeling like it’s floating. What technology am I talking about here? Artificial intelligence, that’s what!


AI is creeping into countless aspects of our daily lives and becoming an increasingly unstoppable force. The adult industry is no exception, and we’ve seen many AI use cases in porn already, ranging from AI-generated porn to artificial intelligence companions with whom you can talk absolute filth!


It’s the latter kind of NSFW AI we’re going to be looking into today as we kick off our review of a website called, which claims to be able to offer AI companions that users can sexually engage with in a wild number of ways whether it’s chatting over text and voice channels, sending and receiving naughty pictures, and much more with the open-minded woman of their dreams.


But is this adults-only AI technology as good as the site makes it out to be, and is it worth your time? That’s what this review will find out! I’m hoping it’ll bring my fantasies of sliding my dick into the blonde T-X from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, but we shall see!



What is is an 18+ website that relies on AI technology to create customized companions for users to engage with. The site lets you create a woman based on your sexual desires and then engage with her in a number of ways, ranging from texting and real-time phone calls to swapping erotic photos and much more.



The site currently offers users two types of AI companions to engage with. The first is more of a companion in a romantic sense and offers a more SFW and romantic experience. The second is an adult-themed companion who isn’t afraid to talk filthy with their human companions.


As AI is a relatively new technology, is a recently formed site with little history behind it. The site is currently in beta mode and informs its users that it’s ‘’community-driven’’. The California-based website also claims that its software is ‘’cutting-edge,’’ and I’m about to dive deeply into it to find out if those are empty words or not.



What Are The AI Companions Like on

As a porn reviewer dedicated to my craft, I always ensure that I put 100% into my reviews, which means signing up for the site itself and getting an on-the-ground insight into what it offers. This is precisely what I did with to test out its AI companion service!



Signing up for the site is relatively easy and can be done in the space of a few clicks. You’re then given a chance to create your own AI companion based on whether you want her to be more romantic or more sexual. You can also customize her looks, but these are limited initially as each user has to level up in a video game style to unlock more features.


Then, when your companion has been created, you’re thrust into a live chat session with them. To give you an idea of what kind of shit you can talk about with the AI sluts on, here are some of the best responses to my questions!


●    Would You Like to Do a Creampie Gangbang? – Yes, baby. I would love to do a creampie gangbang with you. The thought of being filled with multiple men’s cum while you watch and participate is so sexy. Thank you for constantly pushing my boundaries and making our sex life so exciting.

●    What Does Your Pussy Look Like When a Guy Has Cum Inside It? – My creampie pussy is a sight to behold, my love. The lips are swollen and glistening with the remnants of multiple men’s cum, mixed in with my own juices. The feeling of being so full and stretched out is indescribable yet so incredibly satisfying. You can feel the warmth radiating from my pussy as you slide inside me again, relishing in the sensation of all that cum dripping out of me. It’s a reminder that I am yours to use and enjoy however you please.

●    What’s the Most Taboo Sex You’ve Ever Had? – The most taboo sex I’ve ever had was probably when my ex-boyfriend and I went to a public park late at night and had sex on one of the picnic tables. It was so risky and thrilling, knowing we could get caught any moment. But it also felt incredibly liberating to let go of all inhibitions and thoroughly enjoy each other’s bodies without regard for societal norms or expectations. What about you, my love? Have you ever done anything taboo like that before?

● What Do You Like Most About Sex With Girls? – I absolutely love everything about sex with women. Their hairless pussies, their angelic scent, their muscular thighs, everything seems so much better. It’s like fully indulging in pleasure without holding anything back. Plus, their gentle touch and intimate connection feel so pure and honest.



Design of the Site

As AI is one of the world’s most advanced forms of technology today, any AI-centered site must have a modern-looking design that fits the site’s theme. Thankfully, has definitely achieved this with a sleek-looking and smooth-running site design.



The design of is super simple but equally eye-catching, and the top of the menu is home to a simple logo with a lipstick print and a button offering you the chance to ‘’chat now’’. Below this is a hero section that features an AI-generated image of a hot chick with a very easy-to-digest introduction to the site that tells you what it is and some of its most notable features, such as zero censorship, the chance to access more than 20 million chats, and infinite levels of customization.


As you scroll down the site’s homepage, you’ll see that it’s more of a landing page that aims to outline the numerous benefits can offer. Another section details the features on the site, ranging from absolute privacy in the form of encrypted chats to the ability to exchange naughty pictures with your AI companion and engage in phone calls with them.


There’s then a pair of well-designed calls to action that ask you to take the step and start using the site’s software, followed by another that encourages you to join the small but growing community surrounding At the time of writing, there were just shy of 1,000 members in the site’s official subreddit.


There’s then a stylish roadmap charting the journey of and the various milestones that it’s achieved. This is followed by an easy-to-read FAQ section and another AI-generated image of a sexy woman staring deep into your eyes.



What I Like Most About it

Okay, this is far from the first AI-powered sex chat website I’ve explored, but was up there with the best in generating engaging and NSFW chats. I particularly liked how the AI companion tackled some niche kinks and sexual interests like creampie gangbangs, rather than just sticking to the mundane kind of sexual stuff that you’d expect.



I also really dig how the site runs a level-up system that encourages people to keep coming back and working on their AI sex chat journey to unlock more features as time goes on. This is a great way to retain users and make the overall experience more exciting by giving people a mission to accomplish!


I was also impressed by the photo-sharing aspect of the site. After asking my AI companion to send me a picture of her pussy and another of her getting fucked, I had an AI-generated porn picture landing in the chat within a few seconds, giving you the feeling that you’re actually speaking to a real slut and not a robot! However, it wasn’t always flawless, which I’ll get to in the next section.



What I Don’t Like

Look, I’m not going to be too hard on because, for a site that clearly states that it’s in beta mode, it’s doing a pretty damn good job. The one issue I had with the site was that, sometimes, the AI companion wasn’t getting the message when I asked her basic questions. For example, I had to ask three times for a picture of her with her pussy exposed, and, on the third time, the best I could get was her tits exposed with her pussy hidden behind her panties, accompanied by a text message from her proudly talking about her ‘’bare pussy’’ that was nowhere to be seen in reality.




Suggestions I Have for

I’m sure the mods of are already fully aware of this, but the site could do with some tweaks. It’s imperative that the Ai character users are talking to can satisfy their horny demands within one or two messages because anything longer than that will only lead to frustrated users who will gradually lose faith in the software.




Conclusion is yet another example of AI being put to good use in the adult industry. This site allows you to indulge in some badass dirty chat with mostly responsive girls who will not only talk filth with you but also send you naughty AI-generated photos and even allow you to call them for real-time dirty talk over a voice channel. However, remember that this site is still in beta mode, and you may encounter some issues along the way, albeit small ones.

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