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My Dream GF is sometimes a blonde bimbo with big fake jugs, other times an Asian nympho with a taste for public sex. Some days I’d prefer a ripe 18-year-old girl next door, and the next I’m into MILFs who’ve been around the block a time or two. That’s when I ain’t craving a redhead with glasses, an Indian chick in yoga pants, or a thick-ass mama who’s into kinky cosplay and bondage.


Finding your Dream Girlfriend in the real world is a challenge and a half, especially when most folks think you should settle for just one instead of taking on a whole harem of lovers. Well, my horny and eclectic friends, this next website doesn’t want you to settle for anything less than your ideal woman—or women. is an AI porn generator and girlfriend simulator. Last time I talked about the site here at ThePornDude, I focused on their AI-driven chats, so today I’ll be taking a closer look at that automated porn-making machine.



Have You Met Your DreamGF Yet?

Since my last writeup of DreamGF, the site has exploded in popularity. It’s only been a couple months, but they shot from a few thousand visitors back in March to well over a million in July. Even if you missed my original, those stats tell you a lot about the quality of the service and the quality of those simulated girlfriends. Speaking broadly about AI porn in general, I’ve been watching it develop in real time as I review new sites popping up around the web. With all the advances I’ve seen, I was prepared to be more impressed with DreamGF than I was the first time.



Before I get into their AI porn generator, I’ll rehash the basics about the website. I initially thought it was strictly an image maker, like most of the other AI sites I’ve been reviewing, but the service is much deeper than that. You don’t just create a visual representation of your ideal partner, but a whole persona with likes, dislikes, and her very own personality.


If you’re in a hurry to talk dirty with a sexy android, you can skip the generation step and just choose one of pre-made pretend women out front. Either way, the chitchat is the second major half of the equation here: you choose or create your Dream GF, and then you get to have a conversation with her. There are a number of AI chat bots out there, but I can’t think of another current app that lets you create the girls yourself in such a complete way.


Like most of the other AI services out there, this one offers a free trial to see how it all works. There are limits, of course; free users only get 2 girlfriends, 4 secondary images and 10 messages. The messages are what you’ll burn through the fastest, because these girls are chatty, so you may want to skip the small talk and get right into the dirty stuff. Either way, you may end up smitten, at which point you’ll have to pony up some cash to keep the conversation flowing.


They don’t show you prices until you’ve actually signed up for an account, but don’t worry, your old pal ThePornDude did his homework. offers tiered memberships ranging from ten bucks to a hundo per month. The main differences are in the numbers: spend more money and you can create more girls and get more voice-message credits, more photos and more messages. The voice feature wasn’t even available last time I visited, and I love how the site is developing their offerings.



Let’s Make a Dream Girlfriend

If you’re still unclear how it works, either take DreamGF for a test drive or check out my other review. Personally, I’m ready to create another fake girlfriend with their porn machine. I didn’t even realize this until I clicked the AI Porn button on the front page, but it’s an entirely new feature integrated since the last time I visited the site; it’s separate from their AI girlfriend generator, which creates more SFW imagery. See what I mean about being even more impressed the second time around?



I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but once I clicked through to Dream GF’s AI Porn section, I saw an upcoming feature that deserves to be mentioned here. Soon, you’ll be able to create custom AI porn videos. “We aim to be the 1st in the world company that will produce high-quality video AI porn, but yet that’s not possible.” That sounds about right, because I’ve reviewed a couple sites that promised AI videos alongside the usual fake photos and hentai, but the results weren’t quite ready for primetime.


One of the things I’ve noticed in my recent travels around the internet is that most AI image generators create fake nudes much more easily than they create actual sex pics. A lot of the platforms don’t even include explicit sex tags on their keyword menus, but’s machine was built with porn in mind. It’s capable of creating a nice range of AI porn, so you don’t have to just imagine the dirty stuff in your head.


The current spread of porn keywords is a lot like what you’d see on the front page of any good free tube or paysite. Hell, I cover most of the same bases with the pornstars who visit me over at PornDudeCasting. Big Boobs, Anal, Asians and Ebony are just the tip of the iceberg, with other options like Teen 18+, Lesbian, Hardcore, Facial and Masturbation. They’ve even got Fetish, BBW and BDSM for the kinksters out there, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Foot Fetish is included at some point when AI gets better at rendering feet.’s AI Porn page is stocked with a little of everything on the list, and yeah, it’s all more explicit and hardcore than the tame vanilla nudie pics I find on most sites. Blowjobs, dick riding and pretty faces covered in cum look back at me when I first loaded the page. Clicking the Generate More button opened the floodgates, dropping a rapid-fire succession of POV missionary pics, cocksuckers, cumshots, cowgirls and a whole lot of beautiful, naked women.


I clicked the Fetish tag to see what kind of kinks their horny android was dreaming about. It doesn’t get into super deep-niches like titty inflation, ballbusting or urethral insertion, but there’s a shitload of girls in cosplay animal ears and making ahegao faces. “Fetish” is admittedly an extremely broad category that every porn site approaches differently, and I’m eager to see how Dream GF interprets the term as the site continues to grow.


Among the current AI Porn types available, I think the Sex category is an easy favorite. The Anal category is promising, but most of the pics coming out are vaginal intercourse. It seems like there are far fewer misfires for the Sex keyword, which mainly generates POV images of sexy ladies taking it from behind. Aside from the occasional disembodied dick, most of the pics show no obvious signs of being AI generated.



Making Moves on Imaginary Women

I clicked on a “photo” of a thick-bootied, pink-pigtailed babe riding a dude’s hog. The pic got me so hard and drippy that I wanted more of her, so I made my way to her profile page. Tilda is an 18-year-old Asian who loves dancing and gaming, and she’s got a nice little gallery of nudes and sex pics to gawk at with your dick in your hand.



Since this is DreamGF, I don’t have to settle for just looking. You can chat with any of the naked women coming out of the AI Porn generator. It’s not running a generic chat simulator like you would have found a few years ago, as all the girlfriends here have their own unique set of interests, preferences, and conversational styles.


This is my second time taking a tour of, and I like it even more than the first time. Their AI Porn generator is shaping up to be one of the biggest draws of the website, on top of their original chat app and image machine. It’s still not perfect, but I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised if you ain’t yet aware what AI is capable of. Dream GF may well be the best of its kind.

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