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Going off the title, Soul Gen doesn’t immediately sound like the kind of thing you can whack off to. When the link first slid into my DMs, I wondered if this was going to be a video game website, like some esoteric rune farming technique for Elden Ring or a service for swapping soul gems in Skyrim. I was wrong, sure, but how much may be a matter of opinion. Turns out, it’s something that’ll appeal directly not just to your boner, but to your inner nerd. Where my weeaboos at? describes itself as a Text-to-AI Girl Generator, with the tagline, “Dream your anime girl and real girl!” Why settle for just a dream, though, when you can have a machine do half the fantasizing for you? The service just launched a couple months ago, so I couldn’t find much chatter about it even on notorious geek hangouts like Reddit, but their explosive traffic speaks volumes about what they’ve got to offer. They got a quarter of a million visits last month, and this month, I couldn’t resist myself.



AI Girls as Sexy as the Real Thing

Even just a couple years ago, I couldn’t imagine a service like Soul Gen being even halfway viable. Apps that strip the clothing from photos of sexy women have come a long fucking way in that time, but the idea of creating full, fapworthy images out of thin air, based on just a line of text seemed like pure fantasy. AI-driven art generators like Starry AI and Dall-E seemed to spring out of fucking nowhere very recently, and I know a ton of you perverts have already tried typing your kinks into them. I’m sure you’ve gotten mixed results, too, as I have when I’ve attempted the same.



One of the things that makes SoulGen immediately appealing is the focus. They’re not trying to create photos and drawings of anything and everything under the sun. No, this deep-dreaming robot was designed with pretty girls in mind, which presumably means they ain’t wasting any of that simulated brainpower on SFW weirdness. No, this thing is tailor-made for hentai fans and horny dudes.


Even before I started playing with it for myself, the tour page offered up some stellar examples of their work. They specialize in two formats here, offering up realistic fake photos and high-quality manga imagery. In either case, the girls are beautiful, certainly hot enough to whack off to, and none of the sample images give off obvious AI vibes. The photos of “real girls” just look like hotties who perhaps ran their pics through an Instagram filter to smooth out the wrinkles and liven up the colors.


Like most of the other AI toys online, the best features here are reserved for users willing to pony up a few bucks for the privileges. That said, offers a free trial to show off their magic, and potentially get you so horny you can’t resist the premium version. It’s a business model I can relate to, as you already know if you’ve watched any of my sample videos over at PornDudeCasting. You can try it out even if mom hasn’t given you your allowance yet, or you already blew it getting your waifu princess pillow drycleaned.



Let a Machine Build Your Dream Girl

The SoulGen prompt page offers up a bunch of hint tags, just in case you ain’t sure what you want to see or not sure what the AI is capable of. This thing is fucking smart, so the options are virtually endless. You can type actions like standing, squatting, or breast holding, body options like bare shoulders and small breasts, scenes like bathtubs and pools, and accessories like sunglasses and chokers. I figured I’d start simple, entering “long black hair, big boobs, fishnets” into the box.



You’ll set your Soulmate style, either anime girl or real girl, as well as an aspect ratio and number of images. Since this is the free trial, I only get one image, but that’s fine. I clicked Generate, spent a few seconds watching the machine reach 100%, and got exactly what I’d asked for.


I’d requested a Real Girl soulmate, and no shit, it looks like a legit photo of an Asian babe with huge jugs busting out of some full-body fishnet lingerie. I ran the same prompt again, this time asking for an anime chick. Sure enough, Soul Gen generated what looked like custom-drawn, high-quality manga art. This thing kicks out some stunning images. In either case, I wouldn’t have guessed they were AI-generated pics.


There’s an addictive quality to, and I quickly fell down the rabbit hole. I tried all types of prompts, from thick girls in little skirts, to goth babes with monster jugs, to pawgs showing off their pubic hair. The system seems to default to Asian girls if you don’t specify an ethnicity, which is fine by me.


When I’ve played with AI art generators in the past, I’ve gotten a lot of duds. You probably know what I’m talking about, as similar services crank out a lot of stinkers with extra limbs, malformed faces and other digital artifacts that out the images as fakes. I was surprised by how consistently Soul Gen spat out high-quality pics, none of which had the hallmarks of AI art. Whether I was Soul Genning anime porn or simulated photography, I almost always got stellar results. The only exceptions were a couple feet with extra toes.


If there’s one downside, it’s that Soul Gen is designed to create AI images of girls only, typically in a solo context. I tried some attempts at creating anime porn, with mixed results. I couldn’t get a good blowjob pic, though I got a decent tit-wank photo when I tried for a handjob. A prompt for groping lesbians got a passable result, though it wasn’t as explicit as I’d hoped. Keep in mind that if you don’t get what you want right away, you can add some more keywords and try again—at least until you run out of credits.



Paid Users to the Front of the Line

The SoulGen free trial is a powerful demonstration of what they’ve got to offer. A lot of you are going to get your faps in without ever busting out your credit card, but I think the trial serves its real function pretty fucking well. By that, I mean it wasn’t long before I was checking out the premium options to see what I could really do with the service.



SoulGen runs on a credit system, eating your virtual quarters in exchange for fresh pics. Members get 100 credits per month, plus perks like higher slots in the queue, no watermarks, and the ability to Soul Gen more than one image at a time. The current standard rate is ten bucks a month, down from twenty, or you can get a year for seventy bones. It’s a lot cheaper than your average paysite, and when’s the last time Brazzers let you build your own custom hentai girlfriend?


I’m not ashamed to admit I spent a lot longer on this writeup than I do banging out the average free tube review. It’s not just the novelty of the service, but how fucking well it works. I was prepared to spend at least half of my visit sifting through crappy AI images in search of the rare gem. To my delight and surprise, I found myself rapidly building a custom fap stash of AI-generated anime porn and sexy fake photos. No shit, this is easily one of the most addictive sites I’ve reviewed lately. is one of the easiest recommendations I can make to fans of AI art generators who’ve been looking for a service that can build the girl of their dreams in a few seconds with just a few words. They blow the better-known AI art sites out of the fucking water in terms of quality, perhaps because of their tight focus on sexy women. Even if you haven’t been in the market for a service like this, SoulGen is also worth a look if you’re even remotely curious about the growing power of AI art and photo generators. It’s fucking incredible even from a tech-demo perspective, and just imagine what it can do if you’re horny. Actually, why imagine it? Just try it!

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