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DeepMode wouldn’t have immediately struck me as the title of an adult website just a few years ago, but things are different now, aren’t they? It’s early 2024 as I type this up, in the midst of the burgeoning AI porn revolution, and words like “deep” carry different connotations. Tack an AI on the end of the domain and a pervert like me is going to start getting excited as soon as he sees the link. I had questions, of course, and today seemed like a good day to dig in and find the answers.


In case the title didn’t give it away, is an AI-powered image generator making nudes with a deepfake twist. This is the first site of its kind of that I’ve seen, with some major features that set it apart from every other AI nudie maker I’ve written about. I’m excited to check this out, so without any further ago, let’s get into it! Click the link to follow at home, and be sure to bring some pics…



Not Your Typical Nudifier

I don’t mean to sound like I’m getting jaded, but my first impression of Deep Mode’s front page was a little underwhelming. The presentation is gorgeous and the imagery itself even more attractive, but at this point, I feel like I’ve seen a lot of this before. In case you haven’t noticed, the AI porn niche is growing faster than any other subgenre right now. Some of these platforms start to run together, offering the same basic feature sets with only tiny variations.



Then I noticed a reference to creating “your own AI clone model”, which caught my attention. Scrolling down a bit, I found out what they meant by that. DeepMode will let you create your own custom models using a handful of training images. I’ve only seen a couple AI porn generators that can even add a custom face from a photo, and I’ve always wished the feature would be implemented on more platforms. DeepMode’s AI cloning tool is potentially a lot more powerful, and this is the first place I’ve ever seen one offered.


Going a step further, this means the site offers that rare commodity of character continuity. In other words, you can create pics of the same women in different outfits, poses and settings. even has a Models section with a dozen fake babes in hundreds of different simulated shots. This is another feature that I’ve only found among a few AI nudie machines, and I’ve always wondered why. If you’re generating pics to go with a longer masturbatory plotline in your head, it seems like a really fucking useful feature!


It’s not just fake photos, either. In addition to those next-generation cloning powers, Deep Mode has the usual stuff that you already expect from the AI porn genre: it makes custom nudes, hentai, and naughty images in other artistic styles. Check their Models page if you want to see a ton of high-quality samples of what their android dreams about.



Testing Out Their Deepfake Models

DeepMode has different features than your typical AI porn generator or deepfake machine, but don’t worry, they still give you a free trial with 20 credits. If you need more, they come in packages starting at $6.99 for 50 credits, with discounts on larger bundles. I like that they break the pricing down to individual images; pics cost about 13 cents with the 50-credit package, but are under a penny if you buy 200.



You get faster image generation with purchased credits, like you do on most other sites. You’ll also need them if you want to create your own AI clone models, since those cost 50 credits a pop. If you’ve only got a pocket full of freebies, you can use them to play with one of the pre-made models.


Currently, the most popular model is a buxom brunette named Hoppy Floppy. Users have created over a thousand pics of her on the platform, and she’s got over 141,000 followers on Instagram. I tapped the button to Play With This Model. The site offers both menu- and prompt-based interfaces for creating pics, and I was immediately presented with a spread of Styles, Themes, Outfits and Hair Colors. To access the prompt and just type your request, tap the Customize button.


I kept things simple with the menu, asking Deep Mode for 4 realistic pics of Miss Floppy wearing fishnets at the bar. Then I clicked Create and waited. The pics developed in front of my eyes, one at a time in about 20 seconds each. Deep Mode is fast and fapworthy, though not entirely perfect. One chick has an extra arm, but I won’t lie, I’m going to jack off to her anyway.



Making My Own Deepfake Babe

The interface for Deep Mode’s deepfake model maker is even simpler. Literally all I did was type a name, upload some pics and click the Train button. There were no options to choose just yet, though they’re adding Digital and Anime model types soon, as well as Male image capabilities.



I gave the machine seven photos of a sexy friend that I’d snapped when she visited me recently on the PornDudeCasting couch. Since this is my first time trying a service like this, I had no idea how long it would take, but I immediately got a message saying they’d email me when it was ready. They estimated it would take 20 minutes, but it was ready in half that.


There’s no immediate or obvious sign of my new model’s quality, but one of my original photos was now at the top of the image-generation menu. This time, I checked off the boxes to see my custom-made synthoid in a bedroom scene, dressed in lingerie. Again, the pics started popping out around 20 seconds later.


No fucking shit, I could probably post these alongside the spread of real pics I posted at PornDudeCasting, and only the true fans would notice. She sure as hell looks like the babe I boned! The only giveaways are subtle: she’s not wearing an official PornDude t-shirt, some pics have tattoos the real gal doesn’t, and that isn’t my bed. Aside from that, the pics look incredible. I don’t see a single obvious sign these were generated by Artificial Intelligence.


I do wonder, though, if it would be a little more obvious if the pics were bigger. My biggest complaint about the results are just that the pics are relatively small. I’ve seen a lot of AI image generators add an upscaling feature for premium members, so I’m hoping we see something like added here.



What’s Next for DeepMode?

I’m pretty confident we’ll see exactly those features I’m talking about, and probably pretty soon. It’s worth mentioning that is still a very new site, breaking new ground in a burgeoning niche. AI porn in general has been developing rapidly over the last year or so, and these guys already have an edge on basically all the competition. I have a feeling they’re going to be maintaining and honing that edge, and I can’t wait to see what kind of next-generation features they roll out next. They say video is coming soon, but what else?



I pulled up DeepMode in my browser this morning expecting another AI porn generator pretty much painting by the numbers. As much as I love playing with those, these guys offered something unexpected and something a whole hell of a lot more powerful. This thing comes even closer to creating the women of your dreams at the click of a mouse. When the AI gets smarter about realistically depicting different poses and settings, I don’t know if I’ll ever leave the house again. I am stocking up on lube just in case. requires just a tiny bit more setup than your average AI porn generator, but in exchange for a few seconds and a few photos, it can create sexy pics that look exactly like the women of your wettest dreams. The deepfake makers I’ve seen before just undress photos, leaving the same settings and poses, but this one can make entirely new images to your specifications. For real, my dudes, this one might change your whole damn masturbatory routine. Incredible.

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