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My whole life’s been a Porn Journey in a lot of ways, from my initial discovery of naked ladies to my current role as the world’s most popular porn expert and the dick-slanging stud of PornDudeCasting. My head gets kind of big when I think about my pornographic accomplishments, but then again, I am drawn that way. This next website has a different artistic vision, as it’s drawing beautiful women straight out of your fantasies. lets you design the women of your dreams using the magic of artificial intelligence. The service was just launched a couple months ago, but their traffic has been skyrocketing to the tune of a couple million visitors a month. Traffic stats can tell you a lot about a joint’s popularity, but it ain’t always proof of quality. That’s why I was so eager to get in there and see how well it turns my wet dreams into something I can really shake my dick at. Who’s with me?



Come Along and Ride on a Porn Journey

I’ve got kind of mixed feelings about the PornJourney tour page. The presentation is very polished compared to most of the competition, with a vibe that immediately feels like a premium porn site from a major brand. Some of the early AI porn sites I’ve reviewed look a little underwhelming from the outside, but that ain’t the case here.



On the other hand, I am a little disappointed that I can’t see more without signing up for an account. You can start generating your own images for free, but not before offering up a sacrificial email address or your Google credentials. It’s not that different from signing up for a paysite trial, which fits the vibe, but it is a little atypical for an AI porn site.


The sample images make a decent case for signing up, though I wish you could expand those little thumbnails into full-sized pics. I can’t tell if the hands are deformed from this far away, but the women are hot and the photos realistic. If I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t have guessed they were dreamed up by a horny robot.


The current spread of preview pics are all passable fake photos, but offers two different styles: ultra-realistic and hentai. These are the standard formats on almost all of the AI sites right now, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see other styles rolled out as the site continues to develop. They are new as hell, after all.



Jacking Off in the Holodeck

I’ve had a raging boner pretty much since I woke up this morning, so I was ready to get right into it. Porn Journey uses a menu-based interface for generating images, which will feel very familiar if you’ve ever used one of these generators. Even if you haven’t, it’s easy as fuck. I’d say it takes even less effort than putting in a sandwich order at Subway, and the robot ain’t going to fuck it up like a teenager all bombed out on Xanax. Instead of selecting toppings, you’ll be selecting all the features you want in your dream girl.



There are two slightly different menus, one for Ultra-realistic pics and another for Anime/Hentai. The latter throws in some options like Species and Fan Art, for the furries, Super Mario enthusiasts and perverted Zelda fans in the audience. Cumshots are only included on the Ultra-Realistic menu for some reason, but hopefully both menus add additional sexy options in the future.


I decided to start with a fake photo. I asked to make me a thick babe in her 20s with long red hair, huge boobs, a big ass, and a serious face. I checked off the boxes to see her taking a creampie on the bus, then hit the Generate button.


About fifteen seconds later, I had a very realistic fake photo of a naked redhead letting it all hang out on public transportation. Now that’s what I call a Porn Journey! There’s no creampie in the shot, but it looks like the machine delivered everything else I’d asked for.


It’s kind of fucking wild how far these AI porn sites have advanced in just the few months I’ve been reviewing them. Extremities always looked completely fucked up before, but this chick’s hands look damn near human. Her thumb’s just a little bit too long, but I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t looking for AI deformities. Her shaved pussy looks a little bit off, but it’s not the weird-ass nightmare fuel some of the earlier sites were spitting out.



Stretching Out Your Porn Fantasies

I did a hentai pic next, this time using the Mario fan-art setting. I told PornJourney to show me Princess Peach in lingerie with an ass cutout, making a submissive pose in a castle. Seven seconds later, I knew I’d finally made it to exactly the right castle: the princess was leaning back in bed, legs up to expose a G-string riding between her pussy lips.



I’m writing up this review in the very early days of PornJourney, and I was a little bummed to find my creations weren’t being saved to my profile. “Get ready to store your wildest creations,” read the little disclaimer text, “because the option to save your images is coming!” In the meantime, don’t forget to download your fantasy girls to your local machine.


I wanted to test out Porn Journey’s outpainting feature, but I had to start over since I hadn’t saved my first couple pics. Generation only takes a matter of seconds, so I just asked for a pussy shot of a ponytailed MILF on a spaceship. A click later, there was a MILF staring at me from between her spread legs, her pussy front and center in the foreground of the shot.


Honestly, I had no idea what the feature was going to do until I started fucking with it. Turns out, Outpaint will let you expand the image in any direction. I outpainted to the Right first, and then to the Left, both of which made her legs just a little longer.


It didn’t seem like the greatest use of the feature to stretch her leg out a little, so I tried again with a new hentai pic. I started with a fox girl in a sailor dress licking her own foot in the jungle. The initial pic was a headshot, so I Outpainted it Down, which added a hint of cleavage. I tried again, but the result added some weird, twisty arm-looking limbs where her boobs should be.



How I Blew My Whole Wednesday

Honestly, it says a lot that I had to run the same function multiple times to finally come up with a notably bad image. As I’ve been reviewing this first wave of AI porn sites, the touch-up options have consistently been some of the weakest links. Outpaint doesn’t seem quite as powerful as some of retouching features I’ve seen elsewhere, but it doesn’t have the absurdly high error rate I’ve been running into on other sites.



If you like the imaginary photos and machine-dreamed hentai PornJourney is cranking out, you’ll probably want to consider springing for a Premium Factory membership. For fifteen bucks a month, you get unlimited results, a priority spot in line for faster generations, and the ability to uncrop images. I’m hoping and expecting them to roll out some more premium features as the platform develops, so keep your eye on the Patreon page if you ain’t ready to pull the trigger just yet. is a fun little toy to play with when you’re horny, building the girls of your wet dreams with just a few clicks of the mouse or taps of your finger. Since I’ve been here largely in a professional capacity, my dick has been getting harder and harder as I’ve created more images and kept typing up this review. It’s a relief to be wrapping this up, because now I’ll have two hands free to fully enjoy those MILFs, anime sluts and pornstar bimbos that comprise my own personal Porn Journey. Who are you going to encounter on your masturbatory travels?

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