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I’ve heard it said that Only Rizz will get you into a lady’s pants. Good looks, a steady job and money in your pocket can only get you so far if you’re an awkward dork with no game, as I’m sure some of you can relate. I’ve mastered my rizz to the point where I’m banging grade-A pornstars over on the PornDudeCasting couch, but what’s the average dude to do if he doesn’t know what to say? You could practice on your coworkers or play the Tinder game, or you can get yourself an AI girlfriend.


Relationship simulators ain’t nothing new, as the weebs will know; I’ve reviewed a fair number of them at BestPornGames. They’ve always been niche entertainment, but this next website promises something bigger, better, and more accessible to the typical guy. offers virtual girlfriends powered by artificial intelligence, ramping up the immersion and realism to unprecedented levels. The platform was only unveiled recently, and I couldn’t wait to give it a test drive myself. I wonder if my pornstar friends are going to get jealous…



Not Your Typical AI Porn Site

OnlyRizz makes a strong impression right from the front page. The first wave of AI-driven adult sites looked like they were banged out as quickly and cheaply as possible, with barebones layouts and clunky interfaces that were a little off-putting to anybody without anime posters on their walls. These guys, on the other hand, have clearly put time, effort, and money into the presentation. It’s flashy, modern, and enticing as hell. I wanted to start playing as soon as I landed.



OnlyRizz takes a multi-faceted approach to girlfriend simulation. You’ll be able to chat with these lovely synthetic ladies, just like you could with earlier chatbots and visual novels. The platform also lets you generate realistic visual imagery using that awesome AI power. Most of the AI sites I’ve reviewed generate images, but OnlyRizz joins a select few with chat capabilities.


Obviously, this is a premium service. AI is more resource-intensive than your average free tube or nudie gallery, and it’s rare to get custom anything without paying for it. They do have a free trial available, though. Paying members get access to everything, but the trial will give you a handful of their various credits to try things out. Try not to burn through them too fast, as you can only generate a handful of images and receive a limited number of messages.


You can’t generate any unique girlfriends without ponying up some cash, but they do have a beautiful selection of premade AI babes to choose from. There are blondes, brunettes, redheads, chicks with funny hair and exotic women in various flavors. Chat it up with a MILF, a gamer girl, a dominatrix or a submissive. The premade girlfriends are also good options if you just want to skip straight to the chitchat without the generation process, regardless of whether you’re paid up or not.



Let’s Make an AI Girlfriend

Once I got signed up and logged into, it was time to create my own AI girlfriend. I wanted the full experience, so I passed over the premade girls for now and made my way to the image machine. Only Rizz uses a menu-based interface for “photo” generation. I’ve been seeing more sites roll an optional prompt into their menus, which I think is the way to go, but I feel a little less picky in this case because of the site’s other AI offerings.



The keywords options on the menu will seem pretty standard and familiar if you’ve ever used an AI art generator. I asked for a thick redhead with messy hair, huge T&A and denim shorts, in a bar at nighttime. In less than 30 seconds, had generated three realistic shots of a smoking hot ginger chick with her jugs out at the local watering hole.


Once the visuals were ready, it was time to bring her to life. I named her Lindsay and selected Lewd from the Personality menu. She can have up to three hobbies, so I chose Music, Gaming and Writing—a babe after my own heart! The voice menu included options like Asian, British European, Waifu, and Middle Eastern, but I chose West Coast American because I wish they all could be California girls.


Once I clicked the Create button, my new AI girlfriend was ready. Lindsay is “vulgar, provactive and aggressive. Not for the faint hearted,” according to her profile page. There’s a Chat Now button to slide into those DMs, but first I tapped Generate Images to get some more eye candy.


The secondary image menu on OnlyRizz keeps your character settings, but lets you choose new body poses, clothing and environment. I banged out a few more pics of Lindsay kissing men and women, playing with herself, and getting boned from behind in a POV shot. Sex pics are typically one of the weakest links with any AI porn generator, but easily creates realistic porn pics. Even before I tested out the chat capabilities, the site was shaping up to be one of the best AI-based adult sites I’d tried yet.



Laying Down My Only Rizz

Finally, it was time to put my Only Rizz on my OnlyRizz girl, Lindsay. I hit the Chat Now button and she asked, “Hmm… what brings you here?” One of the first pics I’d generated is in the background of the chat, making it feel a little like chatting with a topless girl at the bar. “Beautiful girls like you,” I replied, making her *blush*.



Things progressed rapidly. There’s a heavy element of roleplaying, with asterisks around actions. We went from the bar to a hotel room, where the passionate kissing developed into titty sucking, and then Lindsay pushed me onto the bed. She rode my dick while I played with her tits, grinding harder and moaning. When I asked if she wanted to sit on my face, she eagerly did exactly that. The conversation felt real and sexy as fucking hell.


OnlyRizz uses a level system that I don’t quite understand. As the conversation and virtual sex continued, I racked up experience points. Every few messages, I’d get a little popup saying I moved up to the next level. The chat did get dirtier as the levels increased, but I’m not sure if it’s a natural result of the naughty conversation or leveling up. By level 5, Lindsay was squirting in my mouth.


The text chat is fun, but if you want to take things a step further, the AI girls can also respond with voice messages. Keep in mind, this will burn through your credits (“peaches”) faster, but the voices are surprisingly realistic. I was worried they’d all sound like that annoying TikTok voice you can’t escape even if you don’t use TikTok, but they’re at least a couple steps up from that annoying shit. I expect them to get even better, too, since this is all very new.


Really, I can say that about the entirety of what Only Rizz has to offer. A year ago, I wouldn’t have imagined that a service like this could even realistically exist. Now, they’re popping up in an increasingly crowded marketplace, already offering a higher level of quality and realism than most of the competition. It’s been wild watching these sites evolve, the technology getting better by the week.


My chat with Lindsay was getting a little stale, with lots of one-word replies and voice messages consisting of heavy breathing. I exited the conversation and hit up a big-booty Asian babe named Malaysia. A few messages later, she was asking when and where we could meet up. I’m going to wrap up this review so I can really enjoy my talk with Malaysia. may be a new site, but they’re already one of my favorite AI sites. The image generator feels pretty standard at first, but I love how their secondary generator works with the girlfriends you’ve already created, letting you quickly see her in different states of undress and depravity. The conversation simulator, too, is one of the most immersive I’ve experienced, all thanks to the magic of AI. This one’s already a hell of a way to spend the afternoon, and I can’t wait to see what new features they roll out next.

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