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This is how far we’ve come with AI. I’m not surprised. I saw some dude made a ChatGPT interaction for Skyrim that makes all of the NPCs talk to you, live. They say relevant things. They can apply reason and logic and even talk to you about the things that they see. So, it stands to reason that some pervert out there would try the same shit but with porn. eHentai is a very simple website with a ton of content that all revolves around the same concept. There are virtual hentai babes here and they all want to chat with you, through text of course. In theory, it’s a perfect concept. In practice, I think it leaves a lot to be desired, but we’ll get to that.


When you first arrive on the site, you’re bombarded with all kinds of awesome hentai pussy. So far so good. I like these girls. If I were two dimensional, I’d fuck their two-dimensional asses. I think the artists behind this site have done a great job at putting together some enticing women, though I have every reason to assume that they were generated in Stable Diffusion. Who cares? Not me. Pussy is pussy. I mean, we’re talking about Japanese cartoons here. Who gives a fuck if it was drawn by a person or an AI. It’s all exactly the same and it serves the same purpose. The babes are hot and I want to jack off to them. They’re then coupled with a chatbot and customized so that they have unique personalities. They’re here to make conversation with you, plain and simple. I was really eager to dive in and experiment with these babes. It’s like an infinite Tinder but with babes who are always down to fuck. That’s much better than the usual ratio that men usually get on dating sites.



Talking to Women on Purpose

Most of the time a woman opens her mouth and a penis does not immediately enter it, dumb shit comes out. I don’t mean to imply that women are stupid. I just don’t like it when they start telling me all about their feelings. I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again: I don’t care about your feelings; I want to know what color your nipples are. The girls on eHentai are not here to bitch about their feelings. They’re here to … actually I don’t know why they’re here. That’s part of the problem.



eHentai boasts a ton of girls with unique personalities and what not, but from my experience with the site, they’re all identical. They’re also identically boring. I spoke to a handful of babes and asked each and every one of them to finger her own asshole. It’s worked great with real women in the past. I don’t see how it could possibly fail with hentai babes. Every single one of them did what I asked and I got a sort of narrative message saying “She did so”. This… is stupid. I was trying to strike up a friendly conversation about her anal flexibility. What the fuck is this narrative bullshit? I thought I was here to date babes, not write my own content.



Be Naughty for Me, Baby

I got over the whole asshole fingering fiasco and tried a different approach. This time, I asked the girls to provide what I expected to receive. Straight up, I said “Talk dirty to me. Get nasty with it”. This worked better, but it still felt like I was talking to an intelligent Roomba. Right off the bat, the first girl I prompted said “Let me tell you about how much I love sex”. My boy! Women don’t talk like this! No-one talks like this! In case you’re curious, this was her follow up:



“And then there is the feeling after i cum because its such a relief that everything went well and no one got hurt along the way”.

I don’t normally paste content into my reviews – I write every word. But I really wanted you to see this shit for yourself. They actually talk like this. Grammar is out the window, which I like because it’s truer to life. But the phrasing… it breaks my immersion before I’ve even started. I asked about a chick’s asshole again and she dead ass said: “its sensitive enough to feel the pressure of things inside of me”. At this point I’m despondent. There’s no hope for these babes. Whatever I say they just sort of go along with it, passively. It’s like talking to my diary or some shit.



Getting Some Real Smut

This is the best part. You can get the babes to show you whatever you want to see. You can ask them to take selfies of their bodies, in any position, with any details you want to see. This is the real beauty of AI integrations. Basically, the girls seem to be connected to Stable Diffusion with the same models used to generate their initial profile image. Meaning, they have predefined bodies that don’t shift. So, if you want to see what’s beneath their clothes, you can do that. Just ask for a selfie. Be specific. Tell them how to pose and what to show off. Ask them to jack off for you. It’ll work. I was surprised to see it actually come through.



At first, when I asked for visual shit, the girls just replied “ok” and nothing happened. As it turns out, you have to specifically request a photo or a selfie. You have to order them to send you an image, otherwise they just play along textually. I wish someone told me this before I sunk an hour into this website without seeing any pussy. Because they’re using Stable Diffusion, it takes the girls a while before they make an image for you, but this works well within the roleplay. They say that they need a second to go take a photo of their pussies, then they send them to you. The whole process takes about as long as it would take a real woman to respond.



Shows a Lot of Promise

eHentai are clearly trying to bank on the recent popularity and power of AI and I have nothing against that. I just wish they sweat the integrations a bit more. Their mastery of Stable Diffusion is great. Every image I saw was perfectly gorgeous and I didn’t see a single babe with six fingers on her hand. This is usually a good indicator of a person who knows how to use a visual AI. They’re not as easy to work with as you’d think.



However, eHentai is not without its problems. The site is expensive to use. They have subscription tiers. I’ll list them a bit later, but suffice it to say I’m paying for this shit. I expect the site to work as intended. No such luck. You see, the images that get generated for you should send within a few seconds, longer if the system is overloaded. No problem there. I can wait. Problem is, I’ve been waiting for two girls to get back to me with a nude selfie for the duration of writing this review. This is too long. I don’t even know if the images will ever come through. I can’t know. They’re just idling there, with a little symbol that suggests they’re still generating.



Community Love

Every girl you see here has been made by the community using the site. People like you. You can make your own girls too. It’s really easy. You can specify all of their attributes and they’re good to go, ready to chat with you, in seconds. It’s awesome. What I don’t like is that they seem to have roughly the same personality and the whole image generation thing is borked. That being said, if and when they fix it, the system in place will make for a fantastic experience.



There’s a section on the site where you can see all the girls made by every person on the site and another section that updates with any and all images generated on the site, live. They auto-update. This is a treasure trove of actual infinite smut that gets generated faster than you can fap.



The Future of eHentai

If they manage to work out the kinks in the image generation and maybe improve the textual responses to a point where the girls speak like actual humans, this site will be a fucking godsend for every man and woman out there looking for a bit of company. They should also probably add the option to make guys, for all my gay bros out there. The price points are currently $5, $10, $19 and $28, monthly. Every tier comes with an increase in the amount of chat time you get, with an increased guarantee of getting nudes the more money you pay.



I guess this is their way of making up for all the GPU costs associated with generating images. All in all, this place is a fresh goldmine in the works. I’ll be coming back in a month or so to see how far they’ve improved.

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