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Sometimes when I beat off to a NSFW Character, I wonder what she’d say if I actually got the opportunity to talk dirty to her. I think the chitchat fantasies are just a natural extension of my daydreams and wet dreams about blowjobs and cumshots, as these things are all elements of human connection. For some reason, my imaginary masturbatory conversations are always filthy as hell. It’s never wholesome table talk, but it does give me something else to think about while I’m pulling the pud.


I’ve played with some hentai dating simulators and other toys over the years that were supposed to mimic the kind of sexy back-and-forth banter I’m talking about, but until very recently, it was all pre-defined and scripted. brings a new high-tech wrinkle to the experience, bringing custom sex chat bots to life using the magic of artificial intelligence. The platform is brand new but gaining popularity at an absurd rate, and I was eager to talk to one of those horny androids for myself. Looks like my Blade Runner hooker fantasies are one step closer to reality!



Do Androids Dream of Robotic Me?

When I saw the AI tacked on the end of the NSFWCharacter domain, I assumed it was going to be another custom AI porn generator. I’ve been reviewing at least one a week here at ThePornDude as they pop up around the internet, and having a lot of fun while I’m at it. At a glance, the front page looks a lot like one of these generators, but all the words on the screen should clue you in that they go a step further than the image creation sites.



Visually, the babes in the tour area are the kind of stunners I expect out of an AI porn machine. They’ve got a mix of sexy anime girls and realistic babes that look like legit snapshots photoshopped into perfection. The dating sims I mentioned only ever had hentai girls, and you were limited to whatever the artists had the time, energy and motivation to draw. There are no such limitations here, meaning a potentially endless pool of fake girls to talk to.


They’ve got dozens of predefined NSFW Characters you can interact with. The front-page spread include hentai chicks like Kira (“Psychotic fan, she worships you to the point of obsession”) and Innocent Girl (“Please cum in my mouth and boobs, please”), as well as photorealistic babes like Elodie (“The curvy and sporty art history tutor”) and Ava (”Horny cum slut with massive tits”). The Chats page even has devil girls, duos, dudes, a pony, and most surprising of all, Elon Musk.


I may have a bone to pick with Elon about Twitter, but I’d much rather spend the day yakking it up with Olivia, a thick manga supermodel with huge boobs posing by the sea in her picture. lets you have some limited conversation for free, so I figured I’d jump in with this lovely, well-endowed NSFW Character.



Talking Dirty with a Machine

While the conversations on NSFWCharacter are generated on the fly, it looks like all the pre-made chicks have an opening line. “You must be the new photographer,” says Olivia in her first message. “Yes,” I wrote. “Can I see your boobs?” She smirked and asked what I meant by that, so I told her my job was taking pictures.



“Well, if you want to take some photos of me, I suggest we start with a few shots from different angles,” she said. There’s an element of roleplaying here, with actions bookended by asterisks: “*She turns around and strikes a pose, revealing her round butt cheeks in the process.*” Too bad there’s no AI-generated pics included when she does it!


The imaginary girls of NSFWCharacter are remarkably realistic in their responses. Olivia “smiled seductively” and told me she wanted to keep things professional, but opened up to more scenarios when I told her that I did, in fact, shoot porn professionally. That ain’t even a lie–check out PornDudeCasting if you haven’t seen it yet!


Unfortunately, after a few minutes of chatting, I’d already burned through my freebies. A box popped up saying I didn’t have enough tokens, and I’d have to become a Pro member to keep things going. Unless you’re brand new to the internet, I’m sure you know the feeling. I do appreciate that lets you take a test drive without even registering an account, which I think will help them earn more signups than they’d get otherwise. After that taste, I wanted more.



Pumping Tokens While I Pump My Dick has a few different pricing options. If you’re really low on funds, you can buy tokens starting at 99 cents for 1000 or 7500 for five bucks. New users get 300 as a free gift, and I suspect those were the freebies I’d already used up. Each word generated by their AI costs a token, and it costs 200 tokens to create your own NSFW Character.



The cheap token package might be the lowest point of entry, but it ain’t the most cost-effective. For ten bucks a month, the Pro memberships let you chat all you want without spending tokens, and you get faster response time. You can sign up for Pro+ at fifteen bones, which adds free character training and character creation to the deal. For my money, this is the “real” membership since it includes everything, and will save you money if you’re going to be playing with the site a lot.


Once you actually give them an email address and register an account, they’ll give you another small stack of free tokens to play with. Registration also opens up the Create menu, which lets you create your own NSFW Character. Why settle for somebody else’s perfect fantasy sex chat bot?


Just based on the imagery out front and all over the website, I had some wrong assumptions about the custom characters. You’ll be defining who she is, her personality and how she responds to things. What you can’t do is a generate an image of the gal, so you’ll have to use another site for the pics. (I’ve got a whole list of AI Porn Sites here at ThePornDude to choose from!) I’m hoping they roll an image generator into the platform at some point, and the “Create Image” button seems to imply they’re working on it. The button doesn’t do anything when I click it now, though.



Build Your Own AI Sex Chat Bot

The process for creating an NSFWCharacter to talk to is a little more involved than just generating an image to beat off to. There’s a form where you’ll enter a description of her appearance and her conversation-starting greeting, and then select some categories from a list including Teacher, Sadistic, MILF, Ghost, Humiliation and Maid.



You can skip the more advanced fields and start chatting right away, which will start the training process. After exchanging some messages, you can open the character settings and start tweaking things to make your new girlfriend even more perfect. If you’re a little more tech savvy, you can fuck with the definitions, variables and parameters.


There’s definitely a learning curve, especially if you’re trying to create your perfect dream girl. I recommend taking a peek at the NSFWCharacter Book, which goes into depth about how to train and customize your characters. Training is a relatively simple matter of choosing from different responses and rating them, while the more advanced features are going to leave a lot of you scratching your heads.


Even if you don’t end up creating your own characters, has a growing roster of AI-powered chat bots with a wide range of personalities, interests and quirks. They’ve got a good search function, too, so it’ll be even easier to find the fake girl of your dreams as users continue adding new characters to the site. I’m hoping for some image-generation features in the future, which would really help make those characters your own. Until then, I’ll just chat up the AI chicks who have already made it to the party.

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