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Kupid AI

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Kupid AI

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Have you ever tried online dating? Nobody denies that it can be a shitload of fun that can often result in some of the wildest no-strings-attached sex sessions many people have ever experienced. However, it can often be equally tedious, time-consuming, and, most importantly, expensive!


After all, is there anything worse than getting your sexy ass ready for a date and praying for it to end in a sexual experience that makes your favorite anal prolapse porno look tame, only to end up wasting four hours of your life listening to bullshit and then paying the bill or, even worse, getting catfished!


Nobody likes that shit, NoLimitsFun, but what choice do we have? Well, a few years ago, you would have been correct to ask that question. There simply wasn’t any alternative to online dating and sex chatting, so you were forced to stick to the old-school methods and take the negatives that come with it.


These days, however, we’re living in a world of ground-breaking technology and AI, which can revolutionize the world of online dating by providing the exact kind of custom adult dating experience you want!


However, it’s still early days for artificial intelligence, and while there are a lot of AI sites catering to this demand for AI-generated online dating experience, some of them are still finding their feet and are better to be avoided for now.


On the other hand, there’s a selection of seriously ground-breaking websites that, despite offering a truly wild sexual experience, are often overlooked by many people due to their newcomer status. This is something I’m going to change!


If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I always place myself at the forefront of adult technology. I always aim to introduce my beloved horny readers to the latest websites and platforms while avoiding the shitty ED-inducing ones! Today, we come between the AI-generated thighs of a site called is like an AI-powered adult dating website where all of the girls are stunning and eager to talk to you about some of the wildest things your mind can come up with. I’ve heard some promising things about the platform, but are they true? I’m about to slam my lubed-up dick balls-deep into it and find out!


Join me!



What is is a unique adult website centered around AI technology. It hosts a small portfolio of AI-generated women of multiple races and body types who look exceptionally fuckable. However, this portfolio isn’t just for looking at and beating your meat over. You can actually interact with the girls via AI-generated live chat features.



The site markets itself as the way to find your own AI-generated soulmate by chatting with immensely sexy women in live chat sessions that can go on for as long as you want and be as downright filthy as you desire.


But chatting with these girls requires you to sign up for a free account. So, to save you time, I threw my email into the site to see what it offers and bring you a truly balls-deep review!



What is the Adult Chat Generator Like on

The concept of is a relatively new one, so I was keen to try out some of these AI-generated sluts and see what kind of dirty talk they were capable of. I spent a good few hours chatting with these digital whores and seeing what kind of verbal filth they could come out with to bring you some of the site’s highlights!



Overall, the AI-powered adult chatting on this site is a wild ride. Don’t be fooled by the otherwise cute-looking appearance of the girl you’re talking with because they’re always down to be as mild or wild as your cock desires.


Take Sakura, for example. This shy and reserved Korean girl looked like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but my cock certainly did when she started talking dirty with me. Whether I asked her about her ability to take two massive dicks in her ass at the same time or if she likes to cuckold white guys with black dicks and make the former suck cum out of her freshly-fucked Asian pussy, Sakura wasn’t shy about revealing her deepest sexual secrets in these AI-powered sex chat sessions.



Design of the Site

Because AI is at the forefront of modern technology, any website focusing on it must have a modern and sleek design. Luckily, is rocking an up-to-speed template that allows flawless navigation through the portfolio of AI sluts on the site.



It all begins with a two-tone logo in royal blue and pink, which then links to a three-link main menu that takes you to the explore page, your own personal gallery, and a beta version of the site’s ‘’create your own soulmate’’ section which is yet to be released. After that, two buttons allow you to access your profile or sign up for a premium account on the site.


The Explore page of the site acts as its homepage and is divided into two sections. The first is where to find your previous chats with the AI-controlled sluts and a link to the site’s Discord channel, terms of use, etc. After this is the portfolio of AI girls, the site has to offer.


When writing this review, the site was home to a limited portfolio of eight women displayed in neat rows of four large thumbnails accompanied by data covering their name, age, and bio, which reads like an adult dating site.


When you click on the girl’s picture, you need to sign up for a free account and are then given an instant messaging platform to talk with your chosen AI-generated girl about any topics you wish, whether their SFW or NSFW.



What I Like Most About it

I’ve beat my meat through a lot of porn over the years, so I was eager to see how hardcore I could make the AI-generated adult chat on However, I was blown away by how downright filthy these chicks can be. From anal creampies and snowballing cum to interracial cuckolding and triple anal gangbangs, I made these chicks talk about everything!



While the selection of AI-generated adult chat models on the site is limited, the site’s mods have ensured that the current array of models appeals to various kinks and fetishes. From cute-looking blondes and arrogant Arab girls to shy-looking Koreans and horny redheads, there’s bound to be a girl for you on offer here.


This site is relatively new, so I was unsure how well it would cope with hosting such a ground-breaking form of adult technology like AI-powered adult chat. However, the site’s software was essentially flawless, and I encountered no problems while indulging in these XXX instant messaging sessions.


Also, it was refreshing to see that the admins of have sidestepped adding any annoying third-party ads to the site, as this allows you to explore all of its features without being distracted.



What I Don’t Like

At the time of writing, the selection of girls on was minimal, despite being diverse. I understand this is a new website, but it has jumped the gun by already offering a premium membership at this stage when it has so little to offer in terms of AI-generated adult chat models.



Also, the age range of the models currently on the site was between 18 and 28, so there was nothing in the way of MILFs and matures on the site, despite there being a massive demand for this age range of women in the world of adult entertainment.



Suggestions I Have for

The only suggestion I have for is something I assume the mods are already hard at work to do anyway. I’d suggest that they add more models before offering a premium membership option because, at the moment, it’s definitely not worth paying for.



Expand the ages of the adult chat models to include MILFs and matures because there’s a tonne of people eager to indulge in live sex chat sessions with mother’s they like to fuck and grandmas who’d love to sit on their faces!




Overall, is an up-and-coming site using AI technology to provide interactive live sex chats with beautiful women. Sure, it’s dystopian, but it’ll surely empty your balls if you love talking about downright filthy stuff with women over instant messaging apps.



The array of models is limited at the moment, though, and hopefully, the site is currently working on expanding it. This, combined with the imminent release of its ‘’AI soulmate generator’’ means I’ll be saving this site to check back on later to see how it has progressed!

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