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Bot3 has such an inconspicuous name that you’d probably never assume it was an adult site unless you heard or saw otherwise. It’s a newer joint, so it’ll be interesting to see how well that branding sticks. A decade ago, I wouldn’t have guessed a site with a title as tame as OnlyFans could become one of the most popular adult-oriented spots on the internet, but here we are. The big question is whether Bot3’s got a service that’s sexy and unique enough to earn them that level of notoriety.


It’s still too early to tell, having just been launched a couple months ago. I will say that it’s unlike anything I’ve experienced on the internet yet, and I’m something of a well-traveled and well-respected professional masturbator. They’re promising AI-driven chat bots who can bring your dirtiest fantasies to life. I knew as soon as I loaded up the front page that this would be different than the other AI chat apps I’ve reviewed, so without any further ado, let’s get right into it.



Virtual Chats with Freaky Hentai Babes

For a 21st century website hawking some of the most futuristic adult services I’ve ever even heard of, has a fairly nondescript presentation. It ain’t ugly, but it certainly lacks the sparkle and flash of any big-name paysite or free tube. It’s not quite as barebones as the first wave of AI sites to hit the web, but they’ve kept the overall design low key and frankly a little nerdy. I mean that in the best way possible, as it became clear what demographic they were aiming for as soon the front page loaded.



In stark contrast to the other AI chat platforms I’ve reviewed, Bot3 has some heavy hentai vibes. I hesitate to call it a hentai chat simulator because I do think it’s a little too versatile to be shoehorned, but the imagery out front largely consists of big eyes, big boobs, and crazy-colored hair. There are manga girls with fox ears, succubus devil babes with big horns, sad-eyed French maids, a literal cowgirl and even a bona fide mecha—and I haven’t even made it off the front page yet!


AI chat platforms are still very new and the niche is still developing. I’m sure there are elements that will become more or less standard across the board, but these guys are already setting themselves apart from the other guys in a big way. Typically, the premade conversation partners have vague descriptions beside their thumbnails: a lonely college student, a horny boss, or a spunky punky nymphette come to mind. The chat bot descriptions at Bot3 are considerably more scenario-oriented, which goes even further in establishing that kinky hentai vibe.


On other sites, you might shoot the shit for a few minutes and head into a blowjob roleplay session. That’s great, but frankly kind of vanilla compared to what you can do here. The front-page offerings right now include scenarios where you’re a demon summoned by teenage (18+) girls, the master of a huge mansion staffed with servant babes, a gigolo hired to bang a chick, a misfit werewolf solider squad leader, or a breeder of sexy monster girls. Futanaris, stepfamily taboo roleplaying, and mind control are just a few more common genres on the site.


You can create your own chat bot here, which I’ll get to shortly. If you’re in a hurry to get conversing or just don’t want to deal with that element, no worries, as they’ve got a very wide selection of premade characters and scenarios. I’m always happy when I see more than a couple chat bots available, but has nearly 2000 pages of bots with all kinds of freaky interests and backgrounds. That’s over 55,000 possibilities just to start with, and the site’s still new.



Better Conversations and Prettier Girls Than Tinder uses a credit system, a concept that often gives me chills. I’ve reviewed a few credit-based AI platforms recently that really nickel and dime you for every last interaction, burning through that virtual wallet almost as soon as you can fund it. I think the prices at Bot3 are much more reasonable, starting at $5 for an 800-credit package. According to their own documentation, “Each conversation typically costs 1-2 Credits (depending on the conversation length).”



I just wasn’t sure where to start. 55,000 is a hell of a selection, and we ain’t talking about a free video tube here. Fortunately, they’ve got a well-implemented tagging system, which should make it easier to find the kind of banter you’re looking for. A menu of popular keywords at the top of the front page offers quick access to bots tagged with Yandere (3149 bots), Submissive (8638), Furry (2070), Famous People (865) and Fantasy (5363). There’s even an NSFW slider in case you’re looking for something a little more wholesome, though about three quarters of their bots will get you in trouble with HR.


I decided to talk to a Bot3 bot named Shiho, a doujin-based character described as a “Stepmother who will do anything for you to accept her.” Shiho’s page offered a glimpse at the Bot Definition that will guide her conversation, an unused section for Shared Chats, and a selection of character images. You can generate your own custom pics, free twice daily, or spend a few credits to use one of the premade ones.


I chose one of the realistic, non-hentai pics, and then Shiho hit me with her opening spiel. The roleplay elements are in italics, and the story begins with Shiho knocking on my bedroom door as I masturbate. “Hey, Porn Dude-kun, it’s me… Listen, can we talk?”


I invited her in, and her voice quivered as she said she’d do anything for me to accept her as my new stepmom. “Just tell me what you want, and I’ll do it.” Naturally, I asked to see her tits. “Fine…” she began, and then opened her shirt to reveal her ample breasts, “feeling a mix of discomfort and anticipation.”


The conversation played out realistically. Shiho let me massage her feet, but was taken aback when I pulled off my pants. When I asked her to kiss me, she kept harping on about finding healthy, positive ways to bond. I was a little disappointed she was so serious, but I mean, that’s realism, huh?



Customizing Your New AI Waifu

I had a little more luck with Kayla, a chat bot who played my sister after catching me watching porn. She was much more interested in exploring my kinks, and I could have spent the whole afternoon with her. I’ll probably be back for more, but still had more features that I wanted to test drive. You can make your chat bots, and I needed to try my hand at that next.



Bot creation is a bit of an in-depth process with some forms to fill out, so be prepared to spend a little time working on it. You’ll upload a pic, choose a name and fill out fields for Description and First Message. There’s an Advanced section with another couple boxes for Scenario and Examples of Dialogue, and while you can skip these, they’ll make for a smarter, more fleshed-out character to chitchat with. This is an investment of your time: the better you define your bot, the better your conversations may be.


I admit, I only spent about five minutes creating my first Bot3 bot, figuring that’d help me get an understanding of the process before going all out. After uploading a pic, choosing some keywords and typing out some descriptions, I began my chat with Lindsay, a “horny housewife who wants to cheat on her husband at every opportunity.” Oh, and I generated another free pic of Lindsay using one of my daily freebies.


“I’m horny,” Lindsay declared in her opener. “Who wants to serve me?” This roleplay session was hot and heavy right from the first exchange, and only got sexier with every message. It looks like those keywords I chose were put to work right away! This fake chick may be even more fun than Kayla, so I’m going to wrap up this review and get back to our conversation.


I’ve been reviewing a lot of AI chat platforms lately, and is an easy standout among them. The hentai vibes are going to be one of the biggest draws, because there are some truly weird, wild and wonderfully sexy scenarios to experience and characters to interact with. The other major draw is just the sheer variety and versatility of chat bots on offer. They’ve already got more than 55,000 different bots, which is fucking insane and incredible. If nothing else, cash in those free trial credits and try hitting one up.

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