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PromptChan! Unless you’ve been living in a Goon Cave for the past few years and have had nothing but porn blasting through your headphones, you’ll know that AI is one of the hottest topics being talked about in society and is dividing opinions worldwide.


From car manufacturing and chatbots, there are a lot of tech advancements AI has brought us. But some people think it’s the beginning of the end and will no doubt end in a Skynet situation with the last remnants of humanity engaged in urban warfare with AI-controlled sex dolls.


Me? I don’t take sides in the ongoing AI arguments. But if the world does look like a scene from Terminator 2, I don’t care as long as I get to have Sarah Connor’s mom riding my cock. Sorry, John!


What I do care about, however, is the world of AI porn! Yep, porn lovers worldwide quickly jumped on the bandwagon of AI porn and began developing software that allowed people to generate their own porn based on a series of prompts. I’ve been there since all of this started and have followed it immensely closely.


I can’t deny that AI porn is developing at crazy rates, and the technology is improving rapidly. However, as the popularity of AI surges, so too do the number of sites providing AI porn generator technology. It’s my job to guide you through them all and keep you in the loop via unbiased reviews that tell you what the deal is with each site and whether it’s shit or not.


Today, my mission takes me to In recent months, I’ve been shown several AI-generated porn images made through this site and have been pretty damn impressed. On the other hand, I’ve heard from others that it’s buggy and not up to scratch. So, which side is telling the truth?


That’s what I intend to find out in today’s review! Now, will have the ability to impress us by generating the perfect picture of your favorite SFW Hollywood star in a BBC gangbang? Or will it be a more significant disappointment than meeting your end in the coming AI World War at the hands of a bulletproof sex doll with a giant strap-on cock attached to it?

Let’s find out!



What is is one of the newest AI porn generator websites on the scene and can be traced back to May 2024 via Wayback Machine. It might be brand-new, but it’s already turning heads in the artificial intelligence porn crowd through its porn generator software.



Like many other Ai porn generators, is a paid membership site that works on a token-based system. Users can purchase a membership tier with credits in the form of on-platform gems. These tokens can also be purchased separately.

The basic membership scheme is currently $11.99 per month (with 750 image prompts and 3x image generation speed), and the highest tier is $26.99 per month (2,500 image generations, 4x generation speed, and image upscaling).


The membership price is reasonable, but is the software worth you getting your porn wallet out for? Let’s find out because I signed up for the platform myself to take it for a test ride!



What’s the AI Porn Generator Like on

The AI porn generator on isn’t as advanced or high-tech as many other platforms, but that makes it more user-friendly to people new to AI generators. It’s a split-screen system with the prompt text box, generation settings on the left, and the resultant image on the right.



As well as the prompt text box you use to guide the AI, there is also a negative prompt box to filter out anything you don’t want in the generated image. You can also choose from three styles in the form of real, hyperreal, and anime. There’s also a series of sex acts you can choose from, such as thigh fucking, cum in the mouth, flashing boobs, etc.


There’s also a settings box where you can adjust the image format, whether you want it to be uploaded to the public gallery or be kept private, as well as the overall quality and the level of creativity.


So, that’s how it all works, but what does it actually generate? Here are some of the highlights of my own creations while testing out the site!


● It’s been a busy night! – To get this wank-worthy image, all I had to do was type in multiple anal creampies into the prompt. The result was a smoking-hot bitch in doggy style laying on her forearms, exhausted after a night of repeated anal with multiple guys. Her gaping asshole is oozing so much cum that it’s formed in a massive puddle on the floor. Damn, cleanup on AI porn generator 9!

● Anal-only! – When I threw anal only for 12 months, I got this divine image. It shows a close-up shot of a chick’s perfect pussy leaking juices, joined by her gaping and well-fucked asshole. That, ladies and gents, is the result of a year’s worth of anal-only sex, and it looks fuckin’ awesome!

● Creampie inside the creator of ‘’Bad Guy’’ – You know the chick who sang ‘’Bad Guy?’’ Well, I put her name in the porn generator and got a badass image of this alluring dead-eyed slut spreading her legs to show off multiple loads of cum pouring out of her 21-year-old pussy. Damn, it looks like she wasn’t lying with the line, ‘’I might seduce your dad!’’



Design of the Site

Like most AI porn generators, has opted for a high-tech-looking theme that reinforces the modern nature of artificial intelligence. The site is easy to use overall and can easily be navigated by people experienced in AI, newcomers to the tech, or anybody in between.



The design starts with a sleek and straightforward logo spelling out the site’s URL, joined by a small search bar for users to seek out previously generated images of various themes. This is joined on the opposite side by a short but eye-catching main menu that leads users to site areas such as the join page, a learning page teaching you how to use it, and, of course, the button leading to the AI generator itself. After this, a pair of buttons allows users to access their profile and claim their on-site gem tokens.


Between the main menu and the homepage is a purple banner advertising a link to the site’s official Discord server, which can be a great place to connect with like-minded site users and gain valuable tips that can be used to make the most of the site.


The site’s homepage showcases previously generated images with an NSFW filter at the top to show or hide porn content. Obviously, leave the NSFW filter firmly off! These images are displayed in easy-to-see thumbnails of three with a wand image in the right-hand corner that leads you to the generator to create your own image. There’s also metadata showing what kind of porn filter was used to develop it and the number of views and community rating.



What I Like Most About it

The AI generator on is very straightforward to use, and anyone, regardless of their previous experience with AI, could quickly get to grips with it in the space of a few test runs. Also, the search bar works flawlessly and is a great way to see other people’s AI-generated porn and get inspired.



I also liked the negative prompt box, which many AI porn creators tend to lack. This lets you filter out anything you don’t want to be featured in the generated image and can come in handy. has also begun laying the foundations of a decent blog with helpful information about using the site and getting the most out of it.



What I Don’t Like

The site is new. I get it. But I encountered a few bugs while using it, and several images either failed to load correctly or were riddled with glitches. Being in beta mode is one thing, but charging people for the service when it isn’t 100% flawless isn’t a good business model.




Suggestions I Have for

Before launching a paid membership program, the site must be watertight regarding bugs, glitches, and issues. Get everything in ship shape and running flawlessly, then work on building up a network of paying clients.





Overall, has a lot of potential as a porn generator, and I was able to create some damn fine images through the site. However, it’s brand-new and far from perfect. Is it something I’d recommend paying for at this stage? Definitely not. In the future, when it has found its feet better and fully optimize the site and its software? Maybe.

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