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If you said you Made Porn, would your friends believe you? While a lot of you may dream of running your own hardcore porn site, like my own PornDudeCasting, I understand that not everybody has the time, budget and connections to make it in the professional smut industry. There’s always the amateur route, which has only gotten more accessible with the rise of webcams, OnlyFans, and 4K lenses baked into the tiny computer you carry in your pocket.


And then there’s artificial intelligence, which brings X-rated content production another giant step closer to the general public. Made.Porn promises to help masturbators build their fap fantasies from scratch, offering AI-generated pornography at the click of a button. You don’t even have to find a willing girlfriend or hire that toothless chick you found sucking dick behind 7-11 for this to work, meaning even a reclusive basement dweller can start banging out the filth in his free time. For a new site, they’re sure getting popular fast, so I was eager to try their porn machine out for myself.



When Androids Have Wet Dreams

At a glance, Made.Porn looks a lot like one of the porn picture sharing sites I’ve reviewed here at ThePornDude. For such a futuristic service, their front-page presentation is relatively low-fi. They’ve got a simple logo, a few social-sharing icons and a basic header, devoting the rest of the front page to the nudes and dirty sex pics their users are creating. If you didn’t yet understand the concept, you might think it was just a grab bag of random images being shared by your average horny internet userbase.



One of the first things you’ll probably notice is that there’s no set theme nor locked-in niche or porn subgenre. The service harnesses the power to create a truly wide range of NSFW pics. The front page is constantly updating with new creations, showing off everything from photorealistic topless pornstars to horny grandmothers to BDSM anime to cosplay elf lesbians scissoring. I knew I was going to enjoy myself when I saw a simulated oil painting of a PAWG giving a footjob and what looked to be a photo of an Asian with huge jugs lounging in a hot tub.


Look a little bit closer and the AI-generated nature of Made.Porn starts to make itself apparent. There are telltale signs of the computer brain making the stuff, the same signs you’ve probably seen if you’ve ever fucked with Starry AI, Dall-E or any similar platforms. Sometimes it’s an extra finger or two, other times a limb bending at the wrong angle or two faces smushed together like a horrific birth defect. Text bubbles in manga scenes were full of sheer gibberish. Since this is a porn site, there are often boobies involved. I saw so many disembodied hands groping tits and dicks that I lost count.


While there were plenty of imperfections on display, there were also a ton of images that I wouldn’t have immediately guessed were machine-made. The pics that made my dick hard were the ones that made me even more excited to try it for myself. Made.Porn does have a premium mode that unlocks some extra features, but visitors can start making their own porn for free right away. I tapped the Make button and dove right in.



Look Ma, I Made Porn!

Made.Porn uses a tag-based AI generation system, letting users click a bunch of their favorite keywords to create the porn pics of their wettest dreams. Choose an image size and a style, ranging from photo to digital art, watercolor to hentai. There are sections for ages, facial expressions and hair styles, and locations like bedrooms, airships and the Eiffel Tower.



I started simple, aiming for a 20-year-old Asian girl. I checked off the boxes for Nude, Pigtails, and Blowjob, then set the scene in a Jungle at Sunrise. Keywords chosen, I clicked the Generate button and waited a few minutes. Registered users get faster results, and premium Made Porn members get jumped straight to the front of the line.


The resulting image wasn’t perfect, but it was fapworthy. My Asian girl kneeled in the jungle, the early morning sun shining through the trees onto her naked, beautiful body. She ain’t sucking a dick, as requested, but she’s got her mouth open and tongue out like she’s about to.


There are a couple telltale giveaways of the AI-generative process, though. She’s got an extra finger on one hand, and her other hand is more of a deformed lobster claw made of human flesh. Weirder still, she’s got an extra arm wrapped around her waist and resting on her shapely thigh. While it wasn’t perfect, I wanted to try again pretty much immediately.



Cheaper and Easier Than Building a Casting Porn Site

Premium membership at Made Porn will run you about $15 a month. The biggest perk of the Pro mode is faster generation, though you also get early access to new features and more of a say in what they implement next. As of this writing, the Make page doesn’t seem to include any extra tags or other premium perks for Pro users.



For my next attempt, this time in Pro mode, I checked off the boxes for Hentai, Big Ass, Thick, and Humping. I set this scene Underwater and added Thigh Socks, because why not? When I hit the Generate button, I only had to wait a few seconds instead of the minutes I spent before. If you’re going to spend much time playing with this thing, the Pro membership is worth it for the decreased wait times alone.


Sure enough, it cranked out a hentai image of a thick babe bent over underwater, her big ass aimed at the camera with her boobies dangling behind. The shading is impressive, suggesting a human hand at work even though I know better. Again, the fingers are kind of weird and I see some extra hands in the background.


I started building my own little gallery of dirty pics. I created post-apocalyptic nudes, steampunk pixies and naked waitresses, followed by bukkake cartoons, psychedelic creampie goblins and huge-boobed bodybuilders in ball gags. While there was some AI weirdness and they didn’t always nail my keywords, most of the pics had high masturbatory potential, especially since they were built on my own fantasies.



I Just Can’t Stop Making Porn

Once you get started making your own porn, it’s kind of hard to stop. The system is easy as fuck to operate and offers fast results. Even if you’re broke and have to settle for the minutes-long wait times, it’s a hell of a lot faster (and cheaper) than hiring your own hentai artist or snapping pics of your wife in a Viking outfit with tentacles and/or ropes wrapped around her. It’s addictive in the same way as letting your mind wander while you jack off, with a higher level of personalization than flipping through a random free tube.



I reviewed a similar service the other day called, and I wouldn’t say either one is superior. SoulGen seems to have a lower error rate when it comes to those extra limbs and deformities, but it’s also much more limited in scope since you can only choose a couple of styles and can’t really do full-on porn. Made Porn gives you more options, and lets free users do a whole lot more without watermarking or blurring the resulting images.


The premium version of SoulGen only gives you a hundred credits a month, each generation costing one credit, and I could honestly burn through those in a day. There’s no such limit to Made.Porn, so I have a feeling I’m going to be spending a lot of time playing with it in the coming days. This technology is evolving rapidly, too, so I can’t wait to see what’s next and just how accurate those keyword-based generations will become.


If you’ve tried making your own NSFW images with any of the other AI art generators and felt like they came up short, you need to check out what Made.Porn has to offer. The free version is full featured and impressive as hell, creating fapworthy pics with just a little bit of your own input. Given how well this thing works, I wouldn’t be surprised if they start locking down the free features as the service grows more popular. There’s no better time to make your own porn than now!

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