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What’s so sexy about That’s the kind of generic rhetorical question I could open up any review with, but the answer here is a lot different than it’d be on any free tube, premium porn site, smut forum or sex blog. The AI part of the domain name gives away the gimmick here, and it’s one hell of a gimmick: instead of shaking your dick at somebody else’s fantasies, you’ll have a machine spitting out images of your very own wet dreams. Ain’t modern technology a fucking miracle? uses its sexy AI to creates high-quality nudes and porn images. While the domain was actually registered in 2018, the technology behind it is pretty brand spanking new. They’ve only been banging out AI porn since February, but they’re already pulling a quarter of a million visits a month with a trajectory headed toward the clouds. I’ve been having a lot of fun with these smut-dreaming web apps, so I couldn’t wait to check out another one and see how it compares to the rest. Can a machine really out-dirty my own filthy mind?



Tell the Robot Your Perviest Thoughts

For such a newfangled, next-generation adult website, honestly doesn’t look like much when you first pull up the front page. I have to assume the barebones aesthetic is just a consequence of the site’s newness; they were in such a hurry to unveil this bad boy to the public that they’ve skimped a little on the presentation. They don’t even have a site logo yet, just a plain-ass text interface for telling their robot what kind of explicit pictures to paint.



It’s a little bit ironic. You pull up a site that would have looked at home on a ‘90s-era internet, but a couple clicks later, you’re being treated to futuristic porn, pulled from your brain by a goddamn computer. What’s more, the basic service won’t even cost you anything. Visitors can generate two images at a time for free, with some premium features available for those willing to spend a few bucks. (More on those paid perks later!)


Sexy AI uses a simple prompt-based interface. There are two boxes to type in, one for the keywords you want and another for the keywords you want omitted from your image. I feel like the prompt-based sites like this offer a little more versatility than the menu-based AI porn generators. The tradeoff is that the prompt-based systems seem to have a higher error rate with regards to AI-induced deformities like extra fingers or limbs bending the wrong way. One miscalculation and your pretty lady becomes a shambling eldritch horror.


There was already a sample prompt waiting for me when I pulled up the front page. “Beautiful woman on the beach, ocean scenery, bright day, highly detailed HDR photo”. I hit the button to Generate 2 Images and waited a few seconds. The resulting pics look more like highly detailed paintings than HDR photos, but sure enough, they’re both of fapworthy, bikini-clad chicks on the beach. It almost feels like magic.



Getting Sexy with Sexy AI

Once I’d seen in action once, I knew I needed to keep playing with it. Above the prompt boxes, there’s a little dropdown menu where users can select what kind of image they want. There are a few Realistic options (Artistic, Porn and Empower), a Hentai mode and a Homoerotic option for gaylords looking to create realistic pics of hunky, well-hung men. I tried for some hentai first, typing “big boobs, big ass, fishnets and lipstick” before hitting the Generate button.



In a matter of seconds, Sexy cranked out two colorful, high-quality hentai pics of big-assed babes wearing fishnets. One’s holding a mic and wearing a rock n’ roll BDSM outfit, while the other one’s spreading her ass cheeks and squatting on a dildo. The dildo pic has a few extra curves and wrinkles, though I’m not sure I would have noticed if I weren’t looking for AI mistakes.


I quickly banged out images of fat chicks at the beach, Asian girls flashing their tits at the park, MILFs getting double penetrated, and a cyborg dominatrix wearing leather and carrying a scary-ass whip. Most of the AI pics I created were flawless or nearly so, though I did get a few freakshows. One FFF threesome I generated accidentally featured a double amputee getting felt up and fucked by her girlfriends. Oops! I feel like I’m working at the puppy mill and weeding out the seriously inbred runts.


I tested their different Realistic modes with the prompt, “Anal, DP, threesome, Asian”. The Deliberate setting generated trios of pretty Asian girls, though the middle girl had a hideously deformed pelvic region in both shots. Porn mode (PornMerge) offered similar images with more realism, while Realistic/Artistic created threesomes with the weirdest genitals had shown me yet.



Machine Dreaming Your Fantasies to Life

If you’re looking for a little more AI-porn generating power, also offers a Pro Membership for ten bucks a month. The big selling points are faster image generation since you get to cut in line, and can also generate up to four images at once. To my surprise, Pro Members also have access to a video generation option. This was my first time finding an AI porn video generator, and it’d be an understatement to say I was excited.



The video generator interface is a little different than the one for still images, with just one text box and a little dropdown menu of actions. The default prompt simply read “sexy woman”, and gave me my choice between titty flashing, blowjobs, doggy style begging and a few other options. I left the prompt as is, selected Sofa Sex and hit Generate Video.


The resulting WEBP animation came out even faster than I expected, each frame generating in real time as I watched. It’s a little weird and shaky, and clearly AI generated, but it does show a blonde chick getting nailed on the couch. If I was hard up, I could totally beat off to it, too.


I tried again, this time typing “chubby goth girl, red hair” and choosing Best Titty Fuck. Again, the resulting clip is clearly AI generated, but it’s surprisingly hot. Certain features—like the background, hair and earrings—change rapidly, giving it a little bit of a stop-motion feel. It reminds me of those videos where a person photographs themselves every day for a year. At the same time, the AI redhead is genuinely gorgeous, and has done a really nice job animating her jugs as they glide up and down the shaft.



My Prompts Are Better Than Your Prompts

While I think it’s easier to create fapworthy images than videos using, the system is a lot of fucking fun to play with. I created titty flashing clips, big booty begging vids, and a handful of different blowjob loops in a matter of minutes. I’ll definitely be stopping by on the regular to see what actions they add to the menu next, because there’s so much potential here.



Speaking of potential, the whole concept of AI porn generation is still pretty fucking new, and sites like are all still in some stage of development as the technology evolves. If you want to be part of that evolution, or just want to chat with some likeminded deviates and AI tinkerers, check out the discord. They’ve got a thriving community built around the service, with over a thousand members, around 150 of whom are online as I whip up this review. You’re in good company, perverts!


I know masturbation is a solo activity, and most of you tend to skip over the Discords, comment threads and discussion forums included on adult sites. So do I, for the most part, except when I’m reviewing them. I do recommend a peek at the Sexy Discord, though, if you’re having any issues figuring out how to use the site or come up with good prompts. There’s a lot of discussion on those very topics, not to mention FAQs, announcements, and membership information. It ain’t just empty banter with the peanut gallery.


My dudes, I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how much time I wasted today playing with’s prompt-based porn generator. Then again, I think there’s a good chance you’ll fall down the rabbit hole, too, just as soon as you see how powerful this thing is. While you’ll have to do some feeling around as you develop your own prompts, as well as weeding out the malformed images, Sexy AI is fully capable of making pics worth busting out the lube for. Don’t neglect that dropdown menu as you explore the different AI generation modes, and try not to jizz on your keyboard.

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