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Do you know how porn works down at the Porn Works? I couldn’t resist dropping a little wordplay there, but for real, this next site takes a completely different approach than the vast majority of adult websites out there. This ain’t like NoLimitsCasting, where I invite my favorite pornstars to come take off their clothes and take a ride on my hog. No, on this site, you’re the one who gets to decide who to see naked, and yes, even the kissless virgins who can’t speak to women can enjoy all the benefits, too. is a new AI-driven web app that uses artificial intelligence to help you generate your own nudes and hentai, and can even take the clothes off your personal photos. This is a newer site that’s already pulling an easy half million visitors a month, so I wanted to give it the attention it deserves. This writeup is going to focus on their image generation capabilities, and then next time I’ll look at the nudifying features. You with me? Let’s do this!



Spending a Raging Hard Day at the PornWorks

I’m whipping up this review in the final month of 2024, the year when artificial intelligence finally broke into the world of pornography in a big way. AI has been in use all around us for years, doing calculations behind the scenes in various industries. Now it’s in our faces in a way it’s never been, and I’m fucking thrilled about that.



PornWorks ain’t the sleekest AI porn site I’ve seen, but it’s a few big steps up from the earlier sites with the lazy layouts. The presentation here isn’t terribly noteworthy, but damn, get a load of the babes all over the front page. I clicked through to the Gallery, which features even more beautiful women and a whole lot more exposed flesh.


This thing can do everything from realistic fake photos to high-quality hentai, with a range of artistic styles in between. I feel like imaginary photography and custom-created manga babes are the standard formats on most of these sites, so I love seeing those in-between styles that look like paintings or digital art.


Another thing I noticed in the Gallery were AI-generated images of couples getting it on. can generate hardcore sex pics, which is typically one of the weakest links on these platforms. Right away, I was impressed by synthesized photos of dick riding and cock sucking, to say nothing of the more unusual pornography I saw. There were a couple pics of women getting groped by tentacles, and an old nun masturbating in church with a younger, sexier broad kneeling beside her.


As with other AI porn generators, you can test out the basic Porn Works features for free. Memberships are reasonably priced, starting with a three-dollar Lite tier that unlocks larger images. For $7.79 a month, they roll in a handful of new models to play with, which are useful if you want to create nudes in multiple styles. Finally, the $15 a month Ultimate plan adds inpainting and upscaling, as well as a forthcoming offline generation feature. Each subsequent tier offers more credits to create more images.



Just Type Your Fantasies to See Them uses a prompt-based interface for creating pics, a contrast to the menu-based interfaces some of the other sites use. Prompts are more versatile than menus, though there’s a little bit of a learning curve and a higher potential for weird-ass AI deformities like extra limbs and spines bending the wrong way. I’ve seen a few hybrid interfaces with keyword menus and an optional prompt, and I expect that to become more or less standard with time.



They’ve got a nice set of advanced features, too. I do wish they were documented a little better on the website itself, but some of the AI nerds out there will already know how to use them. If they’re above your tech level, no worries; either leave them at their defaults, or just fuck around and see what happens. The advanced options include things like LoRA and embeddings, generation steps, a creativity scale and reference photos.


As I type this up, PornWorks is readying the second version of their image generator. There’s a button at the top of the screen to test out the new version, with a slightly tweaked interface and templates. It seems like it’s still in beta since it’s off to the side like this, so I’ll be using the current version for my experiments. That said, I love to see progress in action. This is exactly how porn works!


One interesting thing I noticed is that PornWorks doesn’t dumb down the example prompts. It’s common to see really basic prompts out front on most of these sites, spelled out in just regular, clear English. Even the front-page example on has a bunch of numerical values that, to my eyes, make it feel like the learning curve is steeper than it really is. My advice is not to worry about those digits to start with, and just type things in plain English. Trust me on this one.



In the Lab, Cooking Up Babes

The PornWorks generation interface loaded up with a predefined and very detailed prompt for a blonde Bavarian farm girl dressed for a wedding. I figured, what the hell, and just tapped the Generate button, leaving all the settings the same. About 12 seconds later, I had a beautiful fake photo of a naked blonde chick with a pretty face and a perfect body.



The results were both fast and absolutely stunning. I can’t say I was surprised, as the front-page examples make a strong case, but it did make me even more excited about creating my own pics. I deleted the prompt and typed, “redhead MILF, messy wet hair, huge tits, big butt, wet skin, on the beach, sunset”. I left the Negative prompt as-is, hopefully negating any potential extra fingers or bad proportions, bumped the size to 768×768, clicked the NSFW button and hit Generate.


Again, I had my pic in about 12 seconds, but the results weren’t great. The redhead’s got a pretty face, and her killer ass sticks out as she leans over a railing at the beach. It’s a colorful image, but unfortunately, her head is on backwards. I left the settings the same and tapped Generate again.


The second time’s a charm, as they say, because this porn works. The machine spat out a fapworthy image of not one, but two beautiful, thick-bottomed redheads on the beach. I tapped the Upscale 4x button and waited. It took a lot longer than the image generations, but the crisp result was worth the wait.



Making Porn and a Few Eldritch Horrors

If you find yourself intimidated just trying to come up with a good prompt for PornWorks, here’s a little tip: find a shot you like from the Gallery and just adjust the text a bit. I wanted to try my hand at some custom hardcore pics next, and I took this approach to make things a little easier.



The Gallery pic I started with was a blonde on her knees in church, a dude standing in front of her with his dong in her mouth. It’s got a pretty lengthy prompt, which I copied to the image generator at the click of a button. Then I just made a couple light changes: bigger boobies, bigger butt, and a dimly lit, smokey bar as the setting.


I forgot to flip the slider to use the fast queue, so I saved a few credits but had to wait a few minutes. Was it worth the wait? Fuck yeah, it was! I ended up generating a few more with the same prompt, though I was careful to use the fast queue this time. In no time, I had my own little gallery of babes smoking pole. I did get a few more deformed women with the batch, which seems to be common on any site that can do sex pics, but better images were a mere click away.


Porn works in futuristic ways at, which is a damn fine app for creating realistic naked babes, hentai and hardcore sex pics. I could recommend this one to anybody who wants to play with AI nudie pic generation, and I think the advanced features will be particularly enticing to enthusiasts who like to get under the hood and tinker for even better results. Having seen how well the site generates imagery out of nothing, I’m excited to come back tomorrow and check out the digital undressing feature. Until next time, I’m going to go make some more porn.

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