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If you had your own Porn Pen, what would you draw? In a sense, I’ve been sketching out my own fantasies over at NoLimitsCasting, seeing as how I’m the one booking pornstars and nailing them on the couch. What if you ain’t a porn producer and dick-slanging video stud, though? Just a few years ago, you would have needed a pile of cash to see your personal fantasies played out on the screen. These days, things are a little bit different. is an AI porn generator that creates dirty images based on your masturbatory preferences. It’s a brand-new site, still getting off the ground and building their userbase, but they’re already getting a lot of attention thanks to their cutting-edge machinery cranking out the porn of the future. It’s an exciting time to be alive, at least if you’re horny, and you know how I get about anything that might make my dick hard. With that in mind, I loaded up the site to take a tour for myself.



What a Time to Be Alive and Horny

No shit, if I had seen PornPen just a year ago, I would have thought it was something else entirely. The overall presentation is pretty simple and low-fi, with a basic header and the title spelled out in plain ol’ text. The streamlined layout and thumbnails give it a vibe very similar to image sharing sites like PornPics or ImageFap.



This is 2024, though, at what I believe is the dawn of a new era. If you’ve been paying any attention at all, you’ve no doubt noticed the sudden, rapid rise of AI art generators like DALL-E, NightCafe and StarryAI. I bet a lot of you have even tried using them to make your own nudes already. That front-page spread of images on Porn Pen ain’t random images uploaded by random users, but the newest AI porn generated by those users.


By default, the front page shows you a live feed of all the images being generated. The page refreshes rapidly, with another naked selfie, tit wank, lesbian scene or BDSM hentai pic popping up every second or so. They’re coming in so fast that I had to turn off the live feed to get a closer look at the merchandise. creates high quality images that look like legit photos, paintings and hentai drawn by the most talented artists. One of the things that stood out to me right away was the very low error rate. There’s less AI weirdness going on than with some of the other porn generators out there. I had to look closely to find any telltale signs of artificial intelligence, and the ones I found were subtle. There are some extra fingers here and there, but the monsters and freaks you find elsewhere are rare.


Speak of the devil, though: as soon as I typed the above paragraph, I turned the Porn Pen live feed back on and got a real oddball. It’s an almost perfect, photorealistic image of a big-titted GILF squatting on a dildo in a hotel room. I say almost perfect, because she’s got an extra pair of feet sprouting from her ass cheeks, helping her squat like some kind of mythical fucking beast. This is going to be a difficult fap.



A Checklist of My Perfect Woman

After seeing the samples, I was eager to try it out for myself, so I made my way to the Make page. uses a menu-based AI generation system, so creating pics is as easy as checking off some keyword-filled boxes. I think Porn Pen owes its low error rate in part to this setup. The prompt-based porn generators offer a tad bit more versatility, at the expensive of more wonky limbs, extra mouths and other Lovecraftian horrors.



To start with, users will select a subject from a dropdown menu. There are several Women options (Detailed, Realistic and Accurate), Anime and Men, as well as a few sex acts like Doggystyle, Blowjob and Titfuck. Choose your aspect ratio, and then you’ve got a whole wall of keywords to explore and select at will.


PornPen has one of the wider selections of options I’ve seen from a menu-based porn generator. I feel like this adds back a little of the versatility they may have lost going with a menu instead of a prompt. Users can select options like body type, age, facial expression, ethnicity, hair color and style, setting, and a whole slew of outfits.


I decided to start simple. I chose Women (Realistic) as my Generator type, then checked off the boxes for Big Ass, Long Legs, Pouting Lips, Pigtails and Daisy Dukes. I chose a Bar for the setting, Side View and Topless, then hit Generate.


The Porn Pen went to work as I waited. Free users can generate images, but you’ll have to stand in line. My wait times as a free user varied, sometimes spitting out an image within seconds and other times seeming to hang. After a few minutes of waiting for this one, I refreshed the page and tried again.


The little disclaimer says free image generation can take up to five minutes, and yeah, that sounds about right. The resulting pic didn’t hit all the keywords I’d selected, but it was a hottie with a big ass hanging out of tiny shorts at a bar. If I wasn’t in the middle of writing a review, I might have stopped for a wank break.



Custom Porn Drawn Straight from My Fantasies

If you’re planning on making a lot of images or just don’t want to wait, then you might want to consider signing up for a Pro account. For $15 a month, you get a priority spot in line so you don’t have to wait as long, higher quality generations and early access to new features. Pro members can also alter their creations using a feature they call Inpainting, which lets you change specific parts of an AI-generated image.



Once I had my premium account, I went back to the Make menu. I checked off the boxes for a babe with a Perfect Body, Ahegao face, Squatting Nude at a Wedding with Bright Lighting. Generation did seem much faster in Pro Mode, cranking out my photo in about five seconds.


The girl in the pic ain’t making an ahegao face, nor is she at a wedding, but she is squatting nude under a bright light. “Perfect” is a little subjective when we’re talking about bodies, but I’d say this AI chick is smoking hot. It ain’t 100% of my fantasy, but it hits enough of the right notes for me to beat off to.


With Pro Mode generating my pics much faster, I felt like PornPen really opened up, ready to accept and generate my fantasies as quickly as I threw them into the machine. I created angry, busty beach bimbos, tattooed bodybuilders with oiled bodies on the moon, and dark fantasy art of lingerie models bathing at the casino. I like how the roulette tables had been repurposed as hot tubs.


I wanted to try out the Inpainting feature, so I created a realistic photo of two chubby, naked Asian chicks laughing while riding the bus. The original image was fantastic, and I’d hoped to transform it into cyborgs, add tattoos, change the setting and other one-click alterations. Unfortunately, the Inpainting feature didn’t seem to work at all during my visit. I tried changing the Generator and fucking with the settings, but nothing helped.


I won’t lie: the sudden rise of AI porn has blown my goddamn mind even more than VR, which says a lot. A year ago, I couldn’t have imagined a service like being half as effective as it is. It’s so wild that we’re still in the early days of AI-generated smut, because Porn Pen really does feel like a gift from an advanced alien civilization with technology far beyond our own. I’ve been playing with the thing all day, and honestly, I’m just getting more ideas to try running through the machine. On that note, I’m going to wrap this up and get back to it.

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