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StripChat VR

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StripChat VR

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StripChat didn’t always have VR, but it was really just a matter of time. Virtual reality porn has been gaining a lot of steam over the last couple of years, with a number of the big studios launching their own VR brands or adding some 3D movies to their existing sites. The growing popularity of gizmos like the Oculus Quest has a lot to do with VR smut’s rise, though, to be honest, I think it might be the other way around. Do you think folks are really dropping a few hundred just to slice virtual fruit while wearing a stupid headset? Fuck no! We bought these things for sites like the one I’m gearing up to review.


With over half a billion visitors a month, needs little introduction. They’ve long held a high slot on my Live Sex Cam Sites list here at ThePornDude, where they’re currently in the #2 slot right below Chaturbate. To put it simply, if you’re a fan of webcam sex, you’re probably quite familiar with the site. Still, you may not yet realize  they’ve got a growing number of live camwhores performing in immersive virtual reality. Well, technically, they’re mainly stripping, twerking, and masturbating in their bedrooms, but you’ll be experiencing it on your end via the magic of VR. Are you ready?


The Magic of Webcams, The Wizardry of VR

Isn’t technology a fucking miracle? Webcam sites have been around for a couple of decades now, having stolen the crown from all those phone sex lines that came before the internet era. Cam sites are still as popular as they ever were, but adult entertainment is a business that thrives on minor variations of things we already love. So it’s only natural that the cam sites would start adding VR sections as the technology became more accessible to regular folks with regular incomes, like amateur models and masturbating basement dwellers.



VR cameras start at just a couple of hundred bucks now, so more and more camwhores have got them at their disposal. While you might expect them on pretty much any cam site, StripChat’s status as one of the most popular cam sites in the world makes it a prime spot to catch some live VR webcam sex. At any given moment, the site has literally thousands of performers doing their thing for fapping fans around the world. A smaller site might offer a few stray geek girls broadcasting in 3D, but the pickings are naturally a lot better here.


Depending on when you visit, you can expect to find dozens of VR cam girls. I’m writing this review up on a Tuesday afternoon, shortly after lunch, and there are an even 60 camgirls to choose from. I wasn’t sure the Viagra sandwich was a good idea, but it looks like I picked a good day for the dish because I see a lot of beautiful women I’d love to shake my dick at in a virtual environment.


Nowadays, when I review a VR site, I rarely mention the devices it’s compatible with. But watching the live shows on isn’t quite as simple as downloading and viewing a premium VR movie, which can be done even on the shittiest devices, like the ones that basically just strap your phone to your face. This site is currently compatible with any of the Oculus devices, Samsung Gear VR, and HTC Vive.


The good news is that if you’ve got one of the supported VR headsets, watching the shows is as simple as pulling up the site in a VR browser. Besides, StripChat’s virtual reality section works without any third-party apps. Given how finicky the technology can sometimes be, that will be a major draw for pervs eager to get inside and start fapping without a bunch of frustrating setup steps.


Choose Your Virtual Reality Camwhore

With such easy accessibility, your main task to get started is just choosing a girl to whack off to. (StripChat also has VR sections for Couples, Guys, and Trans models, though nobody was performing in them during my visit.) I wish there were some more options for filtering through the VR and finding your ideal camwhore. With only 60 to choose from right now, the picture menu should be adequate, but it might not be enough as VR camming becomes more popular. When there are hundreds of girls doing the live 3D thing, you’ll want more filters.



That said, it’s a hell of a selection of babes to choose from. What kind of chicks are you into? The chances are, StripChat’s got a couple of them. There are blondes, brunettes, redheads, raven-haired gothic beauties, and a punk rocker with blue hair. I see 18+ teen bimbos and well-aged MILFs, girls next door, and sexy, stern-looking dominatrix chicks in bondage gear. Should I beat off to an Asian, a Latina, an exotic, mysteriously ethnic bombshell, or a beautiful white girl? Will it be a skinny girl, a PAWG, or a straight-up BBW?


I popped into a few free public shows to get a lay of the land. And within minutes, I’d seen a cute chubby girl chatting topless in her bed, a blonde girl with a pink Lovense vibrator dangling from her twat, and a hot Latina who was just taking off her top as I tuned in. Through the magic of VR, I was right in the room with a belly dancing cutie, a giggling masturbator, and a tatted goth chick stroking a dildo with her fishnetted feet.


With the increased immersion of VR, I swear it was even a little titillating, popping into a room where the model still had all her clothes on. I think the sexual possibilities glow brighter when they’re right in front of you in three life-size dimensions. I guess I lingered longer than I probably would have in a 2D public cam show, hoping to see those tops come off or those panties drop.

I’ve said this a million times before, but the busy webcam sites like StripChat are perfect for cheapskates looking to see live T&A without paying anything. The same holds true in the site’s VR section, where multiple women are baring all in totally free virtual reality shows. You’re almost guaranteed to see some free fun if you’ve got a nice little crowd of perverts already gathered around to watch the show.


It’s worth noting that the models aren’t performing in VR only. They’re also broadcasting in traditional 2D. There are some minor logistical issues with the setup. Since most of the other viewers will likely be watching the flat-screen version, the models might be performing toward those viewers. I saw a Reddit post with some broke-ass neckbeard complaining about the issue, but as a longtime fan of webcam sex, the solution seems really fucking obvious: if the girl isn’t paying enough attention to you, tip her! It isn’t rocket science, you bums!


Chatting Up 3D Girls in VR Bedrooms

Webcam sex is already more intimate than beating off to the free tubes, and it only gets better when you’re watching in VR. So why not take it one step further with a one-on-one virtual reality cam show? It’ll cost you a few bucks, sure, but what’s a little more change on top of the bundle you dropped on that expensive futuristic sex helmet?



I was initially worried about the logistics of initiating a private VR show and chatting with the girl, thinking I’d have to pop off my headset to type in some words. Well, they already thought of that and figured out a solution: you can chat with the models using the mic in your VR headset. They’re just inching us closer and closer to the real thing. Next, I will need an integrated electronic dick massager and something to transmit the smell of wet pussy over the internet.


The absolute ease of accessibility will be one of the biggest draws to’s virtual reality cam shows. Their whole VR setup has undergone a couple of significant overhauls since its inception, and they’re nailing the entire thing as far as giving cam fans everything they could want in a VR site. There’s no real setup to speak of to use the facilities here, and they’ve got more VR camwhores every time I visit the site. If you’ve got a compatible headset and you’re into webcam sex, you’re going to fucking love this.

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