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POVR porn! I have to wonder what the smut peddlers at paid for the name. Four-letter domains are valuable Internet real-estate, tough as fuck to get and even tougher if you want something that sounds relevant. The domain’s been registered since 2004, and until relatively recently, would have sounded like just another bullshit acronym that needs to be explained. In 2024, it’s obvious what those letters stand for, making it obvious what you’re going to find inside.


POVR is a freemium virtual reality porn site with both free movies and a membership plan. It’s standard for any VR site to give out some freebies so you can test out their offerings before pulling the trigger on a full membership. These guys up the ante with an entirely different business model. A lot of you cheapskates are just going to beat off to the free stuff, having blown your stimulus check on the VR goggles months ago. Why buy the farm when the cow is giving out 180-degree blowjob movies for free? Let’s take a look around and find out.


Thousands of Free VR Pornos, For Real?

I have to admit; I was about to pull out my credit card as soon as I pulled up the front page to POVR. As I said, I ain’t used to seeing much in the way of free VR besides the side offerings some of the bigger tubes are giving out. I just naturally assumed it was a paysite, in part because it’s VR, but also just based on the quality I see out front.



Pull up the front page and you’ll see some of today’s top pornstars getting fucked in VR from the top studios. They’ve got Gabriela Lopez doing a Burlesque show for VRBangers and Selena Love riding virtual dick in a WankzVR porno. Dana DeArmond, Cherie DeVille and Charlotte Sinns are all getting freaky out front. They’ve even got that freaky 3D BDSM shit from KinkVR.


And you know what’s really fucking wild? The scenes I mentioned are among the 8,671 free VR porn videos currently on the menu. They’re adding them constantly, so the number is bound to be much higher by the time you get your sex helmet strapped on and your artificial butthole all greased up.


I noticed Paris White in a 6k VR porn parody from VRBangers called Legally Blonde, getting me all hard before I even managed to click anything. I made my way to the download page, where I was presented with files for any major VR device. They’ve got everything from the high-end Oculus gadgets to low-res files that will work on your smartphone headgear. I railed a Viagra up my nose while I was waiting for the download, then busted out the VR goggles.


It’s a damn fine clip, but it’s far shorter than the 47 minutes I was promised out front. I can’t say I’m all that surprised. Those thousands of freebies on POVR are mostly sample clips. They’re great for getting you all primed and ready to pop, but if you want a longer VR fap, you’re going to have to pony up some cash.


How Much Does Really Cost?

I’ve been saying this for a while, and I’m about to repeat it: it’s a perfect time to start rolling VR technology into your masturbatory routine. For one thing, the gizmos are getting better and cheaper. Oculus is getting ready to drop their next-gen Quest, and what the hell are you going to do with that thing once you get bored of slicing virtual fruit? That’s right. You’re going to jack off in it.



Do you know why else it’s a good time for VR porn? It’s still fucking cheap, because the porn studios are trying to get you hooked. Most paysites cost $30 a month, with a lot of specialty sites even charging more. A standard membership at is just twenty bones a month, including full access to everything.


And goddamn, I mean everything! POVR rolls eleven premium VR sites into one, sweetening that sweet deal even more. Besides the ones I’ve already mentioned, their library includes immersive 3D content from Reality Lovers, Sexy VR, MILF VR, VR Latina, VR Conk, Lethal Hardcore VR, Her VR, Virtual Lovers and even Tranz VR in case you like chicks with dicks.


It’s worth noting that they’ve also got free samples for other sites not on this list. Just browsing the library, I found content from sites like Czech VR, Mature Reality, and VirtualXporn. I’m not sure if they’re planning on showing full videos from these sites, but I sure hope so.


I’m a sucker for a good deal, especially when it includes girls sucking cock in mind-boggling, ball-draining virtual reality, so naturally, I signed up. The very first thing I did was look at the release dates to see how often POVR is updating their collection. It turns out, it’s a whole fucking lot. They typically add more than a half-dozen VR movies a week.


Digging Through the VR Sex Mountain

My biggest complaint about virtual reality porn, no matter where I’m getting it, is still the wait times. POVR has a built-in web player, sure, but most of you will just use that for previewing. As I’m sure you’ve already figured out, VR pornos always look best if you download the highest quality your gadget can play. has all those formats available, but you’re going to have to wait for them to download before you can enjoy them. The newest Lola Fae movie from WankzVR is nearly 14 gigs if you’re downloading the 4K Rift version!



Basically, what I’m saying is you need to plan ahead when fapping to POVR. It’s even harder than picking something on Netflix because you have to guess what you’ll be in the mood for later. Will you be aching to bang a virtual MILF or have an 18+ 3D teen pornstar in your bed?


You can narrow down your pickings via the menu of studios in the sidebar, or hit the checkboxes for Premium, Transgender or Female POV. I wish they had more genres and filters in the sidebar, but for now, I recommend making use of the Categories dropdown in the top corner of POVR.


Jacking Off in Immersive 3D

I went on a download spree at POVR, making sure I had a good selection before I put the VR hat on my head. I downloaded a Final Fantasy parody from VRCosplayX, as well as their Scooby Doo flick, even though I’ve already seen it a dozen times at least. It’s a modern-day VR porn classic, if you want my opinion. I grabbed a VirtualTaboo movie that put me in a family with a hot mom and horny sister, as well as an anal creampie movie from WankzVR.



I really fell down the rabbit hole on their Pornstars page, because they’ve got some of the hottest, most popular sluts in the business banging in 3D. Fuck, I’m going to run out of space on my VR sex box. They’ve got 18 Riley Reid movies and 15 with Alex Coal. Melissa Moore’s only in 5, but they more than make up for that with 25 Abella Danger movies.


I ended up watching a VRLatina movie first, a little feature called Banging Beautiful Belluci. It’s one of the newer flicks on POVR, uploaded literally yesterday, so the 41-minute film is in brilliant, hyper-realistic 5k. As soon as I hit Play, the beautiful Ginebra Bellucci started doing stretches in front of me wearing a tight pair of lyrca shorts and a loose-fitting top. I often skip the tease segments in 2D movies, but Ginebra gets me all excited, just stretching her legs at the end of the couch I’m laying on.


If you like seeing eye contact in POV movies, try not to cum immediately when you see it in POV VR. I can feel Ginebra staring into my soul with those stunning brown eyes as she slurps and moans in 3D sound. At the 9-minute mark, she takes her shorts off, straddles the viewer and starts diddling herself. I think I’m in love.


I review porn sites every day, and I’m rarely as impressed as I am with POVR. This is a seriously fucking killer value in virtual reality porno. If you’re looking for a way to fill up that expensive new headgear without going further into debt, this is easily one of the best deals going. You get top-shelf content from some of the biggest studios and VR paysites out there, starring some of the hottest talent in the industry, all at a price lower than your typical 2D porn membership. Welcome to the future, you fucking perverts!

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