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Dark Room VR

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Dark Room VR

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DarkRoomVR might be what you think it is, but I guess it depends on what kind of pervert you are. If you’re hoping this is a photography-themed virtual reality game where you develop photos in chemical vats lit by a red light, well, you’re out of luck and also showing your age. Who the fuck produces film anymore? Certainly not the smut peddlers here, who are hawking premium VR pornos at up to 7k resolution. hasn’t been online very long at all, springing up in the middle of 2024’s epic year of fucking disaster. Hey, at least some good things came out of this year’s worldwide clusterfuck, including the VR fucks you’ll find in this exploration of your filthiest sex fantasies. Let’s take a look at the dark twist these depraved deviates are putting on the immersive 3D format.

Enter the Dark Room VR

DarkRoomVR establishes itself as something different right from the landing page. It’s got a dark color scheme to match the name, which isn’t the only thing dark about the presentation. There’s also a MILF and teen (18+) duo with gagged mouths, a scared but sexy girl with a balloon who’s about to be late to a party, and a hot 18+ schoolgirl bitch about to lesson. Seriously, that’s the name of the movie: You Will Learn The Lesson, Bitch!



If the low lighting, covered mouths and dungeon settings don’t spell it out for you, maybe those movie titles will. The thumbnail for Demon In Me features a creeper lurking in the dark behind a young 18+ hottie, and I’m getting Wednesday Addams vibes from the pigtailed brunette getting disciplined in Do What We Say, Little Bitch. The chick in Blind Date Gone Wrong looks like she matched with a couple of masked goons on Tinder, while the blondie star of She Is My Fuck Toy is in no position to say otherwise.


Just in case you’re the kind of retard who needs things spelled out, let me do the honors: specializes in hardcore VR porn full of domination, humiliation and rough sex. They’ve got the double blowjobs, pussy-eating and cowgirl dick rides you expect from a good VR porn site, all wrapped in a layer of kinkiness that’ll appeal to your darkest desires.


They work with a mix of European and American pornstars, though there aren’t many recognizable faces on the menu, and I say that as a dude who watches porn for a living. That said, whoever’s casting these bitches knows how to spot a worthwhile fuck. They’ve got a sexy selection of babes, from 18+ teens to MILFs.

The Eternal Darkness of Free VR Porn Trailers

Like any VR site worth signing up, there are free, full-resolution downloadable samples out front. I downloaded the trailer for Please Give Me A Job, lubed up and strapped on my VR sex helmet. I found myself in an office adorned with expensive wood and leather furniture, two weird-ass statue lamps, and a couple of gorgeous babes in business attire.



“You’re here to get a new job, am I right?” asks the slut behind the desk, doing her best to impersonate a boss giving an interview. “Are you capable of doing… more than… just a lot?” she manages to improvise. I’d laugh if I wasn’t staring at her legs and hoping they’d come out of the stockings. A moment later, both girls were at my feet, with the boss giving the new trainee a BJ lesson. “You little whore,” she says, “open your throat for him!”


The montage switches to a doggystyle VR shot against the brown leather couch, followed by missionary with the boss holding the younger 18+ chick’s arms down. They take some quick turns riding my virtual dick, but the trailer ends after just two minutes, leaving me with blue balls and a strong desire to experience more of what DarkRoomVR has to offer.

Holy Shit, That’s Some Cheap VR Smut

If you’re a frequent consumer of both VR and traditional porn, I’m sure you’re aware of the price differences. I expect virtual reality porn prices to go up in the near future to match their 2D counterparts, but for now, it looks like we’re still in the opening stages of the 3D porn game. They want you to go buy a VR gadget and get hooked on the smut, so they set the prices low.



I expected a decent price, but it turns out is one of the cheapest VR paysites I’ve seen. A monthly membership is only ten bucks a pop right now. They say that’s 50% off the regular price, which means you’re getting a deal even at the full rate. As usual, the longer memberships are cheaper, with a Lifetime subscription for $250.


There is a downside, though, and I think that cheap rate is probably directly related. Because is such a new site, they’ve still got a pretty small collection. I’m writing this in December and they’ve only got ten movies so far.


On the upside, the Dark Room VR signup page promises weekly updates. That’s pretty much my golden standard for paysite release schedules, so I’m happy with what I see. Not only does it guarantee you’ve got a dark new VR porno to drop yourself into every week, but it also ensures the collection will grow quickly. By the time you read this, there may be a lot more than ten flicks in the archive.

Banging the Burglar (That’s You)

Once I got signed up and logged in, I started downloading movies. Since it’s virtual reality, downloads are included in the regular Dark Room VR price. As with any VR site, you’ll want to plan your wank sessions in advance because these files can get pretty big. The full-res 7k versions are absolutely fucking massive, requiring some lengthy download times, though the lower-end flicks are maybe a third of that if you’re in a pinch or just have a shitty VR device. Streaming is an option if you’re really hard up and need it now, but it’s going to look like beating off through a screen door with all the visible pixels.



I should mention that DarkRoomVR has a range of downloadable files for every movie, so you can be sure it’s going to work on whatever virtual reality headset you’re beating off with. Masturbate into the future with one of the pricier Oculus gizmos, fap on your gaming machine with PSVR, or even bang these virtual sluts on a last-gen phone-based contraption. Whatever you do, make sure you’ve got a good pair of headphones or earbuds to truly appreciate the binaural audio.


I couldn’t refuse the black-haired babe sucking two dicks in the thumbnail for Offer You Can’t Refuse, so that’s where I conducted my real fap test of the site. I went into it without even reading the synopsis, hoping for some surprises, and goddamn, does Dark Room VR deliver!


The film opens with you and the lovely Mia enjoying each other’s company in a dimly lit living room. Mia’s wearing stockings and a tight black top, putting me in the mood immediately. When we see a flashlight in the hallway, my wimpy stunt cock lets the lady go investigate. Naturally, she’s screaming and terrified as a masked burglar forces his way in.


What follows is an erotic first-person descent into harsh domination and dirty sex. The perspective switches, making you the burglar as the boyfriends begs and Mia flirts. She sucks your virtual cock while the pussy dude cowers, but it’s only a matter of time until the whole thing devolves into a cum-drenched threesome.


The dark mood and intense situations is the main thing that sets Dark Room VR apart from the other VR paysites out there, in this film and the rest of them. While most sites will occasionally dabble in some lightly rough stuff and forceful scenarios, these guys go hard as fuck with it and make that their whole gimmick.


It’s niche porn, sure, and while it may not appeal much to the average TeamSkeet viewer, those of you who like a harder edge to your VR smut are going to eat it up. The only real downside is the small collection, a side effect of their newness on the market. The price is low as hell, though, making a killer deal on dark VR porn. With new movies coming out every week, it’s only going to get better with time.

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