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Ah, Virtual Real Porn! We live in beautiful times, my friend. Never before has porn been as prevalent, high-quality, or close to reality than it is right now. And it is only getting better with each passing day. In fact, I read an article recently about a company that just uploaded hundreds of thousands of hours of blowjob data into a robot equipped with artificial intelligence whose sole purpose will be to provide oral stimulation.


Pretty fucking awesome, no? I’m not even worried about a Terminator type cybernetic takeover of humanity if I can have a robot that blows me on command. I wouldn’t even leave the house. By the time I finally walked outside the war would be over and all I would find is a post-apocalyptic hellscape of rubble and carnage and steel limbs. ‘Wow, this neighborhood really went to shit,’ I would think, ‘Oh well, gotta grab some more beer then get back to let Alexa suck me off some more!’


Unfortunately, we still have a few years to wait until the singularity and mass-market robot blowjob machines. What a bummer. The good news, though, is that there are still some really awesome and more real than ever ways to simulate sex to get you through those dry spells. Or I guess what you would call just your regular life.


Not only can you access any kind of porn at the click of a button any time of day or night for absolutely free, but porn has gotten more realistic than ever before. Thanks to the advent of virtual reality and Bluetooth technology, anybody who can afford it can basically fuck their favorite porn stars from the comfort of their living rooms. Just throw on a VR headset, choose a video, and grab your Bluetooth compatible pocket pussy and you’re good to go!


With virtual reality porn at its peak (and improving all the time), there are a fair amount of virtual reality porn sites to choose from. And, hey, investing in a VR porn habit is no cheap decision, so obviously you want to make sure that you choose the best of the best when it comes time to try out all that newfangled fapping gear you dropped a thousand bucks or so on. As you are already well aware, not all porn sites are created equal; the same goes for VR porn. With that in mind, today we’ll be taking a look at the premium pay VR porn site, Virtual Real Porn.



Interactive VR Porn and Teledildonics

The first thing that grabbed my attention when I started exploring was the fact that they make excellent use of all the VR features that are out there. Not only are the videos all filmed in 3D and with binaural audio for a fully immersive experience, but Virtual Real Porn offers a bunch of other really cool elements that are surprisingly uncommon in the virtual reality porn market.



For starters, in addition to plenty of normal 3D, 180-degree VR porn videos where all you do is throw on your headset, sit back, unzip, and enjoy, Virtual Real Porn also provides interactive VR videos, requiring you to make choices in your porn. Do you remember those choose your own adventure books from when you were a kid? Well, Virtual Real Porn’s interactive videos are kind of like that … the only difference is that you really can’t lose in these interactive videos. Do you want Sasha to suck your dick while Laura eats her pussy? Or do you want Sasha and Laura to both suck your dick at the same time?


The choice is yours, and no matter what you choose, you still get to have a virtual threesome with two smoking hot chicks. The interactive videos are also often shot in 360-degrees, which means that you might be tempted to stand up and look around a bit, take in the scenery while Sasha and Laura go to town on your cock. It is an extremely immersive experience. I don’t understand why more VR porn sites don’t embrace this.


Another awesome feature that Virtual Real Porn has embraced to make the experience even more realistic is what they refer to as Teledildonics (great name). Basically, what this means is that if you have one of the compatible interactive sex toys in their list, you can sync it up with Virtual Real Porn videos so that it moves in conjunction with the scene. So, basically, you’re Fleshlight or Lovense toy will emulate the movements of your favorite porn stars at the same exact time they move in the video.


If you purchase the Lovense Max, for instance (a Bluetooth enabled pocket pussy), the inside of it will contract to simulate the actresses’ pussy movements and it will vibrate when skin hits skin. All you have to do is fuck at the same pace and you’re fucking your favorite porn star. This is some next-level shit right here. I have never tried it, but if you’re rich or desperate enough, please have at it and let me know how it is.


Virtual Real Porn is compatible with the Lovense Max, Lovense Nora, Feel Connect, Kiiroo Onyx, and Kiiroo Pearl. Some of these are pocket pussies, some are dildoes. If you are using the dildo version, it will sync up with the dude’s thrusts and whatnot, obviously. I wonder how the fuck they make this happen? You know what, I don’t care, it’s awesome, I’ll just leave it at that.



But Is the Porn Itself Good?

So, yeah, as far as the extent of interactive features is concerned, nobody’s really coming close to what Virtual Real Porn is pulling off right now, at least not that I’ve seen. This is some next-level shit right here. And that’s all fine and dandy, sure, but it doesn’t really mean shit unless the porn itself is decent, right?



Well, I am here to tell you that it most certainly is. In fact, it’s better than decent. The girls are super fucking hot, they interact well with the VR cam (you’d be surprised; a lot of models kind of ignore it altogether), and the 3D video and binaural audio quality is awesome (the newer videos are recorded in 5K!). But what I find most compelling about Virtual Rea Porn’s content are the situations. This is another element that a lot of Virtual Real Porn’s competitors leave out: interesting, believable, and relatable scenarios to enter into via VR.


Virtual Real VR is sort of a hybrid porn site. It is, of course, a virtual reality porn site on one hand, but it is also a reality porn site on the other. The result is great and only adds to that complete immersion I was talking about earlier. You have some classic scenarios to enjoy, like the virgin who wants you to make her a slut or the pizza delivery turned casual romp. But there are also some really novel and contemporary situations to fall into as well: fuck your horny Airbnb guest or a sexy Youtuber who you’ve been following and finally get to meet.



A Fuck Ton of VR Videos

If all of that wasn’t enough to convince you to go and sign up for a membership with Virtual Real Porn, another huge bonus is the fact that they have a fuck ton of VR videos to choose from. None of that ‘here are our 25 total videos, pay us $20/month’ bullshit. Virtual Real Porn has hundreds upon hundreds of amazing VR pornos to fap to. And, from the looks of it, Virtual Real Porn is adding new videos all the time.



When it comes to premium pay porn sites, you always want to make sure they are walking the line between quality and quantity. Lots of sites give you a ton of videos, but half of them suck dick; lots of sites give you amazing videos, but you’re lucky to get one every few months. With how awesome these VR videos are and the amount of work and money that goes into them, it is very impressive that Virtual Real Porn is able to produce as many as they do.


All in all, if you have doled out a bunch of cash on VR equipment and Bluetooth sex toys, I think Virtual Real Porn will be a great site to use it on. Like I said earlier, they are one of the only sites out there that are truly exploiting all of the capabilities of VR porn. And they are doing it well.


Hundreds of amazing, high-quality, well done virtual reality pornos, a great site design, some incredible interactive features that you just won’t find anywhere else … just like interactive porn itself, you just can’t lose with Virtual Real Porn. There are plenty of decent VR porn sites out there, but none of them that I’ve seen seem nearly as committed to providing a fully immersive virtual sex experience. So, until we all have sex robots, enjoy!

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