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AdultTime VR

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AdultTime VR

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I’ve written about AdultTime before, but VR has never been my focus until today. This isn’t a new feature, as they’ve been stocking the 3D stuff as part of their network for a while now, but it seemed like a good day to take a closer look at their whole Virtual Reality porn stash. Meta Quest 3 launched a few months ago and Apple just unveiled their Vision Pro headset, once again bringing the technology into the spotlight. If you just got an expensive new headset for Christmas, well, it might be the day to fill that sucker up with highly immersive fuck flicks.




With a steady 4 million visitors a month lately, is one of the most popular adult websites in the world. They’re not just a singular paysite, either, but a sprawling network of all types of smut—VR included! Check out my other writeup if you want an overview of the whole site; today, I’m strapping on my sex helmet and fapping my way into the future. Who’s with me?





All the Big Names Under One Roof

Adult Time is big enough that it’s hard to believe there are any self-respecting porn fans out there who’ve never rubbed out a load or two to their films. The site needs very little introduction, but I’ll spell out the basics in case this is your first week on the internet. I called it a “sprawling network” in my intro, but that barely does the platform justice. Your average porn network is just a handful of paysites. They’re almost always a solid bang for your buck, but AdultTime goes above and beyond the ordinary.





For one thing, this place is crawling with big-name brands that you already know and love. Their Virtual Reality selection includes content from BaDoinkVR, SexBabesVR, VRHush, Virtual Real Porn, VRSpy and VRBangers, just to name a few I’ve reviewed here at ThePornDude. Their selection of 2D porno is even wider, with movies from studios like Vivid, PureTaboo, Girlsway and 21Sextury.




If you’re familiar with any of these brands, you know they ain’t shooting with just any random slut they find smoking pole behind the local 7-11. Instead, you’ll find a ton of famous, recognizable pornstars fucking and sucking. Recent Adult Time VR flicks have featured babes like Lily Larimar, Leanna Lovings, Alina Lopez, Adriana Chechik and Riley Reid.




I even spotted a handful of VR movies with chicks I’ve boned on the PornDudeCasting couch, like Gianna Dior, Sophia Burns, Veronica Church, Maddy May and Spencer Bradley. If you’ve ever wanted to step into my big-ass cartoon shoes, well, this might be as close as you’ll get–at least until I launch my own VR site!





Cheap Tickets and Tons of Porn

Your average porn site in 2024, like PornDudeCasting, will run you thirty bones a month. is one of the cheaper outfits on the market; not only is their catalog absolutely fucking massive, but tickets are cheaper than your average paysite. Twenty bucks a month gets you unlimited streaming access, but they haven’t got a monthly plan with downloads listed on the signup page.





The lack of downloads with the regular membership is a bummer, especially for VR users who can definitely use those extra pixels for videos released in 8k. The yearly plan breaks down to about $12 a month and includes downloads, so that’s what I’d recommend if you’ve got a futuristic computer box on your head. If you want to test out the streaming quality before you pull the trigger, they’ve got a $3 trial membership.




Oh, and there’s a good chance you can score a discount through the bot on the signup page. If you take your sweet-ass time looking at the page without making a decision, a chat window will pop up offering you up to a 50% break on those prices. I’ve come back to Adult Time again and again over the years and that bot still pops up, so I think it’s always lurking with its secret coupons.




I’ve mentioned the absurd size and scope of AdultTime a few times already, but how about some hard numbers to put it all in context? They’ve got over 400 channels, more than 60,000 episodes, and they’re dropping at least 8 new videos a day. Most of this ain’t VR, but as we’ll see in a second here, fans of next-level pornographic immersion are not going to be disappointed.





AdultTime’s VR Stash by the Numbers

Porn networks typically offer some of the best values on quantity, but the catch is that the particular brand or genre you’re into might be underrepresented in the full library. is big enough that you really have to dig to find those understocked corners, and the VR section ain’t one of them. The stash here is big enough to compete with sites that specialize in virtual reality; the current count stands at just under 300, and they’ll probably break those digits by the time you read this.





It’s worth mentioning that while AdultTime’s signup page promises 8+ updates per day, you usually get even more. That’s why there’s a Plus symbol. They add new VR content almost every day, and lately we’re seeing a lot of multi-video days. In just the past two days, they’ve released four movies: two straight pornos, a gay flick and one trans sex movie, all in glorious, realistic VR. (In case you’re wondering, the gay and trans movies constitute just a small fraction of the VR stash. Tweaking my settings to exclude them, I still had over 250 VR movies to choose from.)




If you’re the type of tech-oriented geek who loves strapping multiple electronic devices to your body while you masturbate, have I got some great news for you. Over a hundred of those VR movies have interactive toy scripts, and I’m sure they’ll be releasing more and more videos with this feature. SexLikeReal charges extra for this, so I’m happy to see it included here. You can currently use a handful of devices like Handy, Lovense, Kiiroo and Svakom. These things really suck, and I mean that in the best way possible. Why simulate that blowjob with your hand when you can have a machine slurping away?





It’s Adult Time—In VR!

One of the things I really love about Adult Time is that, with so many brands on the menu, you get to watch all kinds of porno. That applies to the VR selection as well, so I recommend farting around with that sidebar menu of Categories. They’ve got everything from Anal to Asians, Lesbians to Lingerie, Spanking to Squirting to Stepbrothers. Unless you’ve got a really deep-niche fetish, you’re going to be very happy with the pickings.





It is a little overwhelming deciding where to start, though. I was tempted to revisit one of the gals I’ve boned on the PornDudeCasting couch, but ended up tuning in to a recent half-hour BaDoinkVR movie called Peek-A-Boo, starring the enigmatic Ashlyn Peaks.




The insanely crisp 7K video opens with Ashlyn welcoming you to her pleasure palace. “I’ll be taking care of you today, so don’t worry about anything.” It’s an intimate scene with something of a GFE vibe. Ashlyn speaks sweetly as she asks for a kiss and then offers a tit wank. The binaural audio is great, and I highly recommend headphones if you want to get those ASMR tingles when she whispers in your ear.




It’s a fantastic bit of smut, made even better by the immersion of virtual reality. Early vids in the genre, just a few years ago, had all kinds of issues with bad angles and out-of-focus boobies. This one feels very realistic, and it’s par for the course here at AdultTime. These are movies from major studios, after all.
 is always one of my easiest recommendations for porn fans looking for a big catalog, a wide selection and a low price. They’ve been killing it for years, and I think their rapidly growing VR selection is going to attract a whole lot of new customers who are looking for something to do in VR besides slice fruit. With around 300 virtual reality pornos and faster updates than your average VR paysite, this one’s a bargain even if you’re sticking to the headset niche—but I don’t think you will.

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