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Ready for some VR porn at Wankz VR? Put down that shitty porn magazine or 480p video on your phone and listen the fuck up. Why are you still watching that same old boring shit? It’s time to try something new. Something that will ruin regular porn for you forever. VR porn. Before you even start. Don’t come at me with that bullshit that you can’t afford a VR headset. Not only does the site I’m talking about this time come with a free smartphone headset, but there are also tons of cheap options to start getting your freak on.


Hell, if you’re not looking to do gaming with it, then you don’t even need that fast of a computer. But if you’ve got money to fucking party, then throw on that HTC Vibe and kick back with your fully interactive VR porn experience where your fleshlight rides your dick in time with the video you lucky fuck.


The awesome site I have for you is called It’s part of the bigger WANKZ network, but keep in mind that your subscription will only get you access to the VR site, unless you go and ball out with one of their package deals. But, still, the prices aren’t too bad. And, as I said, this shit comes with a free VR headset!



Free VR Headset with a Premium Membership!

I couldn’t find exactly which one it was, but the icon looks like one of the cardboard ones for your smartphone. Hey, that’s still a good fucking deal though. For what I consider to be a pretty niche site, they are fucking killing it with nearly 2 million site views every month! And they’ve only been around since 2015. Not like they could be that old specializing in VR, unless they were rocking porn on the Virtual Boy back in the day.




Sleek Site Design and Massive Previews Makes Navigation Simple

I don’t want to put the cart before the horse or anything, but I can’t help but tell you that this site is great. But, stick with me here, let me tell you why this site is fucking awesome. It’s not just because it’s in VR. I’ve looked at some VR sites that were huge disappointments. First off, the site design is sleek as hell. Dark black design, white menu up top, and huge previews down the middle of the site. The header has options for “Videos, Pornstars, Interactive, Favorites, Discussion, Get Help, and Live Cams.”



Before we get into the options up top, man these previews are perfect. They aren’t animated, but I don’t how you would go about that with a VR site anyway. You get this huge box where you can see a promo preview shot from the video. You get the name of the pornstar and title of the video upfront. The newest one as I’m writing this is called “The New Guy” with Dakota Skye. Fuck, they know my weakness. She’s definitely up there in my top 5 pornstars. I mean, have you seen her. Goddamn.


Next to that big promo, you can select what kind of device you have and download the video in a multitude of different ways. All the way up to 1080p and 60fps. Hell yeah. And there’s more! You can view the rating, how long the video is, when it was uploaded, view all of the tags it has, read a short description of the video, and request help or provide feedback if you like the video or are having trouble with your headset.


Phew, that’s a fuck ton. And it’s not like other VR sites where there’s 10 videos or some shit. They have over 300 video experiences and they update that shit twice a week! Talk about leading by example. Two new VR videos per week destroys a lot of the competition’s efforts. While we’re on the topic, I’ll just get it out there that the videos themselves are amazing. They really are made for a VR experience. I just used my smartphone, but even that showed me that you can look around everywhere and take it all in.



Multiple Download and Streaming Options for Any VR Headset on the Market

Most of the videos are meant to be downloaded and viewed in their full 1080p glory on your device, but you can even just check them out with their web player if you’re not sure you want to download it, or if you just want to watch it that way. It’s still a great video without VR, especially since they get all of the top pornstars out there to exclusive shoots just for their site. That alone is worth the premium commitment!



As much as I’d like to go even more about these videos, there is more amazing shit to talk about on this site. The “Pornstars” page is solid. Full HD preview pictures, image galleries of the model, short bio descriptions, a list of their video performances, and other non-VR videos that they have done within the WANKZ network. Awesome, next. The interactive tab is for you lucky rich bastards out there who can afford the best VR setup, along with a fleshlight and Kiiro sex dock that syncs the video with your fleshlight. That shit has to be like crack. Once you do it there’s no going back to regular sex.


The “Favorites” page is what you think it is. Add a playlist of VR videos here to check out later. The “Discussion” page is actually pretty cool. It’s like a forum. You can request that the site reaches out to certain pornstars for more content. I’d like to see Veruca James get in on this shit, but that’s just me. You can go and request any of your favorite sluts, and, who knows, you might just get your wish. It’s also a good place to talk about VR porn in general, or request scenes and such.


Then there’s a help tab where you can get support. You can even specify what sort of setup you have, and they will help you troubleshoot why a video isn’t playing, or you can read the FAQ and that’ll probably help you out. Lastly, they have a section for live cams. I think that they are VR supported. It’s on the VR site still, but I’d go ahead and give it a shot yourself. They worked fine on my smartphone.



Of Course, the Mobile Site is Great!

And, I’m sure you could guess, that the mobile site is great. I actually used it for the majority of my browsing there. You can move the phone around to adjust the camera or use it as intended in a VR dock. But, yeah, the site is set up just as well as it is on Desktop. You can login, download videos, and close out the outside world with your VR porn. Hell, you could take this shit anywhere if you’re a tried and true degenerate. Just turn the volume off and try not to jerk off, I guess. But, for an optimal experience, I’d enjoy this quality porn in the comfort of your own place.




NoLimitsFun’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about Wankz VR has got to be the fact that you can download videos specifically for different VR headsets and get support in site for those headsets. It’s all laid out clearly and all the downloads are easy to find for your device. It’s impressive how many options they provide. And how could I not mention their regular updates? That was one of the biggest selling points for me. All too often these sites never upload anything new. Here you get two new scenes every fucking week.




NoLimitsFun’s Suggestions

My suggestion for, besides keeping this shit coming, would be to add in a category page or something like that. Or even a tags page. It’s not a huge deal. It’s still easy to find videos but having a category section for different fetishes or genres would be a welcome addition to the site.




NoLimitsFun’s Final Thoughts

Overall, (often misspelled as “wanksvr”) is by far one of the best VR porn sites that I have come across. The price is reasonable, especially with that free headset thrown in. The video quality is fucking awesome. You can use any VR headset on the market here. They have content from the hottest, newest, and best pornstars. The site design is sleek and easy to use. And you can even move to have your favorite stars added to the site. It’s a fucking home run of a site. Go check it out.

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