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BaDoink VR! With the advent of virtual reality, it did not take long at all for the adult industry to get their hands in on the action. In fact, many people credit porn for causing the first real boom in the virtual reality market. This should not come as a huge surprise. Virtual reality seems like the logical next step for a porn industry that has, for years now, been inching closer and closer to creating a more immersive and personalized experience.


The porn of today is entirely different from the porn of yesteryear. Point of view and ‘choose your own adventure’ porn videos are worlds apart from the side views and narrative-heavy videos your dad got off to before you were born. The overall trend in adult entertainment has pushed the medium overwhelmingly toward films that situate the viewer at the center of the action. The goal of contemporary porn? To come as close to making the porn watcher forget he is watching porn as possible.


Born of a congruent leap in technological capabilities and a demand for user-centric porn scenes, virtual reality porn has swiftly taken over the industry. It is only a matter of time, I predict, that VR porn becomes the industry standard. This is likely still at least a decade or two off from being the case—VR devices will have to become far more widespread and affordable first—but at the rate the technology and the demand are increasing, we are not too far off from primarily enjoying our porn in the form of virtual sluts sucking us off in our very own living rooms. Eventually, maybe she’ll even be a hologram slut. Now, that shit would be fucking wild, wouldn’t it?


There are a handful of sites now that offer virtual reality versions of their videos, to varying acclaim. Naughty America, for example, was one of the first traditional studios to start switching over. Slowly, similar premium porn studios seem to be following suit. Smaller, though, is the list of porn sites who dedicate themselves entirely to virtual reality. And I think it’s safe to say that is, almost single-handedly leading the charge into the future of pornography. No other VR studio comes close to touching the acclaim that BadoinkVR has garnered for itself in just a few short years.


Badoink was launched in 2006 as a site dedicated to premium pornography. They did this on a platform of proprietary technology that allowed users to stream Badoink content on any device, as well as wirelessly cast videos to their televisions. Badoink has always been technologically intrepid. It wasn’t until 2015 that the company decided to shift its focus entirely to virtual reality, releasing BadoinkVR.



Porn to the Future

The site now exclusively features 360 and 180-degree immersive videos that utilize motion tracking technology and cutting-edge binaural audio. You can easily enjoy any of the videos on BadoinkVR through your Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, Playstation VR, HTC Live, Samsung Gear VR devices, or on your smartphone via Google Cardboard using Badoink’s very own VR app. Technologically challenged, or just a little short on funds? That’s fine, you can still get a feel for how awesome this VR experience is by viewing videos on your computer and altering the POV view with your mouse. Either way, it’s still an incredible thing.



Badoink VR has a few coveted awards under its belt as well. They were the Free Speech Association’s Internet Company of the Year in 2016; also in 2016, they won XBiz’s award for Adult Site of the Year: Virtual Reality; and 2018’s VR Site of the Year at the Adult Video News (AVN) awards. It’s rare that you come across a porn site that breaks into mainstream recognition. But, then again, it’s also rare that you come across a porn site that revolutionizes an entire industry the way BadoinkVR has been.


Although BadoinkVR has amassed an entire network of virtual reality porn sites (18VR, VRCosplayX, Kinkvr, and BabeVR), today we’ll just be taking a look at the original, From the moment you sign in and get to the member’s area, you will immediately be able to discern that this is unlike any other porn site on the web.



Far from Your Average Pay Site Experience

Instead of being greeted by a giant banner, advertising upcoming or featured scenes from the studio, you will find a clear-cut and easy to understand prompt to set up your VR headset in conjunction with the site (there is also an offer to receive a free pair of VR goggles … no clue how good they are (or whether or not they will give you additional hoops to jump through), but the option is there if you should care to check that out). Simply select whatever headset you own and be brought to step-by-step instructions for getting you virtual reality freak on asap.



Once you’re all geared up and ready to go, return to the site and scroll through what now looks a lot more like the premium member’s areas you are likely more familiar with. You’ve got a clean white background supporting simple black text, and a few extra-large thumbnails to peruse in each section. Browse videos by latest releases, recommended for you, or BadoinkVR’s finest ladies. To the right, you will also find a preview of an upcoming scene to look forward to; at the bottom, they will recommend videos from other sites in the BadoinkVR network, as well as links to other similar paysites.


At the top of the home page, you will also find a sleek and understated menu bar to help you navigate. Click into “Videos,” “Girls,” “Cams,” or “VR Theater.” Videos are pretty straightforward—just the easiest way to browse all of BadoinkVR’s scenes (filter by category; sort by newest, top-rated, or most viewed). Clicking on “Girls” will bring you to an alphabetized roster of all the beautiful ladies who appear in BadoinkVR films. Click on one who catches your eye, and she has a huge page dedicated just to her. Here, you will find her stats, a surprisingly in-depth bio, links to her social media accounts, her videos/pictures, and some other girls that Badoink deems similar to her (seems to be based on body type, hair color, etc.).


I was, admittedly, a little disappointed when I clicked on cams and saw that BadoinkVR does not run their own cam site. I guess I got my hopes up thinking that they would have implemented their VR technology to create a completely immersive cam site as well—be in the same room as the cam girls. No such luck (not yet anyway … take notes, Badoink!). Instead, clicking on “Cams” will bring you to



Enjoy an Endless Theater of VR Sluts

“VR Theater” is a pretty cool concept as well. Lacking a VR headset as I am, I doubt I was able to enjoy this feature half as much as people who do have one, but I was able to use my imagination to see how fucking awesome this setting would be. The VR theater is where you would go to turn the entire site into a VR experience. Instead of scrolling through the website, dive into a virtual reality living room, and swipe through a carousel of BadoinkVR titles without ever touching your computer.



Your surroundings will be darkened as you make your selection. Choose your video and sit back as your entire room turns into a porn set and one of Badoink’s insanely sexy girls is suddenly crawling over to your hard dick on all fours. This is the fucking future of porn right here. All that’s missing is the sex robot that the VR goggles would automatically render into your favorite porn star. We may have quite a ways to go before we get there, but, trust me, that day is coming!



Even More to Love

In addition to BadoinkVR offering an extremely high quality, state of the art, virtually immersive pornographic experience (as if that wasn’t enough!), I can gladly say that the site is virtually ad-free! Aside from, as I previously mentioned, them providing links to similar sites and other parts of the Badoink network, there are no ads to speak of. Which is how it should be, honestly, when it comes to premium paysites. There is nothing more annoying than giving a company your money and having them immediately turn around and try to get more of it. I guess you could argue that their recommended sites are ads, but I see those more as friendly suggestions than them trying to really sell you anything.



If the recommended sites were not as similar to BadoinkVR as they are (most were other VR paysites), chances are I would feel vastly different about this. But I don’t really mind being suggested other sites to check out. In fact, all it really does is expand my pornographic lexicon—so, thank you BadoinkVR for the suggestions!


All in all, I fucking love this site. Unparalleled innovation, extremely high-quality porn, some awesome additional features, a whole network of VR sites to choose from. I already ordered my “free VR goggles.” I can’t wait until they arrive so I can enjoy BadoinkVR to its fullest extent.

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