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Virtual Taboo

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Virtual Taboo

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VirtualTaboo! Yes! Welcome to the future, perverts. We fucking made it! We’re well beyond the days of just streaming hardcore pornography to our TVs, computers, and phones. No, today we can stream smut directly into our eyeballs with sites like


VR movies are the next obvious evolution of the fuck film, bringing us one big-ass step closer to being right there in the scenes. Good virtual reality porn will make you feel like a pornstar; jerk off to the bad stuff, and you’ll feel like you’re getting a handjob on a roller coaster after eating some bad shrimp. So which is Virtual Taboo? Let’s find out.



Strap That Sex Box to Your Face

Virtual is half the equation at VirtualTaboo, and the other half is wildly apparent in the preview images scrolling across the top of the landing page. There’s a gorgeous Asian girl with a dick inside her, a big-titted brunette grabbing the cameraman’s dick, and a raven-haired hottie making eye contact while she sucks.



The titles scrolling by, framing the scenes, makes the whole presentation even hotter: Party Time Inside Sister’s Pussy, Wedding Tips From Daddy, and Japanese Daughter Gets Warm Welcome all made the featured scenes at the top. Scrolling down the page, the other samples are no less sexy. A stepsister cleans a room and sucks a dick, a stepmom gets a special gift on Mother’s Day, and there’s some kind of sexy dessert incident at a stepfamily dinner.


Below each sample image is a button to sign up for the site, and another that says Download. I figured the Download button was a trick, another door leading to the sign-up page, but it’s legit. Click it and there are options to buy the full thing or get a sample in a variety of VR formats.


Most porn sites won’t let you download a damn thing without paying, but it makes a lot of sense for a VR site. They say they’re compatible with all the major VR devices right now, but potential members may be pissed to find out they can’t use VirtualTaboo with the Sony Ocultus VRbox-One they bought from some guy’s trunk at the flea market.


So, specifically, which gadgets work with the site? I clicked the Download icon underneath Daddy, What Are You Doing?! and found downloads catered to SmartPhones, GearVR, Playstation VR, and Oculus. As long as you’re not rocking some off-brand bullshit, you’ll be fine.



I Wanna Be A VR Pornstar

VirtualTaboo is thirty bucks a month. I thought they’d charge a premium for having virtual reality 5k instead of your standard HD, but this is the same price you’d pay for just about any other porn site. There’s a banner outside saying you can save 73% off today only, but it doesn’t apply unless you sign up for a year at a time. That’s also typical of paysite pricing structures.



They don’t have the one-dollar trial you’ll find on other sites, but you can buy a single video for ten bucks. It’s a bad deal compared to the regular membership, but a VR blowjob from one of these girls is better than the kind of beej a tenner usually gets you behind the local 7-11. On the other end of the spectrum, a lifetime of unlimited access will run you a cool $250.


You can pay by credit, debit, or PayPal. It’s confidential billing, so your wife’s not going to look at your shared Visa bill and know you bought sex movies for your space helmet. She’ll figure that out from the cum stains all over your recliner, you filthy pig.



Banging Step-Sisters in Crisp, Clean 5K

I half-expected the previews on the front page to be all the movies in VirtualTaboo’s collection. VR pornography is some new-fangled shit, and so are the sites that serve it up. Some of them haven’t had much time to build their stashes.



VirtualTaboo’s been at it for a while, though. They uploaded their first POV Asian student movie at the ass-end of 2015, and now their archive stretches back nearly 300 scenes. That’s not a massive number if you’re surfing for any old, garden-variety porn, but this is all VR. I’m impressed.


The early videos were crisp and sexy, offering blonde cuckolding and lesbian taboo scenes at up to 1440p. A lot of porn sites these days are still struggling to offer a decent selection of even 1080p flicks, and here’s VirtualTaboo offering higher. In 2018, they switched to 5K, 2700p, which is still practically unheard of in most porn circles. I told you this shit was from the future.


Some stats are visible on the front-page screenshot for all the movies, though I think they’re the same for each. The flicks are in 3D, HD, at 60 fps with binaural audio so it really sounds like you’re in the scene. All the clips I watched were 180 degrees, which is really all you need for a porn scene. It’s not like the bitches are going to come up behind you or anything. That’s a different kind of VR porno site.



Hitting the Virtual Gym, Porno Style

One of the newer clips on the front page caught my eye. It’s called Full Body Workout: Bro Edition. I’m a sucker for workout scenes that somehow devolve into absolutely depraved fuck-fests. My appreciation for the genre got me banned from all the gyms around town, so thank god for this VR smut. Mix a taboo angle in and I’m melting like fucking Jell-O.



If you’re using the built-in video player, you can only view in 4k, not 5k. That should be enough for most perverts, but you really should be downloading any videos you watch onto your VR headset. Having the clips pre-loaded in your device means there will be less latency. The first-person humping will look clearer and crisper, and you’ll be less likely to get motion sickness.


Full Body Workout: Bro Edition opens with the gorgeous and curvy Sofia Lee working out, as you may have guessed. She stretches on a yoga mat in a living room somewhere, ass up toward you, our hero on the couch with the camera on his head. Fives minutes in, she’s bobbing her head on your cock. The doggystyle sequence comes a few minutes later, and you should cum shortly after that.


The whole scene is half an hour long. Sofia really did something for me, so after I finished, I downloaded her other clip on VirtualTaboo. This one was a lighter solo scene, featuring tit play, masturbation, and plenty of shots of that succulent ass.



Stepson Blowjobs and Stepmom Anal

The taboo theme was a little weak in that pussy-flicking clip, but I guess it’s hard to work taboo into a scene with just one starlet doing her thing. I do like the variety already on display on the front page, so I checked out the Tags area.



VirtualTaboo has 120 tags corresponding to various kinds of filthy sex. Naturally, since this is a taboo site, there’s usually at least an attempt to keep it all in the family. You’ll find stepsisters taking it in the Anal section and stepmoms filed under Foot Fetish. Swimming Pool Sex is good for keeping that sibling rivalry under control, and the whole gang is invited to Group Sex.


This site is a decent value if you’re into watching POV porn on a tablet or a computer. The girls are beautiful and talented, and the production is literally state of the art. The movies they’re putting out are top-shelf in the genre.


VirtualTaboo really shines if you have access to any kind of VR gadget, though, even something as simple as Google Cardboard. I would expect to pay a few bucks extra to get this content in this format, but they’re charging the same thirty bucks a month as all the non-VR sites. Cash in before they figure it out.

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