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Free VR Porn? Game and media developers have been teasing us with the idea of completely immersive, realistic virtual reality technology since the late ‘80s. Back then, though, the technology seemed so farfetched, maybe something out of a sci-fi movie. When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait for virtual reality to become a reality. To actually commit my favorite characters’ fatalities on Mortal Kombat would have been a dream come true.


I had no idea then how my interest in virtual reality would evolve into what it has become today—allowing me to basically fuck my favorite porn stars on command. Shit, technology is awesome. Whether you’re using an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, or Google Cardboard, now you can instantly become a part of porn instead of just idly sitting back and watching it, fapping at a distance. Porn has come such a long way since the days of stealing your dad’s latest issues of Playboy and hiding them under your mattress.


The internet houses tons of virtual reality porn for you to choose from. Naughty America makes big-budget VR videos, then there’s VirtualRealPorn, BadoinkVR, and Cam4 just to name a few. Almost all virtual reality porn is, appropriately, shot in that famous POV style we all know and love, only adding to the immersion of the experience. There are videos with 180 degrees of viewing, and others (less commonly) that allow for 360 degrees of fun.


With more and more VR porn being made, it was only a matter of time, of course, before we started to see entire porn tube sites dedicated to it. The aptly titled site, is just one of them. Well, maybe it isn’t fair to say that they are “just one of them,” since they advertise themselves as “The #1 VR porn site in the world!” I’m not sure what metrics they are using, but it would take a good amount of digging around traffic rankings to contest it. So, let’s just take a look at the and see for ourselves, shall we?



A Personable Porn Experience

First off, I fucking love when sites provide a little introduction. It just gives them more of a personable feel, as if to say, ‘welcome to our digital den of sin … I hope you have a pleasurable stay … oh, and don’t forget to clean up when you’re done—thanks!’’s introduction reads, in part, “New free VR porn videos, games and more every day. We love VR. is ground zero for the virtual reality porn revolution … was established in 2013 before most people had even heard the word ‘VR porn.’



Kind of a weird flex at the end there, but okay. Still nice for them to offer up a bit of their history and this really shows that they are passionate about what they do. And, fortunately, this passion does seem to translate into how much care and thought they have taken in designing, developing, and maintaining their site. has a nice, no bullshit site design. A simple black background, white and blue text combo gives it that classic tube site feel. They also don’t feel the need to clutter the page with all a bunch of unnecessary shit like other similar sites—no obnoxiously large banners or confusing and jam-packed menu bars or tag lists to be found here. Just a slender bar at the top of the page with their logo in the corner, a search bar, and a navigation menu that you can toggle open or closed on the left.


Speaking of the navigation menu, it is actually a really helpful one. Another refreshing change of pace from a lot of other tube style sites I’ve seen. Easily jump around the site to categories, blog, videos, games, studios, porn stars, for women, gay, or trans. I should also note that, again unlike other sites, clicking on “games” does not bring you to some third-party site—Vrporn actually has a section for games on their site.


They don’t, unfortunately, have any games to play, just screen recordings of VR sex gameplay. I suppose this isn’t the biggest letdown in the world, though. It’s always good to be able to actually see gameplay before buying or downloading a game you have been eyeing. It would have just been a really nice touch if they also offered even some really basic VR games to fuck around with while you’re there.


The navigation menu also has a “How to watch VR” button, which brings you to an extremely helpful page that has an in-depth how-to of virtual reality. Not only does Vrporn offer step-by-step instructions for installation and site compatibility for all major VR devices (Android, iPhone, Oculus Go, Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation, and Windows Mixed Reality), but they also have a section to help guide the VR novice in navigating the market and finding the right headset for his needs. As a VR beginner myself, I found this part of the site to be extremely helpful.



Strong Social Media and Blog Presence

Another cool feature that helps further separate from the pack is that they keep a regularly updated blog and are surprisingly active on social media. They are very good about keeping their users informed on new content as it is added to the site, as well as what to look forward to seeing on the site in the near future.



Not only is this great from a practical standpoint (now I know as soon as there is new VR porn to check out), but it also just adds to that level of personability that I mentioned earlier. Porn sites do not need to be cold, impersonal things to merely jerk off to. perfectly demonstrates that porn sites can be professional too, providing their users with positive experiences that go beyond the bare minimum.


Then again, I suppose it should come as no surprise that a virtual reality porn site would know how to prioritize user experience, that is, after all, what VR is all about: experience. Nonetheless, it is too rare of a commodity in the world of online pornography, so I have to go out of my way to applaud it when I see it. Good on ya, Now if only other porn site builders would take a note or two …



Premium Membership also offers a premium membership, which grants you access to over 1,500 VR experiences from some of the best studios in the industry. Choose from a monthly subscription at $19.95 a month, or a yearly subscription for only $7.95 a month. Not bad at all as far as premium subscription prices go. Another plus to a membership with is variety. Signing up for a premium membership with, say, just VRHush only gets you virtual reality experiences from that studio. Signing up for Vrporn, however, means that you can switch things up whenever you want, resulting in a greater variety of situations, girls, and styles. Just a little food for thought.



The last thing I want to praise about Vrporn (then I’ll stop sucking their dick for a minute, I promise) is that the site is entirely ad-free. Do I even need to mention why this is so impressive? Come on, all you do is watch porn and jerk off in your mom’s basement, I’m sure you know better than anyone that almost every fucking porn site on the web is riddled in ads. Even some paysites.


So, for a tube site that is half free to have no ads whatsoever? I am very impressed. Again, this must go back to the idea of making the experience the main concern. The people of have an obviously deep respect and appreciation for virtual reality—it can be disorienting enough to occupy to spaces at the same time (wherever you’re doing the virtual fucking and, presumably, your computer chair); the good people at understand this and don’t want to make the transition even more difficult by trying to sell you shit on top of it. Yet another reason to applaud this site.



Only One Shortcumming

I only really have one complaint, and that is how short a majority of the videos are if you do not have a premium membership. It hardly seems worth it to get your VR gear all set up and ready to go just to delve into a five-minute experience that cuts to different positions every minute or so. How are you supposed to become fully immersed in that? That’s not to say that there are no full-length VR experiences available for free, but they are a little too far and few between for me.



All in all, (often misspelled as “porn VR”) is an incredible site that puts user experience above everything else. They have cultivated a real sense of personability and professionalism in their frequent blog and social media posts. And they have tons of insanely high-quality VR experiences to choose from. You’re gonna probably want to get a premium membership to really enjoy the site. But, even if you don’t, it can still function as a really fucking good introduction to the world of virtual reality porn.

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