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FapHouse Amateur

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FapHouse Amateur

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There’s nothing amateur about Faphouse, not unless you count their extensive collection of homemade dirty movies. While homebrew porno can be some of the hottest smut in the world, it ain’t always easy to find the best content on the free tubes and amateur porn forums. You often end up spending a lot of time digging through OnlyFans promos and sloppy 15-second iPhone blowjob movies. Sometimes it just makes more sense to get your amateur movies from a professional source.


That’s where comes in. I’ve talked about the site from time to time here at ThePornDude, since they’re one of the biggest and best multi-brand premium sites out there. They’ve got a little of this and a little of that, and a hell of a lot of DIY fuck flicks. Today, I’ll be digging into that massive stack of home movies in search of pornographic gold. I’d tell you to wish me luck, but honestly, I don’t think I need it around here.


Home Movies at the Faphouse

I first reviewed Faphouse when the site had just launched, and it was already an impressive platform for filthy films. The basic premise is that a whole shitload of porn studios, producers and paysites license their content here, giving masturbators a one-stop shop for all their fapping needs. They’ve been steadily gaining momentum since I did that first writeup, and don’t show any signs of slowing down. The porn library is growing rapidly and so is their traffic, which has doubled in the last couple months.



A peek at the front page shows off a smorgasbord of offerings from a ton of major brands in a ton of popular categories. If you’ve been there before, your front-page spread will be refined with recommended videos in your chosen niches. Perhaps you’re already seeing a ton of the homemade stuff, unless you’re a steadfast connoisseur of the bigger budget pictures.


Let’s look at the full stash of amateur content, shall we? To follow along at home, either click my link or find the Amateur section on Faphouse’s extensive picture menu of categories. They list the current number of flicks in each subgenre, and the pickings are mighty fine. As of this writing, they’ve got over 215,000 homemade pornos.


By the numbers, gets over 600 new additions to their video library every day. That’s counting everything, from the freaky fetish flicks to the big-name premium films to the DIY scenes we’re talking about today. There’s something of a snowball effect as more content creators sign up with the site, resulting in heavier and heavier uploads every day.


Obviously, the amateur section is only going to be a fraction of that big-ass number, but this is a wildly popular category. No shit, they add hundreds of movies to the amateur section every day. I’m whipping up this review on a Tuesday afternoon, and they’ve seen no fewer than 300 new additions to this section alone. It looks like I might not make it to dinner tonight, but I’m sure grandma will understand.


Getting Freaky with the Girls Next Door

What defines “Amateur” when it comes to porn, anyway? It’s something of a nebulous concept, because I’ve seen professionally shot movies with the label. It’s often applied to damn near everything with a smaller budget than outfits like Reality Kings, whether that means a short, shaky POV doggystyle snippet or a modern reality porn movie from a relatively small brand. Hell, my own PornDudeCasting has been labeled as an amateur site more than once, and I’ve banged Gia Derza and Gianna Dior on the couch.



Scrolling through the recent uploads to’s Amateur selection, I don’t see any recognizable faces, expensive-looking sets or typical reality porn hookup scenarios. I saw a TeamSkeet movie among the pile, but most of the studios are unknown, even to a professional masturbator and porno expert like yours truly.


What I do see is a truly impressive range of homemade fuck movies. One of the biggest advantages of getting porn from Faphouse is that with so many producers contributing video, you’re going to end up with one hell of a selection. That rule might apply even more strongly to the Amateur section than elsewhere, as these producers have different profit margins and different audiences than the big boys.


Recent additions to the Amateur stash include 18+ teen blowjobs, MILF anal scenes and first-time double penetration threesomes. There are amateur interracial movies, homemade masturbation videos, and DIY lesbian encounters caught on tape. I see Latinas giving head, ebony beauties twerking on dick, Asian amateurs double teaming the luckiest dudes on earth, and a whole lot of freaky white girls doing their thing.


And that’s just the vanilla stuff. If you’re a kinkster, there’s plenty of homemade fetish content to get you all hard and drippy. How about some messy food ASMR, some BBW femdom, or toilet slaves cleaning up after their mistresses? They’ve even got grannies, cuckolding hotwives, fisting domination and plenty of hardcore BDSM.


There’s a dropdown menu at the top of the Faphouse search page that’ll let you combine other categories with your Amateur request. I do wish the menu was a bit more inclusive with regards to the kinkier niches, but they include all the standards like Anal, Blowjob, Big Ass and Lesbian. If you can’t find what you want this way, try typing your favorite keywords into the search bar at the top.


Breaking Down the Faphouse Pricing

One of the recently added Amateur scenes on Faphouse is a twenty-minute home video called My Wife’s Big Ass. The title and the thumbnail caught my eye and made my boner twitch, so I clicked through to the video page for a closer look. The site offers a shit-ton of free previews in the form of montages for each video. This one shows that big-assed Brazilian wife getting nailed this way and that, and goddamn, what a beautiful sight!



If I wanted to see the whole movie, I had a few options. My biggest complaint about has always been their convoluted pricing scheme. It allows producers to set their own terms, which ultimately draws more creators to the platform, but it does make for some confusion on the user end.


Regular Faphouse memberships are cheaper than your typical paysite. They’re running a summer sale right now, so the price is even lower, just seven bucks a month for access to half a million videos. The only problem is that not every movie on the site is included, and My Wife’s Big Ass is among them.


To watch this movie, I have to sign up for the creator’s Fanclub. It’s only five bucks right now, so it’s a bargain, but the Fanclub prices vary wildly from producer to producer. If you’re considering either membership and you’ve got your eye on a particular studio, make sure to check the numbers in the corner, which show how many Faphouse vids they have versus how many Fanclub movies are available.


The Fanclubs are kind of like Faphouse’s answer to OnlyFans. For a monthly fee, you get access to a bunch of exclusive content that you can’t always get from the regular membership. (Many studios do include all their content in the standard package, though.) On top of the videos, Fanclub members can hit up the content creators directly, just like they could over at OnlyFans.


You still with me? It gets a little more complicated. There are also some films that are included in neither the Faphouse membership nor the relevant Fanclub. In these cases, you’ll have to settle for VOD (Video On Demand). Again, the prices are set by the creators and can vary like fucking crazy. As a general rule of thumb, the flicks that are only available via Faphouse token tend to the kinkiest ones. Sorry, fetishists, but I’m sure you’re already used to paying extra.


While the pricing scheme takes a little getting used to, it’s certainly no dealbreaker. In fact, it says a lot about that it’s my biggest complaint. Overall, the platform is a fucking goldmine to masturbators of every stripe, including those of us who go crazy for the Amateur stuff. The library here is expansive as hell and growing rapidly, plus the main membership rounds out the package with damn near every kind of porn available. Check out the setup and see how it makes you feel.

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