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Woodman Casting X

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Woodman Casting X

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WoodmanCastingX! Got wood, man? Sorry, I couldn’t resist the dad joke about this next porn site, maybe because it’s been around long enough to have influenced much of today’s current crop of new premium porn sites. WoodmanCastingX is the brainchild of Pierre Woodman, a French pervert who’s been making dirty movies for over 30 years now. He started doing the Castings X movies in 1997, and was established in 2004.


Our freaky buddy Pierre really knows his shit. He’s been winning awards since 1997 thanks to his impeccable eye for hardcore pornography. Fun fact: “Woodman” is actually a pseudonym Pierre earned as a child because he was so good at climbing trees. These days, the site is giving a different type of wood to over a million visitors a month.



Casting Porn from a True Pioneer

If you have a minute to dig deep into pornographic history, I recommend taking a look at Pierre Woodman’s Wikipedia page. Very few smut peddlers have earned enough clout to have their own wiki pages, and the story is actually pretty fascinating. He claims he only started shooting casting movies to protect himself against sexual assault allegations, citing Mike Tyson’s sex conviction in 1992.



These days, the casting format is a common and popular hook in porno. Get a babe in a hotel room, do a little interview, and then shoot some filthy fuck flicks with her. It’s simple, and it works, with no need for elaborate plot lines or set pieces.


Looking at the preview page, it seems like Woodman is up to his same old sexy shenanigans. There is a wall of European babes from Russia, Hungary, Romania, and the Czech Republic lined up like a picture menu at the meat market, each thumbnail leading to a casting video where the babe proves she’s worthy of being on camera.


It’s mostly Euro chicks, but there are some from other parts of the world. After all, Lana Rhoades has made some accusations against Pierre and his directorial technique. I guess the American chicks and English babes I see on the front page didn’t hear about that or just don’t care. I love that I also see Ebony chicks from Kenya, a hot Latina from Brazil, and the few stunning French babes ready to prove their sexual worth.


These guys list the contents of the site in hard numbers along the sidebar of the front page. No matter how you want to slice this collection of amateur beauties and rising porn sluts, you’ve got a ridiculous amount of porno on your hands. If I understand science correctly, it may lead to a ridiculous amount of hair growing on your hands.


Right now, there are nearly 5000 videos on WoodmanCastingX. Almost 300 current scenes will soon be updated with more content. There are over 2200 Castings Soft and approximately 700 Castings Hard. The Latest Updates page lists new casting movies uploaded to the site every couple of days, ensuring that enormous collection continues to grow.


The website itself does look a bit outdated, which is something I often notice on porn sites that have been around this long. I guess they don’t feel like an aesthetic update is worth the cash, as they still get nearly 10,000 horny visitors checking out the site every day.



Previews, Prices, and Casting Couch Pussy

I guess I could keep talking shit about the old school format, but at least these guys still have video previews. So many of the newer premium sites are getting rid of them, so it’s nice to get some free action at WoodmanCastingX.



I watched the 50-second trailer for the newest half-hour casting flick, which stars a beautiful blonde Hungarian chick named Siya Jey. She’s cute and giggly with an adorable smile in the interview. She talks about how much she loves singing and dancing, and then the interview cuts off, replaced by an opportunity to trade my credit card numbers for more.


I watched a handful of these previews. There’s a Czech babe named Marilyn Sugar, a Hungarian who goes by Lily Cox, and the American starlet Roxy Nicole. The previews are a hell of a tease because they show almost the first minute of the interview segment and nothing else at all. You just have to look at their pretty faces and guess what kind of explicit shit they get into.


That’s how they get you, I guess. After watching a few of these amateur sluts chatting with Pierre, you’re really going to want to see them in action. They’ve got a number of different pricing options to lure you in once you’re all hard and drippy.


By default, they try to sell you a 50 euro membership that includes Woodman Casting, WakeUpnFuck, and Woodman Films. The Casting-X “Full” membership will run you 35 euros and comes with videos and photosets. If you just want the videos, it’s €30 a month, just a couple bucks more than your typical porno paysite.


WoodmanCastingX also has an à la carte option if you’d rather buy your porno one clip at a time like some kind of anal-addled crackhead. Borrow your wife’s Visa card, sell the TV, and give blowjobs in an alley for a few credits at a time. Be warned, this method of payment can get way more expensive in a big hurry. I noticed some of the clips were selling for three credits, which is €15 in real money.



Long Wanks in 4K Ultra-HD

I figured I’d settle in for a nice, long, luxurious wank, so I loaded up Roxy Nicole’s recent movie on WoodmanCastingX. The nearly 2-hour fuck flick opens with the traditional interview, during which Roxy talks about losing her virginity and all the different kinky things that turn her on. She’d really love to try DP sometime, though this vid is going to be a one-on-one affair.



The 4K ultra-HD video is as crisp as can be. There’s plenty of bandwidth on the site, so you won’t have to worry about any buffering issues. I jumped to the half-hour mark and saw Pierre with a rubber glove on, fingering her butthole while he licks her cunt. Roxy is blindfolded by this point, but based on the way she moans, I think she’s really into it.


One of the things that has always made Pierre Woodman’s gonzo porn movies so accessible is that he just seems like a regular dude. This ain’t some buff stud with a 10-inch cock and six-pack abs. He looks like some random dude you’d to meet at a company event or family barbecue, only instead of shuffling papers all day; he’s getting the most beautiful and sexually talented women in the world to show him what they’re capable of. He’s living the goddamn dream as far as I’m concerned!


The movie ends with Pierre licking Roxy’s cunt clean, a reversal of the typical facial blast you see in most straight porn. No wonder these chicks are lining up for a sample of that Wood, Man.


Once again, I have to point out how the somewhat outdated site design benefits users. So many premium sites these days are getting rid of downloads, but they are included with the membership here. After I finished watching Roxy get pleasured, having a little fun on my end as well, I clicked the button to save this epic bang to my permanent spank bank.


Pierre Woodman has been making these movies for over 30 years now, and it seems like he’s got his technique down to a precise science. Honestly, the formula hasn’t changed much over those years, but he’s definitely refined it, learning what works and what doesn’t. The end result is a gonzo porn site absolutely full of some of the hottest semi-amateur smut in the world. is the continuation of a legendary porn career that has so far spanned several decades. With new casting movies coming out every couple days, it’s obvious that Woodman is going to continue to build his legacy until the Viagra stops working. It’s a tiny bit pricier than most premium porn sites, and that’s because they know they can get away with it. If you’re unfamiliar with the director or the format, watch a few of these flicks, and I’m sure you’ll understand.

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