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Fit 18 sounds like it might be a trendy store at the mall for hot young chicks, but nah, it’s a porn site. If they ain’t hawking skirts and sweaters under that banner, I bet you’ve got a pretty good idea what kind of babes are getting their brains banged out on this website, huh? That’s right: they’re fit as hell and at least 18, but never much older. The specialty at this paysite is truly ripe, healthy, and super sexy (18+)teens. hasn’t been around all that long. The domain was registered in 2017, when the site was founded by a dude with a real appreciation for slim young 18+ babes. He’s got a blurb out on the tour page giving you the skinny on the site’s history. He was tired of social justice warriors portraying fatties as healthy, and wanted to showcase his love of chicks who ate well, exercised, and had killer genetics. It’s largely a one-man operation, though it looks like he’s got a ton of sexy broads stopping by. I’ve got a habit of showing up wherever there are naked girls, which is how I ended up with the site pulled up on my laptop, my pants pulled down, and the Starbucks manager yelling at me to get the hell out.

Hella Fit, 18-Years-Old

Honestly, if the dude hadn’t written that blurb about how he built the whole joint himself, I wouldn’t have guessed. It doesn’t have the rough feel of an amateur site at all. This is a clean, bright layout, full of gorgeous women taking off their clothes and getting fucked in clean, bright settings. There are no flashy titles or screaming all-caps text, instead of keeping it classy and letting the pretty girls sell the place.



And goddamn, I’ve got really weak sales resistance when the girls doing the selling get me all hard and drippy before I’ve even seen any of the videos. When I read the Fit18 dude’s story about starting his own porn site all by himself, I half-assumed he’d be banging skinny local randos he found on Craigslist or selling pussy 7-11. It turns out he’s smashing some gorgeous pornstars on the regular.


If you beat off to a lot of premium porn or the big free tubes, you’re going to recognize a bunch of these beauties. I was pleased to see the adorably sexy Allie Addison on the list, and Aria Banks with that smile and that sexy ass. Kenzie Reeves, Kyler Quinn, and Natalie Porkman have all appeared on the site, as have around 60 other stunning little sluts.


I still see a fair number of big paysites that haven’t upgraded to 4K video yet, so I often expect smaller sites like this to be fucking with last-gen HD. The dude who runs Fit 18 obviously ain’t skimping on the talent, and he ain’t skimping on the camera to film them with either. The site’s been putting out movies in 4K ultra-HD since day one, so you’re going to get crisp, clean video of beautiful (18+)teens doing some filthy things. (Lower resolutions are also available if you’re short on bandwidth or hard drive space.)

A Picture Menu of Skinny Pornstars

I first stumbled onto in early December, and it seems I’m right in time for their Black Friday Sale. The site is normally the same thirty bucks as most other paysites, so the $9.95 price amounts to a 66% discount. Their 6-month membership is an even better deal, so I just might treat myself. Who the hell knows how much longer we’re going to be stuck at home, trying to avoid the fucking coronavirus.



One thing I immediately liked about the membership is that it includes full streaming and download access to all the pornos. It seems like all the big sites these days are doing away with downloads or charging extra for them, but Fit18 keeps it old-school with smut you can save to your hard drive. Your friends won’t be laughing about your 30 terrabyte hoard of dirty movies when the grid fails, now will they?


One thing I don’t like about the membership is that it’s unclear how often you’re going to get a new movie. There are no upload dates anywhere, so it’s hard to get a feel for how quickly the library is growing. Right inside the member’s area, there’s a still from an upcoming Fit 18 movie starring 5-foot Latina nymphomaniac Nola Xico. It just says COMING SOON and UP NEXT, but when? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


I do know they currently have around 70 movies in the Fit18 porno collection. That’s nothing compared to the big reality porn networks, but it’s pretty fucking decent for a one-man smut-peddling operation. This dude’s almost as big a stud as I am! Assuming he started uploading movies soon after registering the domain, the math tells me there’s a new update every couple of weeks.

Let’s See How These Girls Fuck

The dude is smashing some world-class hotties, so it was hard to pick a starting point for my official fap test of the place. Khloe Kapri looks amazing in the thumbnails, and I think her braces are cute as hell. Asian geek Sofia Su’s oh-face also caught my eye, and I’m going to have to take a look at the Eva Elfie scene soon.



For now, though, it’s this girl Blake Blossom who’s going to get all of my attention. The busty young 18+ blonde sports an all-natural 32DD rack and a lovely smile, and I can’t believe I’ve never fapped to her before. As with other Fit 18 movies, this one comes with a full photo gallery. I’m already hard as a rock after skimming through all the yoga pants shots and nude selfies.


It’s a 40-minute scene that starts with a casting interview. The video starts playing as soon as I hit the Play button, and I’ve got minimal buffering even when bumping the resolution up to 1080p. The 4K is download-only for now, which is a fair compromise. Bandwidth is expensive for a little site like this one.


The dude tells Blake he’s a talent scout looking for models for athletic clothes. She’s all smiles as she confidently strips completely naked, trying on clothes and coming out of them again. The cameraman gets in close and pans down her body, showing us her shaved muff and her pretty, pedicured toes. She turns around for him and he goes back up the other way, and that ass is just amazing.

Quality Gonzo with Top-Shelf Sluts

Blake gets into some tight yoga pants and starts showing us how flexible her gorgeous body is. She’s a fun, playful girl, and I’m eager to see how she fucks. The blowjob starts about 12 minutes in at Blake’s insistence since she’s trying to get the ball rolling on her modeling career. She moves in close, flashes that beatific smile, giggles and pulls his dick out of his pants.



I hope paid Blake well, because I’m worried she’s not getting enough to eat. She gobbles the dude’s cock like she hasn’t had meat in months, making beautiful eye contact with the camera as she works her oral magic. You get about 10 minutes of beej action before Blake struts back to the couch, visibly excited for the imminent dick down.


She gets fucked doggystyle first, yoga pants hanging down off her ass. She’s not a super vocal girl, and in fact, it seems like she’s trying to contain the noise as she smiles and buries her face in the couch. Maybe she’s got roommates or lives in a building with thin walls and neighbors who get pissy about moaning at all hours of the night.


The Fit18 dude does a good job with the camera angles, mostly doing handheld gonzo work with a couple of stationary shots. I fucking love it when Blake looks back at the camera when he’s hitting it doggystyle and giving us the POV. Goddamn, she’s a good-looking chick.


Good-looking chicks are standard at, though, so it’s not like this is a fluke. While the site may not be banging out as many flicks as the big studio paysites, fans of lithe-bodied hotties will appreciate his laser focus on only the hottest, healthiest young 18+ babes in the business. I recommend checking out his lineup of models. If you like what you see on that picture menu of skinny sluts, you’re going to like what you see inside, too.

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