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PublicAgent! If there’s one thing reality porn has taught me, it’s that random hot chicks are always down to fuck on camera for a little wad of cash. I’ve actually been emailing my lawyer a ton of links to my favorite videos in the genre, but he’s convinced I should just plead guilty to the solicitation charge. Whatever. I guess I’ll worry about that at my arraignment, but in the meantime, I’m going to keep shaking my dick at PublicAgent.


Chances are, you’ve cranked it to fuck movies from PublicAgent, even if you’ve never signed up for the site. It’s a part of the FakeHub network with sites like FakeTaxi and FakeHostel, and as such, their movies are among the most popular smut on the free tubes. The company has dialed in a killer formula for creating beautiful, sexy, filthy reality porno on their networks, and this one’s no exception. gets nearly 2,000 visitors a day, a sure sign that they’re doing a lot of things right.

Hot Randos Paid to Fuck on Camera

A video montage pulled from a recent movie plays at the top of the landing page the moment I get there, and it gives a pretty good goddamn idea of what PublicAgent is all about. There’s no sound, but a video speaks a million words. A drone flying along the beach captures a hot young 18+ blonde in a bikini, who is none too happy about being filmed without permission. She confronts the cameraman, who waves some money in her face. That really changes the vibe, and the next thing we see is blondie sucking cock beneath a pier with a stringer of cum dripping out of her mouth.



It’s a typical setup. In another recent flick on the site, the cameraman just happens upon some poor beautiful girl who’s been dumped on Valentine’s day. He gives her flowers, takes her out to dinner, and then he offers her 400 euro to eat her pussy. That’s one expensive taco, but from the video trailer, I can see it also comes with a blowjob, doggystyle, and a cumshot.


So many sites are doing away with trailers that I’m more excited than I should be about the tour page, absently stroking my cock as I click around. I next watched a short montage from the simply titled Stranded Babe Fucked Hard for Cash. The black-haired hottie runs up to the camera dude in panic mode, as somebody has stolen her handbag and her phone. She flashes her tits after being offered 2000 crowns for the peek, and the next thing you know, Klaudia is getting her cunt played with her, and her ass smacked.


PublicAgent doesn’t have a ton of big-name porn starlets since that kind of ruins the illusion of these fake random hookups. You will see an absolute shit-ton of gorgeous Euro amateurs and pornstars like Josephine Jackson, Chloe Lamour, and Rae Lil Black. How much does it really matter if you recognize these girls before you watch them sucking cock in the forest or taking a hard pounding in the basement for money?

Cheaper Than a European Vacation Blowjob

I’ve actually been holding out on you a little bit. Public Agent actually comes as part of a package deal with the rest of the FakeHub network. That means for the price of one paysite; you get access to a fucking ton of them. There are about a dozen on the list right now. In addition to PublicAgent and the classic FakeTaxi, you get sites like FakeDrivingSchool, FakeCop, and Fake Hospital.



They’re always coming up with handfuls of cash for the broads in these flicks, but a membership to the whole network will only set you back $30 a month. That’s what everyone’s charging these days, and a yearly membership breaks down to exactly $6.66 a month, so don’t say the devil never did anything for you.


Once you get signed up, logged in, and dropped off in the member’s area, you’ll see thumbnails from the newest scenes all across the network. Today it was a movie from FakeHub Originals; yesterday, it was FakeHostel and the day before FakeAgent. The network adds an exclusive new movie every day, and PublicAgent is actually one of their more active sites. It’s a little bit irregular, but you’re typically looking at least one new PublicAgent movie a week. You’ll often get two, and sometimes even three.


The whole catalog of Public Agent movies is already up to nearly 700. That’s actually just a tiny chunk of what you’re paying for, though. You’re really getting a front-row ticket to around 3,800 movies, as of this writing. Within the year, they will have over 4,000.


One of the very first things I did when I logged in was try to save a movie. The Download button brings up a range of resolutions from 320p up to 1080p, and yes, downloads are included in the standard membership here. So many sites make you pay extra these days, but not PublicAgent or the rest of the FakeHub network.

The “Are You Shy?” Experiment

I figured I’d start with the newest movie in PublicAgent’s library, The Are You Shy? Experiment. The stunning Ebony blonde with her legs spread in the thumbnail was certainly a part of my decision, though it was a really tough call. Between the pigtailed (18+)teen eating cock and the drilled MILF with a face like Jennifer Lawrence, I knew I’d have to come back later for further research.



The 33-minute flick opens with the cameraman, Erik Everhard, approaching this chick outside of some apartment buildings. She introduces herself as Romy, and he asks her if she wants to do a little experiment to see if she’s shy or not, and how far she can get out of her comfort zone.


“We want to see how shy you are about nudity in public,” he tells her when she asks what to expect. She laughs, and he hands her some cash. There’s more giggling, and Romy seems a bit resistant and nervous, but those titties come out when some more money does.


It’s not a super complex plot, but I really love how well this girl sells it. If this guy didn’t have such consistently good luck with the bitches, I might believe this was a genuine amateur video with some semi-reluctant rando on the street who blossoms into an eager nympho when a bit of cash is added into the equation.


She’s back at his hotel by the five-minute mark, and has his dick in her mouth a couple of minutes later. It’s simple gonzo camerawork, shot POV the entire time, which adds to the realism of the hookup scenario. Although, I’m not sure how much you’ll care about the realism by the time you see this girl’s tight, tight body getting stuffed with huge dick. He slides it in doggystyle halfway through the movie, stretching her out as she backs her ass up on him.


I was so impressed by the way this girl fucks that I had to look her up. Romy Indy is 21, European, and South American, and has 5,349 followers. Goddamn, FakeHub does it again! I love how PublicAgent movies find these incredible up-and-coming performers and get them to do dirty shit on camera. As much as I love sluts like Riley Reid, it’s harder to buy her in a scenario like this. Romy puts on a hell of a fucking show, as she’s beautiful and very sexually talented.


The scene wraps up with Erik pulling out and squirting his seed all over stomach. I was about to use the word “kissable” to describe her flat belly, but I’ll wait until she gets cleaned up a bit.


It shouldn’t come as any huge surprise that puts out reality porn of this quality. The site is, after all, brought you to by the same depraved motherfuckers behind FakeTaxi. The girls are hot as hell, can fuck like superheroes, and even seasoned porn addicts are going to see a ton of fuckable new faces. The site would be worth the membership price alone, but comes as part of the entire FakeHub network. I recommend it to anyone who likes fake amateur movies about random beauties doing dirty shit for cash.

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