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Net Video Girls has the kind of name that’s vague enough to almost sound innocent, but we wouldn’t be talking about it if it was. You probably already have some good ideas about what those girls are doing on video, on the net. Make a list of your favorite sex acts and follow along at home as we see how many of your wet dreams are about to be acted out on camera.


While they may have a lower profile than premium mega-sites like Brazzers, seems to have carved out their own corner of the Internet smut market. They get thousands of visits a day, and they’ve been doing so for a really fucking long time. They’ve been around since the dawn of the new millennium, laying everyone’s Y2K fears to rest with a fresh crop of girls-next-door getting banged. Two decades later, they’re still kicking.


Twenty Years of Sexy Calendar Sluts

Twenty years is an impressive legacy for a porn site, but their age does shine through in their design. Maybe “shine” isn’t the right word. Are those cobwebs in the corner? It’s not exactly ugly, but lacks the polish and flash of newer premium porn sites. Fortunately, there are a bunch of pretty girls to distract you, which you’ll see right from the very front page.



According to the marquee, “These Calendar Girls Have No Idea What They’re Getting Into”! The casting-couch setup is a little more believable than on some of the bigger reality-sex sites, in large part because I don’t recognize any of the girls out front. I love that pseudo-amateur vibe, and these guys seem dedicated to it. The sign-up perks at the bottom of the page talk about seeing girls you’ve never seen before and may never see again.


They may not be the super-recognizable Riley Reids and Abella Dangers of the world, but these Net Video Girls are legit hotties. The newest updates in the top row feature a cute brunette, a sexy Asian, and a stunning, exotic calendar girl. There’s a good range of body types, from slim to thick, with all kinds of titties on display.


Even the Popular Girls page features a parade of absolutely gorgeous sluts who you don’t recognize, but you’ll definitely be fapping to. There are more thick girls than you see on other premium sites; not fat or even chubby by any means, but with big asses, huge jugs, and some juicy thighs. Fuck yes!


The old-school web design here is such a fucking tease. The thumbnails aren’t animated when you hover your mouse over them, like they are on most modern porn sites. In most thumbnails, all you see is a pretty young 18+ lady smiling for the camera. At the same time, you know has some kinky business because other thumbs show doggystyle, missionary, and a group sex scene with at least four participants.


I was hoping for a video sample, but those Play buttons are just a trick that leads you to the sign-up page. Well, if that’s my only option, I guess I’d better go take a look.


Old-School Layout, Modern Price

A regular month of access to Net Video Girls will run you thirty bucks. They may not have updated the website to a modern look, but they sure have a modern price! Their 3-month rate is a little lower, but at $75, it’s not as big a break as you’ll find on other sites. The listed perks do make it sound pretty fucking good, though.



One of the biggest draws is that big-ass collection. They promise new girls every week. When you update that often for 20 years, you end up with one hell of a stash. To date, they’ve got over 850 full-length, exclusive and authentic casting/audition videos.


Your membership comes with unlimited, bonus access to a couple of different premium sites, CastingCouch-HD and NetGirl. Given the massive volume of smut you already get on the main site, you’re going to have your hands full for a long fucking time. Good thing everybody is unemployed and trapped at home under coronavirus lockdown, huh?


Another major perk of Net Video Girls is that they allow unlimited downloads. This might be showing their age again, but hey, I fucking appreciate it! So many of the big sites are doing away with downloads or charging extra, so it’s refreshing to see some motherfuckers kicking it old-school sometimes.


Keeping That Fresh Smut Coming, and You Doing the Same

I got signed up and logged in. The first thing I noticed at the top of the member’s screen was the newest update. They added a beautiful Ebony babe called Ivy, as well as a pretty kind message to their fans in these weird times of social isolation, potential contamination, and intense masturbation. “Hope you’re hanging in there. If you’re in a jam or stressed or just want to talk. Please reach out; maybe we can help.” There’s even an email address, so you know they’re serious.



There’s also a note in the update about the “current design and lack of angles.” They say it’s only temporary, never meant to be permanent, and they’re looking forward to getting everything back to form when this shit is over. They’re feeling the effects of COVID-19 like everybody else, but so far, it looks like their release schedule is pretty solid. NetVideoGirls is still updating every week.


The members’ page of Net Video Girls actually shows you all the freshest updates from across the network, including those other “bonus” sites I mentioned. Altogether, you’re actually getting a fresh release every few days. I know I was talking shit about their dated design, but fuck, I’m happy with where they’ve invested their money instead of upgrading their logos and words!


Long Audition Scenes and Hot Girls

One of the newest Net Video Girls is a huge-tittied Asian named Mina. I clicked my way through to the video page and was pretty excited when I saw the scene is over an hour long. I guess it’s a good thing I just snorted that Viagra. has some long-ass scenes!



The scene opens with a shot of a mattress in an empty room as the cameraman explains, “Okay, this girl who’s walking up right now, her name is Mina.” There’s a knock at the door, he answers it, and we hear a short conversation off-camera. He says there are cameras around and that he needs to see some ID.


“Nice,” he says. “Nineteen years old.”


They continue bantering off camera. He asks if she’d “mind taking that off.” We can’t see what he’s talking about, but she says she’s worried about the virus. Topical! Still, I was ready to see some action, so I skipped ahead a few minutes. Mina was on camera when I landed, but still clothed as the cameraman worked his magic. “Normally, there’s a producer here…”


The clothes finally start coming off at the fifteen-minute mark, leaving Mina in just her underwear and a pair of purple nitrile gloves. She’s got beautiful, soft skin covering all of her curves, a perfect compliment to that lovely face.


Mina giggles and gives a hesitant “Okay” when he asks her to play with herself. She starts rubbing her clit through her panties, looking slightly uncomfortable but sexy as fuck. They both do a great job selling the casting-couch scenario, and even a jaded fuck like myself can almost believe it’s legit.


It’s a slow build, for sure. Instead of sticking a dick in her mouth within the first 2 minutes, we have to wait around half an hour to get a flash of twat. Even then, it’s largely hidden behind her panties as she sticks her fingers inside. She breathes hard, turned on, which the cameraman asks about.


I jumped ahead to the midpoint of the movie. Mina’s finally topless, saying she’s come this far and might as well go ahead with this. I agree! And there’s that POV blowjob, unveiled a good 40 minutes after most pornos would. He shoves her head down on it, and she comes away with a big smile on her face. That’s when the video really kicks off! Up next: missionary, doggystyle, side missionary, cowgirl, and a cumshot finale!


If you asked me how has managed to stick around so long, I’d tell you it’s their mastery of the casting-couch porn format. The scenarios are pretty limited, sure, but there’s an infinite possibility for dirty sex within that basic setup. Not only do they do a hell of a job selling it, but they’ve got some stunning women getting stuffed with cock. The archive runs twenty-years deep, and they stack the membership with bonus material.

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