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Exploited Teens

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Exploited Teens

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The folks behind Exploited Teens call their site, “The original, unrehearsed and entertaining amateur videos featuring the real girls next door!” I’ve reviewed enough online smut to be skeptical of those kinds of claims, but a few facts back them up right away. For one thing, the site has been around since 2000, which is like a goddamn century in internet years. They also pull about 300,000 visitors every month, which certainly isn’t chump change. prides itself on its “true” amateur vibes, rambling on in a big front-page blurb about how this isn’t the typical mainstream content the other studios are putting out. “There is no play-acting, no corny dialogue, and most importantly… no editing!” In other words, this is premium porn featuring real (18+)teen amateurs just fucking.It’s a simple gimmick, but we, perverts, can be simple people sometimes. So let’s see how well these guys pull it off.

Who Are These Exploited Teens?

Before I really get into it, I want to talk about amateur porn. ExploitedTeens talks about how they’re “true” amateur porn, even putting the word in quotes like that, which arguably makes it even more confusing. The thing is, Amateur can mean a handful of different things in the world of pornography. Some of you hear the word and immediately think of old swingers with dangly nutsacks and droopy boobies or those tubes full of shaky, poorly framed, 30-second iPhone videos of blowjobs and doggy style hookups with Tinder girls.



ExploitedTeens isn’t that type of DIY porn. For one thing, the scenes around here tend to clock in between 20 and 30 minutes. And yes, I know those aren’t the longest runtimes in this business, but they’re dozens of times longer than your average “homemade” movie your aunt and uncle made. They count as full-length. Production-wise, I haven’t even left the tour page, and I can already tell this isn’t a shoddy two-bit operation out of somebody’s basement. This is more akin to reality porn than truly “amateur” porn. In fact, I’d guess their production values aren’t that far off from what I’m doing over at PornDudeCasting.


But what the fuck do they mean when they call their site “true” amateur porn? Well, it’s all in the girls. “They are what they are, real girls that are usually making one movie and then going back to their normal lives as students or 9 to 5’ers,” reads the promo text out front. In other words, they’re working with sexy (18+)teens who haven’t yet cracked into the porn business. Many of the girls really will appear on this site once and never even flash their tatas on the web again.


But, of course, sometimes it’s just fate that babes appear on before blowing up into worldwide stars. For example, have you ever heard of an obscure starlet named Riley Reid? She made her debut here. It’s kind of funny: you’d think that’d be a fantastic marketing gimmick to mention on the front page, but it also kind of blows up their brag about first- and only-timers on the site. Other Exploited Teens that left their wet mark here before getting famous include Cadence Lux, Dillion Harper, and Carter Cruise.

Freebies and Full Dirty Shows

When a site has been online as long as ExploitedTeens has, they often noticeably wear their age. Some of that is just in the presentation, which is relatively lo-fi compared to some of the flashier modern joints. One thing I really like about old sites is how they often keep the old-timey perks. For example, so many new websites have ditched the free previews, but the Play buttons on the tour page here actually give you a sneak peek instead of just shuffling you to the signup page. Here, visitors can check out a few dozen free video trailers.



So I checked out a minute-long peek at this little red-haired 18-year-old’s visit to the site. It opens with a casting-style interview where she giggles when told how wholesome she looks. Soon enough, she’s showing off her perfect tits before segueing into a POV blowjob. “I wanna fuck your cock,” she says, and then we get to witness a little montage of precisely that.


I watched a few more, including one where a blonde gets a creampie and one where a Latina tosses the cameraman’s salad. Two things pop out at me. For one thing, I don’t recognize any of these chicks, and I’m basically a full-time professional masturbator. Another point worth noting is that these girls really do look like newly minted adults. It’s fucking typical in this business for a chick in her twenties or even thirties to put her hair in pigtails and claim she’s a teen when she clearly isn’t. This isn’t ExploitedMILFs, though, and it looks like they’re really coming through with their promise of ripe 18+ teens. Look at all those cum-covered braces on the menu!


I was more than intrigued enough to go looking for ticket prices. And sure enough, a month at will run you the same thirty bucks you’d pay for on most any other paysite out there. That’s just the standard going rate. Now, the breakdowns on longer memberships are some of the better discounts I’ve seen this week, with a $60 quarterly rate and a hundred for 180 days.

Hundreds of Teens Getting Exploited

I always like to mention how often a paysite updates because I know it’s a significant factor when you’re considering whether or not to sign up for something. I feel like any site you pay thirty bucks for should add at least one movie a week. That’s what I do at PornDudeCasting, and it’s kind of a standard practice; go above one a week, and I’m going to get happy, dip below, and I’m going to be bummed.



I can’t tell you how often they’re adding a fresh video of Exploited Teens. There are no upload dates anywhere, which is a pet peeve of mine. I can tell you they have nearly 600 movies in the collection, which isn’t an insufficient overall number, but doing the math, it’s about 30 movies a year, or one every 12 days. So I have to assume they don’t have any kind of regular release schedule.


I wasn’t too happy about the unclear updates, but I was more than ready to begin my fap test. I was tempted to check out some early work by one of those prominent names I mentioned but decided to try and stick with the theme and find a fresh amateur 18+ teen I’d never cranked off to before. A thumbnail of a pretty blonde chick caught my eye, and I knew it was the place to start.


After the site logo and a little montage of their material, the actual movie opens with this cutie sitting in bed for her interview. A couple of seconds later, I realized this chick isn’t exactly a nobody; this is Aria Banks, who’s got nearly a hundred credits on IAFD. It does seem to be an earlier entry in her catalog, though, so maybe she still counted as an amateur.


The reasons she’s been getting more popular are apparent even from the interview. She’s fun and cute and bubbly, casually showing off her pierced nipples and angelic smile. Aria definitely has the girl-next-door vibe, but she’s already sucking on the dude’s fingers a couple of minutes in. Then she bends over to show off her pink pussy, no panties on under her skirt. A few minutes later, she’s fully naked with a dick in her mouth.


It’s pretty easy to see why Exploited Teens has been around so long. They’ve had a couple of decades to practice the casting format and have absolutely mastered it. As Aria got her twat hammered in POV, I looked around for a Download button. I couldn’t find one, but members can download videos by right-clicking on them. It’s not half as convenient as a set of buttons with different resolutions listed, but at least they didn’t cut out downloads entirely.


My biggest complaint about is just that you never know how many updates you’re going to get during your paid membership. The joint’s been around long enough to have built up a good collection, though, which should offset the unclear release schedule for many of you. The quality of the porno is beautiful, so I’d recommend this one to masturbators who like the casting format and would like to see more obscure (18+)teen models getting boned.

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