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True Amateurs

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True Amateurs

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Interested in some premium real amateur porn at TrueAmateurs? Those of you who have been following my reviews know by now that I am a huge fan of wild amateur and homemade porn. I love professional studio porn, obviously, as well, but it is a completely different kind of love. It’s almost like I find myself in two different types of horniness—one that professional porn will do the trick for; another that can only be cured by watching sexy amateur girls getting fucked. It all really just depends on my mood.


I think I crave homemade videos when I need an extra dose of reality, when I need my porn to hit a little closer to, well, home. Sometimes I just can’t get into the staged and scripted scenes churned out by the big-name studios. In these instances, I need the real thing. I need to see real girls getting fucked by their real lovers, having real, intense orgasms. Not every cum shot can be reserved for plastic tits.


Amateur porn is not without its own inherent flaws, though. The video quality, for example, is all too frequently subpar (sometimes just flat out awful), you have to deal with guys who can’t hold a fucking camera still, and the majority of homemade porn videos (at least the ones you find on most of the familiar tube sites) are far too short to ever get you to climax.


The main issue that leads to such problems with amateur porn is that most homemade porn is unmoderated by the sites that host it. In other words, on a site like Porn Hub, for example, any registered user can upload a homemade sex tape for public viewing. There are no quality guidelines to follow, no moderators combing through the millions of new uploads for quality assurance purposes. If only there was a site dedicated to providing amateur porn of only the highest quality…



An Amateur Porn Site with High Standards

Well, luckily for us, there is. At, you will find homemade porn that is actually really well made. Every video featured on True Amateurs is user-submitted and vetted by the site before it actually goes up. I’m pretty sure they also have pretty strict guidelines for what they will accept. Seeing as they pay successful contributors, this should come as no surprise.



True Amateurs is set up like any other premium membership-based porn site, only it has no studio to speak of. So, therefore, there are no sets, no scripts, no fake orgasms, no directors. Just real people fucking and loving it.


I’ll let True Amateurs speak for themselves on what they aim to do. The following is featured on their homepage before you log in:


“Do you feel like all online sex videos are starting to look the same…overproduced, over scripted and repetitive? At, we cut out the middleman and leave the production in your hands. Everyone is welcome to submit their videos and make money doing it!


“Our top priority to our users is an authentic selection. Whether you’re a real-life couple sitting at home, an exotic dancer, a webcam professional, an up-and-coming or fully established Porn Star … we don’t care! All that matters is that you love to fuck, and want to share your homemade videos with us and our members.”


So, as you can see, the good people of True Amateurs are no bullshit when it comes to their porn. I love it. It’s also really cool that they encourage anyone to submit videos to them, and that they pay! That’s what is so great about this day and age of porn … how interactive it has become. We are no longer merely passive porn viewers.


Now, we can get up off our lazy asses and make our own sex tapes for money. And there is actually a market for it! It is truly a beautiful time to be alive.



Typical Pay Site Layout, Easy to Use

Once you do login to True Amateurs, the site’s layout and design will probably look pretty familiar to any pornoholic who has been on a members-only pay site before. There is a large banner at the top devoted to advertising a part of the site. In this case, it advertises the site itself, as a whole, with a collage of screenshots from their videos. A little redundant, but whatever.



Eventually, though, this banner will slide into a prompt to submit your videos. “Show off your talent,” it reads, “Be your own producer. Upload your own videos. Get paid.” It also instructs you on how to get more information: send an email to [email protected] … I’m sure they have a whole list of guidelines that you’ll need to follow if you hope to get your video featured.


Below the banner come the thumbnails, broken up into sections. First, you’ve got Latest Videos, then Top Girls, Top Videos, and, finally, Most Popular Tags. Definitely a pretty standard porn site layout. It’s clean, effective, and easy to use. Each video (and girl), by the way, has a rating along with it, featured in the lower right-hand corner of the thumbnail.


Speaking of the thumbnails, I am disappointed to learn that no previews are provided when you hover your mouse over them. This seems like it should be a common-sense feature for porn sites by now, as it makes it so much easier to browse content and decide upon which videos you will want to watch. So, it is a little disappointing to see that feature so glaringly absent … especially on a paysite.


But once you actually do click into a video, I will say that the media player is pretty solid. You can at least preview what’s to come in the video by hovering your mouse over the scrub bar, so that’s a plus. The videos are also surprisingly high-quality for amateur porn. There may be no professional studio, directors, or producers involved in these videos, but you would hardly be able to tell based on how well these are shot, how hot the girls are, and the HD quality of the videos.



Positive Features, Poor Participation

Alongside great streaming and video quality, True Amateurs offers you a few community-oriented features, such as “like” and “dislike” buttons, and the ability to leave comments. However, these features seem to be grossly underutilized by members. It seems like this must be due to a pretty thin user base. Even the most popular videos only had a couple of hundred views and two or three votes. And none of the videos I clicked into had any comments left on them. What a waste of a great feature.



That leads me to my biggest complaint with the site overall (which is also likely the reason that True Amateurs does not have a larger following): there are not many videos on the site at all. With a grand total of 27 videos, you could easily wank your way through the entire site in a matter of just a few days.


I don’t know if this is because they are so discerning with the quality of the content that they are willing to attach their name to or if they just aren’t getting any submissions because the site never really took off. It’s probably a little bit of both. I checked the Upcoming Videos section as well, hopeful that they would have a few scenes on deck. But all I got was “No Results.”


Maybe this goes without saying, but for a site that charges its users a monthly subscription fee, you should at least be uploading one video a month (and even that would be sparse compared to most paysites). True Amateurs, however, hasn’t released a single thing in over a year. Their most recent video was posted on October 25, 2017.


This site honestly might need to consider a new business model. At least if their lack of updates stems from not receiving enough (or good enough) content. They may want to consider rethinking things just a little bit. Maybe open up a tiny, barebones studio where you film amateurs to fuck in? I don’t know the solution, but I do know that the crowdsourcing method definitely does not seem to be working for them at the moment.


All in all, I like True Amateurs. I love the content, the girls are all sexy as fuck (which is, as I’m sure you are well aware, all too rare for an amateur porn site), the porn is actually good and full-length, and the idea of crowdsourcing high-quality amateur porn is a great one. Unfortunately, they just haven’t figured out how to really pull it off yet in a truly commodifiable way. In order for True Amateurs to succeed, I really think they are going to have to reconsider the way that they operate, at least temporarily.

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