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Love Home Porn? I know I do. What’s not to love about amateur porn? Well, let me rephrase that—what’s not to love about amateur porn done well? Obviously, there is a fuck ton of amateur porn out there that really puts an emphasis on the “amateur” part of it. I’m talking about shaky cameras, shitty recording quality, 10 or 15-second video lengths. I mean, seriously, who the fuck records a video of 10 seconds of them fucking someone from behind in which you can maybe see the girl’s ass for like 2 of those 10 seconds and says to themselves, ‘you know what? This should be on the internet!’


These people are annoying and should be hanged. Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme. But they should at least be beat up a little bit. It makes browsing for good amateur porn nearly impossible! Now I have to sift through thousands of videos of your bullshit just because you thought your 10 second fuck was worth posting to Porn Hub? Fuck off, you incompetent imbecile.


No, when I say that I love amateur porn, I obviously mean good amateur porn. The homemade videos that you come across once in a while that are shot well and feature extremely hot chicks. That’s another thing that I love about homemade porn; the fact that the chicks are hot but not plastic hot. You know the difference, right? There are the girls next door, and then there are The Girls Next Door, the reality tv show that followed the lives of Hugh Hefner’s platinum blonde bimbos for like six full fucking seasons.


Amateur porn lets you see girls getting fucked that you might actually have a shot with in real life. I’m not trying to be a dick, but, come on, we both know you’re not fucking anything that even somewhat resembles a playmate (unless, of course, you order a blow-up doll made to look like a playmate; then I guess you might have a shot). But these are girls that could be your neighbors, your coworkers, your wife’s younger 18+ sister. Real girls that don’t have tits so stuffed to the brim with silicone that squeezing them makes it feel like they might pop.


Plus, the fucking is more often than not far from theatrical. I mean, I hate to be the burden of bad news, but professional porn (much like professional wrestling) is not real. Okay, maybe it’s more real than professional wrestling, maybe that’s not the best analogy. They are actual sluts actually getting fucked. I just mean to say that we all know it’s a performance; the moans are exaggerated, the extent of the pleasure often dramatized.


Come on, you didn’t really think that she liked having three dicks in her ass at once, did you? Honestly, that doesn’t sound fun for anyone involved. But she’ll moan through the pain and try to put on a happy face through her tears thick with mascara. But that is 100% the money talking, getting her through. And, hey, for what it’s worth, it is really good money.



Be the Porn You Want to See in the World

Luckily, though, there are sites out there that are willing to pay regular people to film themselves having real sex for your enjoyment. Love Home Porn is one of these sites. is a freemium amateur porn tube that solicits videos from its users. According to their About section they off the “best amateur, user uploaded scenes you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for daily new videos and pictures of females and couples having hot, realistic, passionate moments together, you’re going to find it at Love Home Porn. Enjoy your stay!”



And that is exactly what they offer—daily updates in content, extremely hot and real amateur sex, and plenty of videos and photos to keep you busy. As of the time of this writing, Love Home Porn had 73,643 videos and 10,127 photo albums to choose from. And, I must say, more often than not they were all extremely high quality.


This is probably due to the fact that, unlike other amateur porn tubes, Love Home Porn has a selection process; not all videos and images make the cut. They have a staff of people who review content before it gets posted. This same staff, I believe, also decides on what videos are designated premium and which ones are posted for free.


As far as the site itself is concerned, I think it’s fucking great. It has a refreshingly different design and layout to it, setting it apart from every other porn site I’ve ever been to. It actually looks—dare I say it—professional. This is such a rare feature for porn sites, as I’m sure you are well aware of by now yourself. Designers of porn sites, for the most part, seem to think that they are exempt from basic web etiquette. The result, of course, is that you tend to get really sloppily, unimaginative piece of shit sites that are riddled with pesky ads everywhere you click.



A Porn Site You Can Call Home

This is definitely not the case with Love Home Porn, though. From the moment you land on the site’s home page, you’ll be able to notice that it looks nothing like most free porn tubes out there. It actually looks inviting and cozy, whereas the typical porn site design is dark and kind of off-putting, like you’re doing something wrong or shameful. But there’s nothing shameful about making yourself feel good while watching other people make themselves feel good! If anything, it’s a beautiful human exchange.



The site features a prominent pink banner at the top of the page, with a nice, homey logo (a heart around a silhouette of a house with a single bird flying by). I never thought I’d say this about a porn site, but it somehow feels wholesome. To the right of the logo, you have a few very basic menu items: Home (60 new videos), Videos, Albums, a keyword search bar, and Submit Your Porn. All simple and easy enough to use, right?


Below that banner, Love Home Porn wastes no time at all. Without any scrolling necessary, you’ll find the first series of thumbnails, in The Most Popular Videos of the month section. You can further filter these videos if you care to by Being Watched, Most Recent, Most Viewed, Top Rated, and My Favorites.


On the righthand side of the page, you’ll also find a little tab that follows you as you scroll. It reads “Sneak Peak,” and clicking on it will give you a preview of the new video updates you can expect tomorrow. I think this is a really cool feature and something that I have never come across on any other site. This is fucking awesome, especially if you plan on checking Love Home Porn every day for new content. Even if you don’t, this is the kind of shit that makes me want to return to a website every day for new content … what can I say, it’s all about user experience, man.


Back to the home page for a moment. Below the Most Popular Videos of the month section, if you keep scrolling, you’ll find Recent Photo Galleries, a call for you to submit your own amateur porn, Just Submitted Homemade Porn, and (another unique feature), a Latest Activity section, providing an in-depth summary of what’s been happening on the site recently. Here, you will be able to see Just Favorited Videos, Just Favorited Photos, Recent Comments, and More Information (new member announcements, number of videos published today, number of videos approved for the month, number of new members for the month, how many videos were downloaded today, etc.).


Love Home Porn is an awesome fucking amateur porn tube. I love that they offer both free and premium content, that it’s some of the best amateur porn I’ve seen in a while, how well the site is designed, and that there is a way to get paid for making your own porn. The more people we can incentivize, the more amateur porn we get to fap to! It’s a win-win, really. There was only one thing that seemed missing to me on Love Home Porn, and that is community features.


I would love to see Love Home Porn add on some features to let users communicate with one another. I think it’s the next logical step. Especially since they already allow users to post their own porn. Why not provide a means for these users to potentially meet up with one another and get collaborative with the camera? I’m not losing any sleep over the fact that this feature is not offered, but it would definitely make Love Home Porn the perfect freemium amateur porn tube if this feature was added.


I hope you enjoy all the real girls next door getting fucked on Love Home Porn. Who knows, maybe you’ll even see me on there some time soon.

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