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Exploited College Girls

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Exploited College Girls

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ExploitedCollegeGirls, aka ExCoGi! For a lot of beautiful young 18+ ladies, going to college is the first time they’re ever really out on their own. It’s their first opportunity to live life without parents getting all up in their shit, and some of these broads really live it up. Some get alcohol poisoning and finger-cuffed at frat parties, and others skip the studying to do molly and suck dick at festivals. Some of them need the whole world to know they’re sluts and get involved with sites like Exploited College Girls, or ExCoGi. has been putting out original, exclusive amateur fuck movies since 2005, and they’re still going strong. I guess it shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise, considering their entire business model is showing newly legal, perfectly ripe students getting their holes stuffed. Fifteen years later, nearly a million visitors a month are still lining up to watch. Go fucking figure.

Real College Babes Fucked on Camera

The landing page at ExploitedCollegeGirls claims these are real college babes in need of money for school or just some attention that daddy never gave them. It’s not an uncommon claim, but it’s a little more believable here than it is elsewhere. For one thing, these (18+)girls look legit young, not like some sites where they put a MILF in pigtails and call her an 18+ schoolgirl. For another, I don’t see any really big names on the front page.



If you’re a massive porn consumer, you might recognize some of these babes as newly minted starlets. (18+)Teen starlet Audrey Hempburne, who has been in the business for a matter of months and already has a growing fan base, is in their newest flick. Most of these chicks are genuine, bona fide amateurs who have never been naked in front of a camera before.


The preview page has a couple of stills from recent movies, but no video trailers to fap to. I like the twat-stuffing and MFF threesome pics, but I’m surprisingly awestruck by the Popular Girls section further down the screen. Most of these chicks don’t even have pornstar names, just going for simple handles like Natalia, Ginger, Kat, and Nikki.


I think what turns me on the most about these smiling headshots is that the girls really don’t look like sluts. They look like innocent 18+ teens who are about to have their youth forever corrupted. The profiles seem to back this up: Ellie is an angelic 18-year-old who likes vanilla porn and doggystyle; Naomi is a sweetheart who’s into cuddly backpacks, pain and rough sex; and then there’s sweet-faced Claire, a high school senior whose keywords include Rimjob, Squirting and Ass Play.

A Better Investment Than Going to School

While going to college will put you into serious debt for the entire rest of your life, watching Exploited College Girls will only run you thirty bucks a month. They’ve also got a three-month membership for around $23 a month, and another three-month plan for $75. I thought that was a typo at first, but it’s a choice between monthly billing or a one-time charge.



Membership comes with unlimited access to a bunch of bonus sites, too. If you get bored of ExploitedCollegeGirls (yeah, right), you can tune in to websites like BackroomCastingCouch, BlackAmbush, NebraskaCoeds, and a few others. You’ll see them all linked at the top of the member’s page for quick and easy access, no need to enter your login info again.


It’s also worth mentioning that downloads are included here. With so many premium sites doing away with the feature, it’s always nice to see a paysite that still lets you save those virgin cherry-popping and first-time teen anal movies to your hard drive or SD card.

College Girls Exploited Weekly

They add a new college slut movie to the site every week. This week, it was Malory Malibu and Audrey Hemburne teaming up on a really lucky dude. Malory, incidentally, lost her virginity on the site about a month ago. Fiona Sprouts did her first anal scene the week before. Last week, it was first-timer Luna Daniels squirming a bit as she warmed up with toys before spreading her legs wide for some genuine cock.



This cute black-haired chick who goes by Autumn was smiling at me toward the bottom of the front page. The site’s age shows a little bit in the presentation. Instead of the typical wall of moving thumbnails you find on most paysites, each scene is represented out front by a blurb and a handful of screengrabs. Autumn’s first-time screenshots include her riding backwards cowgirl and catching sperm with her pretty mouth, so I was ready to see the whole thing.


I thought I’d clicked wrong and ended up on Autumn’s profile page, but it’s just the old-timey layout throwing me off again. There’s a bigger headshot and a bunch of stats at the top, and the actual video options halfway down the screen.


The video player isn’t embedded like it is basically everywhere else. It feels a little weird, but you’ll forget as soon as you go full screen. The player itself is pretty basic, with no speed controls. The resolution, either HD or standard, is chosen beforehand and cannot be switched on the fly.

Legit Amateur Teens in Exclusive Smut

The one-hour flick opens with Autumn getting picked and interviewed for a while. She definitely comes across like a real college student doing porn for her first time. She’s giggly and nervous, but you’ll probably want to see her take her clothes off after staring at those jeans for a few minutes. We get to see a quick glimpse of tits in the moving vehicle before we get to the hotel.



She’s even more nervous when she’s on the bed, but that’s part of the whole appeal. The cameraman gropes her tits, and she smiles before taking everything off. Her body is fucking stunning, perfectly ripe, and about to get stuffed. Holy shit, I can’t wait to watch!


ExploitedCollegeGirls really knows how to pick ‘em! According to the blurb, Autumn got involved because her friend had so much fun doing it. I’m not sure if this chick has even used a vibrator before, but if she has, it definitely wasn’t as powerful as the one in this flick. She squirms and squeals, but as she eases into it, she starts to multitask, holding it against her clit with one hand and holding the dick she’s sucking with the other.


A major part of Autumn’s appeal is her slight hesitancy that doesn’t seem phoned-in or fake. This is a horny young 18+ cutie who really does seem eager to get pounded in various elaborate ways, but is still a little bit shy about the whole thing. There’s no need to feel that way, Autumn, because your body is fucking perfect!

Going Strong After All These Years

ExploitedCollegeGirls has been doing this for a long fucking time, and it shows. You can see it in how well they pick their starlets and how they set up the scenes, the angles they choose, and the perverted things they get these chicks to do. For better or for worse, you can see the site’s age in its layout and presentation. You can also see that seniority in Internet porn by how big the site’s stash is.



Their release schedule hasn’t always been weekly, like it is now. Still, when you put out college porno movies for 15 years, you end up with a huge stash of amateur threesome, creampie, and titty fucking movies. To date, ExCoGi has released around 800 movies, and that’s not even counting all the bonus sites you get when you sign up.


ExploitedCollegeGirls has been in business so long because they know how to make really good smut starring genuine college sluts and young, eager 18+ amateurs. They put these flicks out on a consistent weekly schedule now, maintaining the production values and commitment to quality smut that has made them popular. That’s probably more than enough for fans of teen cherry-popping and first-time anal scenes, and the handful of bonus sites is just icing on the cake.

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