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Desperate Amateurs

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Desperate Amateurs

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Just how desperate are the Desperate Amateurs of Well, at least a few of the girls on the tour page look absolutely ravenous, feasting on cock and cum like they haven’t had any sustenance in days. Of course, that isn’t an uncommon sight on any porn site worth a shake of the ol’ ding-dong, but hey, that’s kind of why we’re here, right? Desperate or not, I have a feeling you’re mainly interested in watching some no-name randos getting fucked; it’s the Amateur part of the equation doing the heavy lifting, bringing in the horny pervs like yourself and yours truly., as implied by that oh-so-descriptive title, is a premium site full of legit amateur broads. The joint’s been up and running since 2005, which is fucking forever when talking about anything on the Internet. Shit, if you were online back then, I bet you thought you’d have that MySpace account forever, but things have sure changed since then. For a site to stick around that long, they’ve got to have something worth breaking out the lube for. So let’s find out what it is.


Show Me to Your DesperateAmateurs

What really goes through your mind when you think of amateur porn? For some, it’s those short, shaky clips people shoot on their iPhones as they’re hooking up with the last horny girl from the bar. Others prefer more polished casting and reality porn videos, where they’ve often got newcomers to the business pretending it’s their first and only time testing the waters of the adult film industry. Then others will show you famous straight-up pornstars and try to convince you they’ve never been on camera before. I laugh, but I’ve got to admit, I’ve rubbed out plenty of yogurt shots to the big names pretending to be newbies.



DesperateAmateurs isn’t any of those, though, and you’ll realize that the very moment you hit the tour page. These chicks are some of the realest amateurs I’ve seen in a while. I’ll often look at an amateur site and try to find faces and racks that I recognize, and I usually can. But that isn’t the case here.


Most porn sites, even those claiming amateur status, tend to stick pretty tightly to typical Western standards of beauty. You know exactly what I’m talking about: the pornstar look. Masturbators usually expect flat tummies, big jugs, and conventionally pretty faces. It’s rare to see chubby girls on sites that don’t specialize in BBW in content, the closest thing being “curvy” girls with barely any more meat than their costars.


This will be a dealbreaker for some and an absolute selling point for others, but there are a lot of really average-looking chicks here and a smattering of uggos. The conventional hotties are in the minority and tend to stand out. The best porn sites have a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors when it comes to women, but these Desperate Amateurs come in an even wider range than average. Honestly, my dudes, it feels a lot more like real life than your typical paysite, and that’s pretty goddamn hot.


Cheap Tickets for the Horny Amateur Show

In 2024, it seems like most of the premium sites have done away with free previews on the tour page. Those fake “Play” buttons are always a huge pet peeve of mine, so I’m always happy when paysites keep it old-school. The older a site is, the more likely you are to get a free sneak peek. DesperateAmateurs has plenty of samples out front, so go ahead and get all hard and drippy before deciding whether to pull the trigger on a membership.



The first sample I sampled featured a MILF with glasses and incredibly enormous tatas. In the interview, she talks about how she’s done a little porn before and how she always wanted to be a model, but she’s just too short. See what I mean about the non-traditional beauty standards around here? The sex starts halfway through the montage, and I’ll definitely be checking out the full version. There’s cocksucking, missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, and a really enthusiastic tit wank. The girl’s a real cutie, and she’s got that genuine enthusiasm that I fucking love to see from the better amateur sites.


I checked out a couple of more samples, including a cumshot compilation, a cute and shy goth girl getting her pussy eaten before getting drilled, and a kinky couple of chunky lesbians jiggling around as they scissor, munch carpet, and shove dildos in each other. Some might call them Desperate Amateurs, while others might just say they’re eager. I felt the same way, and so I decided to check out the signup page.


Older sites often look and feel old. For whatever reason, most of the long-running joints never really remodel or renovate for a newer vibe. That’s fine because porn is porn, but what makes me happy is old perks. Free previews are one I’ve already mentioned, but here’s one I rarely see, even on the older sites: is cheaper than your typical paysite. Their prices are stuck in the warp zone, and I’m not complaining.


They’ve got a non-recurring membership available for $27, which is already saving you a few bones. Most sites with non-recurring memberships charge extra for the convenience, and that’s true here because the recurring membership is an even better deal. Members pay $27 to get in the door, but it’s only $18 a month after that. Compare that to the thirty you’ll likely drop almost anywhere else, and you’ll see what kind of bargain we’re talking about. The recurring membership also comes with an update guarantee, which is really fucking rare; they’ll extend your membership if they haven’t given you enough porno.


There’s another thing Desperate Amateurs has that many newer sites don’t have, and that’s downloadable movies. Members can download all their favorite movies for offline masturbation. I hope we one day reach an era where I no longer have to mention this anymore, but I don’t know if we’ll ever see that day. Hopefully, these guys keep doing what they’re doing.


Come On, Just Let Me Watch

The Desperate Amateurs page doesn’t brag about how often they update because it’s pretty evident from all the upload dates stamped on the material on the tour page. They’re adding a new movie every week, plus a random bonus here and there. This week’s feature stars a chubby mature broad with a huge ass, and just a couple of days later, they treated us to that cumshot collection I mentioned.



Since they’ve been around twenty years, it goes without saying that the collection is already fucking deep. As of this writing, they have nearly 850 amateur movies for you to shake your dick at. They usually run around twenty to thirty minutes long, but the extras are sometimes a lot shorter. If you strung the movies together and watched them at once, that’s a couple of solid weeks of porno. Some of you will take that as a challenge, and that’s because you should try it, pussy.


Personally, I’ve had a raging boner ever since the trailer part of my tour, and I already knew the video I wanted to watch first. It stars these two cuties named Leah and Lola. The interview sets up the scene; Lola’s been fucked on the site before, and today she brought her friend so they can both get fucked. They take each other’s clothes off about five minutes in, kissing, groping, and spanking each other along the way.


I love a good amateur scene because of that unfakable enthusiasm that sometimes disappears with the pros. Leah’s never done a dirty movie before, and she’s got this big, beautiful smile on her face as she kisses her friend all over and sucks on her tits. Lola starts fingering her around 9 minutes in, and I think I’m going to wrap up this review so I can take in the whole show. The dude isn’t even in the scene yet, so I have a feeling this will get even better. has stuck around for so long by putting out good amateur porn, plain and simple. What I really love is that they’ve applied good pornographic filmmaking techniques to scenes starring genuine amateurs, the kind of chicks you’d see at the grocery store and never imagine they’re getting fucked on camera. It’s got the kind of unrestrained horniness and excitement you get from the truly homemade movies, but with infinitely better camerawork and full-length durations. If you feel like you’d fuck a lot of the girls on the tour page, you’re going to love the member’s area.

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