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Does Abby Winters really exist? While the website named after her has been alive and kicking since the dawn of the new millennium, people have been wondering for almost as long if Abby is a real person. According to legend, the mysterious Miss Winters wanted to shoot alternative porn back in 1999, but lost interest a few years later. Some folks think Abby has always been a nickname of Garion Hall, who currently owns the website, but there’s no definitive proof either way.


Whatever the case, the site is still pulling close to a million visitors a month, even after all this time. That ain’t chump change in the world of online pornography, and it’s particularly impressive for a brand that’s been around this long. has long had a reputation as a purveyor of fine amateur pornography showcasing natural young 18+ women having fun. It’s no secret that I love beautiful ladies, and today seemed like a good day to see what’s new for the legendary joint.


The All-Natural Flavours of Abbywinters

Abbywinters might be the only porn website I’ve reviewed in the last decade that includes the word “Wholesome” in their tagline. “Wholesome young 18+ amateur women alone, together, and with their boyfriends,” it reads, helping set the stage for what’s to come. Even if you can’t read, though, there’s something about the imagery that immediately sets them apart from the big-name hardcore brands like Brazzers and Reality Kings.



The clean presentation is part of the formula, no doubt, with a vibe that feels more open and welcoming than the aggressive strip-club patina you find on a lot of sites. Their logo here is a totally SFW pair of ice cream cones, which is downright sweet. I knew I was in for a treat today, but that’s not at all what I expected.


And then there’s the women themselves. shoots with beautiful young amateur models, typically in the 18 to 25 range. They’re gorgeous, nubile, and unknown—legitimate girls next door. What’s more, they mean it when they say they’re offering “All Natural Flavours”. They pride themselves on featuring unenhanced, totally real breasts, a contrast to the conventional porno wisdom that bigger is always better, no matter what. I’m not personally turned off by a good set of fakes, but Abbywinters offers a nice detour for those who are.


One of the best things about good amateur pornography is the enthusiasm of the participants. That’s why we often tune in to the free tubes to watch shaky 30-second iPhone hookups when there’s such a wealth of professionally made movies online. There’s a certain type of joy that can’t be faked by even the most talented actresses, and it’s only found among participants who are truly enjoying themselves.


This is one of the elements where Abbywinters really shines. The sensual, ecstatic faces of the babes all over the front page tell a story of real women having a real blast. These aren’t the phoned-in orgasm grimaces or goofy ahegao mugs you’ll find elsewhere, which is an instant part of the appeal. Real pleasure is insanely hot.


Breaking Down the Abbywinters Pricing

Free previews are a dying perk on a lot of those big-name paysites I keep mentioning, but Abbywinters keeps it old-school with plenty of free video previews available. I first checked out their montage of Real Life Couples, and it’s all snippets of that true amateur enthusiasm I’m so crazy about. They’ve also got previews full of Real Lesbian Sex, Real Girls, and Real Orgasms.



As hot as the freebies are, you’re going to run out of them pretty quickly. After that, you’ve either got to watch the same trailers again, go somewhere else, or sign up for a membership. The regular rate here is $39 a month, which is a little pricier than your average paysite, but where else are you going to find such a roster of all-natural girls next door?


You can also customize your subscription if you want to save a few bucks and don’t need access to the full collection. They break it down into 3 sites—Solo Girls, Girl-Girl and Video Masturbation—and you can cut your rate down by opting out of one or two.


If you just want a few scenes, you can fund your pay-per-scene wallet for twenty-five bucks. The average scene ends up costing about $2.49, which ain’t bad. Then again, the regular membership includes downloads, making it the best option for most masturbators and collectors.


By the numbers, the full Abbywinters collection includes over 14 days’ worth of video. Even if you’re an absolute completionist who wants to fap your way through each and every video in the library, you’re going to be very busy for a while. I consider myself a professional at this, and I’d consider that a challenge.


On top of the already huge stash, they’re adding new movies almost every day. A few hours ago they posted a new solo video, and yesterday was a behind-the-scenes shoot with a couple lesbians backstage. They let you know what’s coming next, which is how I know I need to stop by again in 16 hours to check out a new girl-girl scene starring the lovely Adelina and Francisca.


Does Abbywinters Have Any Fetishes?

Next, I made my way to the Abby Winters Fetishes menu. It wasn’t what I’d expected, as Abbywinters uses the term “Fetish” differently than most sites. “We call activities and aspects of our models “fetishes” because we cannot think of a better word,” they write. Speaking as a guy who’s reviewed thousands of porn sites, most sites call them Categories and call it a day.



However they want to define things, they offer a nice range of amateur dirty movies. They’ve got Girl-Girl subgenres like Sex Acts and Unique Shoots, as well as Solo niches like Clothing Worn At All and Highest Posting Level for Solo Shoots. I gravitated toward the Girl-Boy Sex Acts category, though I was also intrigued by the girl taking a leak in the thumbnail for Solo: Interesting Activities.


I was interested enough to take a closer look at that latter category. breaks the Interesting Activities into a handful of subcategories, like Found Objects Insertions, Skater Girls, Anal Dildo and Pee Porn. I was a little surprised by the inclusion of the pee stuff, as I usually associate that with some of the messier, more hardcore sites.


I think I have a tendency to think of the Abbywinters brand of warm, sensual porno as softcore, which really ain’t the case. The site has blowjobs and creampies galore, just like you find on any good hardcore site. There’s even anal sex, salad tossing, face sitting and fisting. It ain’t soft by really any measure, but it’s all infused with that loving amateur enthusiasm that has always been part of the Abbywinters brand.


If you want to chat about the girls or comment on proposed shoots, check out the Abbywinters bulletin board. Message boards on paysites can be really hit or miss, depending on what kind of community they’ve managed to build. While this forum ain’t as hopping as a dedicated porn message board on its own domain, there’s more activity than you’d expect on a typical hardcore site.


There’s a bit of actual conversation going on here, which is a lot better than the endless pleas from sad, horny men you often find elsewhere. What’s more, the forums are also a good place to get more free samples if you’re too poor for a membership this month. The Models subforum is a wealth of beautiful amateur women, typically without their clothes on. has spent decades creating their recognizable brand of “wholesome” smut, and they’ve rightfully earned their place in porn history. How many other paysites do you know with their own Wikipedia entry? The collection is chock full of real women with real boobs, really enjoying themselves with their real boyfriends and real girlfriends. That alone will be a draw for fans of good amateur porno, while the huge collection and sensual aesthetic will keep you endlessly perusing the site with one free hand.

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