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Amateur Allure

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Amateur Allure

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AmateurAllure! I really love amateur movies. I love how the fucking is raw and real, captured on a whim because somebody happened to have their phone nearby while getting a BJ. Of course, bad amateur porn comes with a set of its own problems, like ugly girls, sloppy camerawork, and runtimes under 30 seconds. Sometimes I have to point my browser at more refined visions of amateur sex at sites like AmateurAllure.

Amateur Allure: Where Nice Girls Come to Swallow Cum. It’s a hell of a tagline, and that nice girl out on the adults-only greeting page looks like exactly the type of girl I like to watch dining on sperm. I clearly ain’t alone in that, because the site gets over 2,000 visitors every day. These guys have been peddling amateur smut since 2006, but they’ve had a recent resurgence in popularity. I’m into dirty movies, so naturally, I had to see what the fuss was all about.

The Freshest Crop of Amateur Pornstars

One of the first things you notice about, even before you actually get inside, are that the girls aren’t the typical chicks you see in DIY fuck movies. Hell, the girl on the warning screen could be a goddamn supermodel if she wanted to. These ain’t your typical bored housewives or elderly swingers.

The site straddles the line between amateur and professional pretty delicately, like the best amateur sites tend to do. Most of the movie thumbnails are clean, polished headshots of the girls you’ll soon be seeing with their mouths full of hard cock.

And just who are these “amateur” sluts at AmateurAllure? Honestly, if you’re a regular porn consumer, you’ve probably heard of some of them. We can get into a debate about how many Instagram followers you need before you graduate from amateur to pornstar, but who really cares? The cast is full of beauties you’ve never seen before, as well as some of the freshest current crop of rising pornstars.

Some of these girls will be starring in “teen” movies well into their twenties, some even longer if they put their hair in pigtails. These guys do their best to capture horny girls on film when they’re still actual (18+)teenagers, with all the innocence and hormones that entails.

You can catch some of those freshly legal starlets and the kinds of dirty shit AmateurAllure has them doing in the one-minute free previews out front. They’ve got Liv Wild fucking her way to a free meal of sperm, Audrey Hempburne impaled from both ends, and 18+ teen schoolgirls Athena May and Ellie Eilish in a face-fucking, cum-swallowing double feature. Personal favorite Brooklyn Grey recently dropped by the give one of her famous sloppy blowjobs, and they’ve even got Jane Wilde’s first scene in 4k. Believe me; I’m already mapping my masturbatory attack plan for when I finish this review.

Hundreds of Exclusive Pornos and Weekly Updates

I’m not going to bullshit you: has one of the most expensive memberships of any paysite I’ve reviewed this week. The going rate for most premium adult content is thirty bucks a month. That’s what almost any random hardcore site charges, and so do the big networks like Reality Kings. Amateur Allure, on the other hand, is asking $38 a month. It ain’t a bank-breaker, more akin to an extra cup of coffee per month in any big city, but it’s not going to appeal to value porn shoppers.

One of the main things I look for on any paysite is consistent updates, and I like what I see here. They’ve got an “Amateur Allure and Coronavirus” message right inside the member’s area. It talks about the increased uptick in visitors since people started social distancing, and steps they’re taking to keep everyone safe and keep the site up and running. Most importantly, though, at least to the masturbators out there, is that they’re adding updates every week.

Another major membership perk is the massive fuck movie library you get immediate access to. Weekly updates really add the fuck up when you’ve been at it since 2006. As of this writing, has nearly 700 exclusive, explicit hardcore amateur moviesin their collection. I’m a professional masturbator, and even I get a little overwhelmed when I see numbers like that. I guess I’d better call my Cialis guy.

Amateur Models or Professional Sluts?

I picked the first movie I wanted to see half an hour ago, but I’ve been typing this out with an aching hard-on instead of just fapping right away. It’s all in a day’s work when you’re The Porn Dude. I saw an adorable girl-next-door face as I was browsing thumbnails, and I kind of wondered what’s all in a day’s work for that angelic young thing. It turns out the video title gives away kind of a lot: Amateur Allure Welcomes Aphia DeMieux to Suck Cock, Fuck, and Swallow Cum.

Aphia is the kind of rising starlet who fits in perfectly around AmateurAllure. The gamer cutie got into this game about a year ago, and has been getting more and more attention. She’s AVN-nominated and was the CAMstar girl back in December, but she’s still relatively low-profile. She was certainly an amateur when she started, but is she now? That’s up for debate, but she’s going to be a fresh face for most of you pervs.

The half-hour flick opens with an interview. Aphia tells us she’s a webcam model before posing for the camera. She’s not wearing any underwear, so there’s a lot to see when she lifts her little dress. She says she hasn’t “really” done anything like this before, but she’s not nervous, only excited.

“So what do you think of our movies?” the cameraman asks, to which she responds, “Get down on my knees?” I love this girl’s style! The blowjob begins about 2 minutes into the movie.

It’s crisp HD, but it’s shot with a soft-focus and high contrast, washing out a little bit of the detail. It gives the movies a wet-dreamlike feel, which is further enhanced by the otherworldly pastel lighting they’ve used in other recent flicks.

Earlier, I was reviewing their sister site, SwallowSalon, which uses the same video style. One thing I’ve noticed in all the movies I watched on both sites is how goddamn pretty their eyes always look in the POV shots. It’s called Amateur Allure, but there’s always a professional consistency in the lighting and the camerawork. It’s just a dude and a chick in a room with a camera, and feels that way, but without any cinematic sloppiness to pull you out of the scene.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on how well Aphia bangs. If this is amateur sex, a professional would probably make your dick explode from all the blood rushing to your shaft. She uses her hands and her entire mouth when she’s giving head, and gently works the balls like a true master. It’s a nice, long beej, running half the length of the film before she gets her pussy hammered. She’s got an oral fixation, though, and soon gets back to slurping.

So, What’s the Catch?

I did find the baked-in video player at Amateur Allure a little bit lacking. It’s really fucking basic, with no speed controls, but the bigger issue was the jerkiness of the forward and back buttons. It was difficult to replay my favorite moments because the video would skip too far in either direction. Fortunately, downloads are included with the membership, so I could watch Aphia’s little adventure in a better app.

My biggest complaint about Amateur Allure is definitely that high price tag. It’s a difficult thing to justify when other sites offer a lot more for less, at least if we’re talking sheer quantity. On the other hand, the studio seems to have a really keen eye for up-and-coming talent in the business, so this is a good place to watch relative newbies in the business really come up as you cum.

They’ve got those free trailers out front at, so check those out if you’re into polished “amateur” smut by relative porn newcomers. That’s the best way to decide if the membership is worth it, because their flicks are remarkably consistent in terms of production values, talent, and sheer fappability.

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