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My Dirty Hobby! We’ve all come across the spammy, bullshit “hook up with horny singles in your area tonight!” ads and links on popular porn sites. How many times have you been tricked into creating a “free account” with a site like this, thinking that maybe, just maybe, it will be legit, and you’ll be boning before sundown? Well, I only hope that you never gave out your credit card information to one of these many scam sites. Because you ain’t getting fucked (well, actually, you might be getting fucked, in the sense that someone drains your bank account instead of your balls).


Either way, although we have all seen fake sites that promise real interaction with sexy girls in our area, one thing is for certain: none of them ever lead to real interaction with sexy girls in our area. Just hundreds upon hundreds of emails that we end up filtering straight to our spam folders. Why, though, I’ve often wondered, are there not real sites out there that could lead to potential banging? It seems as if our options are limited to dating sites like Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and OkCupid.


All of these sites are fine for dating, sure, and all of them can potentially lead to you busting a nut on some hot 18-year-old’s perky tits. But (and this is a huge but) you have to have game in order to make it happen. I’ve gotten laid countless times thanks to Tinder. It was not necessarily easy, though. Each and every one of those lays took time, effort, and energy that I would obviously rather not have to put into getting laid. We all know that the connotation of being on Tinder is ‘I need a good fucking;” however, girls on these sites are not always straightforward about that. Why aren’t there sites where the girls are clear about what they want? A site where you don’t have to court her, you both know explicitly why you’re there.


Well, I may have finally found the answer to this problem in the form of a site called My Dirty Hobby. The name might even already sound familiar to you. Maybe you’ve come across a video produced by My Dirty Hobby on one of the many free porn tubes out there. This site, though, I am happy to report, is way more than just a bunch of amateur porn videos. is a whole sexy social network, with plenty of horny girls to chat with either in your area or abroad.



Cam Site – Amateur Porn Site – Adult Social Network

Part cam site, part social network, and part porn site, My Dirty Hobby combines the best parts of all of our favorite kinds of adult sites in one. If all you want to do is bust a quick nut and fap to some good old-fashioned pornography, you can, by all means, do so. If you’re craving something a little more interactive, chat with (and even share your own video stream with) one of the many beautiful cam girls the site offers.



Or maybe you’d rather shoot your shot and see if you can get a chick from your area to meet up with you; if so, you have that option as well. The only limitation to be met with on My Dirty Hobby is your own desire. Well, that and money. It’s always money, isn’t it?


My Dirty Hobby employs a monetary system that will likely be familiar to you if you’ve ever used an adult cam site before. Instead of paying girls directly, you purchase tokens, which are called Dirty Cents. Therefore, everything you do or view on My Dirty Hobby costs a certain amount of this currency. Even something as simple as viewing a lady’s pictures can be commodified. Many girls also have their own homemade porn that they sell on the site for Dirty Cents (she sets her own price).


Oh, and before I forget, My Dirty Hobby differs from any other social network you’ve been on in that they even charge per message (about 10 Dirty Cents for each message sent). So, although there is the potential to actually talk to a girl and get her to suck your dick later on, you will be paying for the attempt, so you better make it count! Definitely don’t want to waste 10 Dirty Cents for something like “sup.”



Great Site Design, Extremely User-Friendly

The site itself is extremely well put together. Although there are plenty of different corners of it, you will never be confused about how to use it or where you are to find what you’re looking for. This is, in part, due to the super helpful site navigation menu located on the left of every page you visit. It’s clearly organized and makes navigating the site intuitive. Simply choose between “Amateurs” (Online, Top Amateurs, Top Newcomers, Exclusive Amateurs), “Webcams,” “Videos” (Latest, Top, Video Sales, Categories), “Photos,” “Community,” “My Profile,” “Upgrade to VIP,” “Favorites,” “Notifications,” “My Visitors,” “Wishlist,” and “My Library” (Recently Viewed, My Playlists).



Simple enough, right? Below the navigation bar, you’ll also find a map of your country. Easily click on your state in order to browse members from your area. To the right of this, the middle of the homepage, you’ll find a gallery of featured girls who are online. Simply click a thumbnail to be brought to her profile. Below that is a gallery of thumbnails for this week’s top videos, and then a gallery of thumbnails of live cam amateurs. Plus, making your life even easier, to the right of the page you’ll find a chat box, a list of your favorite girls. Here, you can easily discern if one is online and, within seconds, send her a message, access her cam, or go to her profile.


Each member’s profile includes a timeline of her posts (this includes both videos and photos, listed from most recent to oldest), a tab devoted solely to her videos, one to her pics, an About Me section, and a blog. Conveniently chat with her or add her to your favorites with the click of a button. But be careful. As I said before each and every little thing you do (message, watch videos, view pics, access live stream) will cost you Dirty Cents. It can get really expensive really quickly.



Tame Cams, Undercutting Models

Since I just brought it up again, let’s talk about the live webcam streams for a moment. My Dirty Hobby has a bit of a different approach than your typical adult cam site. So, on most cam sites, you don’t have to pay anything to view a girl’s cam outside of private mode. On My Dirty Hobby, though, just to have access to a girl’s public stream, you have to pay a pretty penny. In fact, the lowest price I saw was 99 Dirty Cents per minute (It went up to 299 per minute from what I saw).



That is a pretty fucking penny considering that you have no idea what she’ll be doing or willing to do when you access her video stream. And, just to reiterate, you have to pay at least the initial 99 Dirty Cents just to access her cam and see if you want to stick around. Then, on top of that, you have to pay even more just to have a private chat with her. This seems like a flawed system to me, especially since the girls on My Dirty Hobby appear to be a little more conservative than the cam girls you’ll find on, say, Chaturbate or Cam Soda. I entered like five rooms where the girl was fully clothed and expressed that she intended to remain so.


This might have something to do with the fact that, as one girl told me, My Dirty Hobby takes a huge chunk of what the ladies earn in cam revenue. According to her, the site takes 50% of all earnings. And that’s just fucking highway robbery. No wonder the models aren’t willing to give it up more readily, they’re trying to squeeze every Dirty Cent they can out of you, knowing that their online pimps are taking half of everything they make. I would implore My Dirty Hobby to lower that percentage significantly in order to make everyone happier, model and viewer alike.


But, having said all that, if you have a shit ton of money to burn and want a social network of amateur porn goddesses that you can both fap to and chat with, My Dirty Hobby is the place for you. I really like this site model of interactive/social media porn and I wish there were more sites that did stuff like this because I think it is where online porn should be headed right now, but I just wish it wouldn’t cost me my left nut to have any real fun.


Anyone who reads my reviews regularly knows how much I fucking despise ads and, thankfully, My Dirty Hobby does not have any (at least not that I could find), but I would almost prefer that they did make use of ads so that I wasn’t paying for every fucking breath I took on this site! And so that, of course, these beautiful girls can actually start making some real money for what they do.

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