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PornForce (fantasy)

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PornForce (fantasy)

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Porn Force sounds precisely like the type of force I love to reckon with, but that isn’t saying much; slap the word “porn” on damn near anything, and I’m going to have to take a look. Maybe the keyword, in this case, is actually the “force” part of the title, implying strength and energy as part of a physical motion. I think we might have gone over something like that in physics class back in school, but I’ll be honest, I was always too busy studying human anatomy to hear what the teacher was saying, by which I mean I was whacking off looking at all the pretty girls. Perhaps this next website can clarify the definition of force for me. Then again, I’m usually more likely to fill an old sock with sperm than my mind with hard science, at least when hot babes are involved.


Oh, and hot babes are definitely involved. is a premium hardcore site where girls next door get railed. They’re a younger site, having uploaded their first filthy fuck flick at the beginning of 2021, but they get a respectable volume of traffic for a relatively new kid on the block. I’ve been horny since I woke up this morning, so without any further ado, let’s see what all these perverts are shaking their dicks at.



What’s the Girl Next Door Really Up To?

The thumbnails out on the tour page for Porn Force set the tone right away. Most porn on the internet these days falls into the hardcore category, but some sites are more hardcore than others. Porn Force leans toward the harder end of that spectrum, greeting visitors with images of young 18+ girls getting fucked hard every which way. Babes get held down, hair pulled, face fucked, and stretched out. A couple of chicks out front have tears streaming down their faces as they flash mouthfuls of sperm, and others are going cross-eyed from all that cock.



The presentation is polished and modern, though I don’t immediately see pornstars I recognize, as I might on other paysites. That isn’t to say the girls are ugly because they’re anything but. PornForce focuses on young, gorgeous 18+ amateurs. Most of the girls are in their late teens or early twenties, with nary a MILF to be seen unless you’re counting some of the bonus content further down the page.


They’ve got some free previews out front, so I checked out the trailer for the newest film, entitled EXTREME Brain Melt Orgasms for Czech Babe Alexis Crystal – BLEACHED RAW – EP 17. Alexis is bent over a couch, facing the camera as a dude hammers her from behind. There’s a smack-smack-smack rhythm of flesh on flesh, interspersed only with the girl’s moans. It’s a surprisingly simple but effective sneak peek, just a one-minute shot of sex instead of the usual montage, but I’m hard as a rock before it’s over.


I took in a couple of more PornForce trailers, including a close-up blowjob from a dark-haired little whore, and one where a (18+)teen slut alternates between jerking and sucking two dicks. Another features a bald old guy eating out a chick way the fuck out of his league, and then there was the pigtailed girl next door getting boned doggy-style while playing a video game. At a minute a pop, the previews were enticing as hell but a little short to really crank it to. I needed to see the full version.



Catch the Headline Show and Maybe a Matinee, Too

I made my way to the signup page to see what the damage would be. The regular price is thirty bucks a month like it is almost anywhere else, and they’ve also got a ten-dollar weekly rate if you just want to try it out. Keep in mind, though, that it rebills weekly, so you’ll end up paying extra if you keep that membership instead of switching over to the regular one.



It isn’t uncommon for paysites to offer discounted memberships on other paysites, but I rarely mention them in these reviews. The package deals here are better than average, though, and worth a look. For sixty bucks, you can get a year of PornForce, Mr. Lucky POV, and Spizoo. Well, the deal is only valid for the first year, but that’s a hell of a deal on premium smut. You can read my full reviews of either bonus site here at ThePornDude, but to sum it up, Mr. Lucky POV is a highly stylized POV porn site, while Spizoo offers a nice, wide mix of content.


Even if you opt for the basic membership, you still get access to a couple of bonus sites with your subscription. The current bonuses include the self-explanatory Homemade Anal Whores, plus DTFSluts, which is similar in vibes to Porn Force but with more famous models. Their current menu consists of a handful of personal favorites like Abella Danger, Whitney Wright, and Riley Reid. So it looks like I won’t be leaving the masturbation chamber this weekend.


You get a pretty damn decent bang for your buck even without counting the bonus content. There are currently 60 Porn Force movies on the menu. It’s a sizable collection for a website this age, and most scenes are nice and lengthy. Also, a few of the recent videos on the front page run nearly an hour and a half long, and that’s fantastic. The flipside is that some of the updates are painfully short, like a recent threesome blowjob that clocks in at just ten minutes. They add a new movie every week, though, so the pile is growing fast.



Putting the Force in Porn Force

I liked the look of the green-haired chick getting nailed in the thumbnail for Porn Force’s recent flick, Young Russian (18+)Teen Loves It Rough, so it seemed like a good place to start my official fap test of the site. I clicked through to the hour-long movie and hit the Play button. There wasn’t any noticeable buffering before the cutie, named Laruna, appeared on the screen. She smiles at the camera, giggles, and flashes her tongue before leaning in to start the POV blowjob. She mouths it, licks it from balls to tip, and gets a little wonky-eyed as she goes deep, bobbing her head. A couple of minutes in, the cameraman grabs her hair and starts pushing Laruna’s head onto his cock.



True to the film title, the young Russian 18+ teen really does seem to love it rough. The dude smacks her with his hand and cock, which only seems to get her more excited. Twelve minutes in, she lays on her back, eyes rolling back while the guy fucks her mouth. She glugs when her mouth is full and squeaks whenever she can catch a breath, huffing, puffing, and flashing little smiles.


A few minutes later, he’s fucking her doggy-style while holding her hair like a handle. This is barely a quarter of the way through the movie, and it only gets hotter and harder from there. There’s hard nipple pinching, prone bone, and some rough missionary to come. By the end of it, the (18+)teen slut’s pretty face has been squirted with sperm, and so has my laptop. I need to clean this sticky fucking keyboard sometime.


It’s a nice enough scene that I saved it for later. members can download all their favorite movies to watch later. So even if you don’t sign up for that yearly plan I mentioned, this is a good place to stock up your offline porn stash, especially if you’re into amateur college-aged sluts from around the world.


Those young, freaky 18+ whores are definitely one of the main selling points of Porn Force, the other being all the force they’re fucked with. I went in thinking it was just kind of a generic porn site title, but there’s a lot of force involved here, whether it’s hair-pulling, arms held down, or just the sheer power these chicks are getting hammered with. is an easy recommendation for masturbators looking for something where the girls next door are getting fucked hard. Check the free previews out front, and don’t forget all that bonus material they tack on to round out the membership. This one’s a winner.

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