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Brand New Amateurs

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Brand New Amateurs

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If you love Brand New Amateurs, well, you sound like a pretty normal warm-blooded human being. I’m pretty much always down to watch beautiful women fucking, but there’s something extra special when she’s a legitimate girl next door. These babes ain’t blown out or burned out by the industry, and they come with the innocence of not having their brains fucked out on camera for years. I love famous pornstars as much as anybody else, but they can’t recreate those early scenes where they’re getting their video cherries popped.


As you may have guessed from the title, that’s pretty much the whole gimmick behind, a long-running paysite focused on brand-new amateur models in dirty sex scenes. They’ve been banging out the hits since 2013, which practically makes them ancient in internet years. Longevity counts for a lot in this business, because so many sites lose momentum long before they get this old. I ain’t surprised, given they’ve got such a classic theme; who doesn’t want to see sexy randos sucking, fucking and tossing salad? Of course, there’s only one way to be entirely sure a site and its porno is fapworthy, which is why I’m lubing up right now. Let’s see how it goes, huh?


Let’s Watch Some Brand New Amateurs

I don’t mean this as a burn, but BrandNewAmateurs looks like a site that’s nearly a decade old. Most sites that have been around for a while show their age, so it’s certainly no dealbreaker, nor is the site ugly. The logo’s a tiny bit crusty, but it looks like they’ve put some effort into keeping up with the times, unlike some of the other old-time porn sites that still survive. The images are crisp and crystal clear, for one thing, and they’ve included that modern auto-playing montage at the top.



Oh, and let’s talk about that montage. It’s got beautiful girls who I don’t recognize fondling each other, making out, as well as sucking titties and cock. Even just looking at these rapid-fire preview shots, I’m instantly turned out by the fun, casual, playful vibes. Girls are flashing fuck-me faces and big smiles at each other and the cameraman, and goddamn, how I would love to join the action! Ah, that’s the vicarious thrill of pornography, ain’t it?


As far as the theme goes, Brand New Amateurs really is shooting with beautiful, sexy brand new amateurs. I’m a professional masturbator and a newly minted pornstar myself, and I only see a few vaguely recognizable faces. Hell, I consider PornDudeCasting to be an amateur site, but I’m still banging some chicks you might have jerked off to before. Shake your dick at BrandNewAmateurs and you’ll probably be fapping to these girls for the very first time. You ready to form some new porn crushes?


It’s a nice range of broads, too. The site’s motto is “The Newest Girl-Next-Door,” which conjures images of fresh-faced 18-year-old teens. You’ll find plenty of them, to be sure, but they’ve also got older babes and MILFs. According to the blurb out front, there are even GILFs on the menu. Even without leaving the tour page, I see a veritable smorgasbord of exposed flesh on blondes, brunettes and redheads. There are lesbians, BBWs, goth chicks and exotic little hotties.


If you’re a little hard up on cash this month or just looking to try before you by, they offer some limited free previews. I say “limited” because you get cut off after a certain number, but that certain number is twenty. Unlike most other paysites where they limit your previews, they give you enough that you can probably get yourself off. Is that a challenge? Yes, it is.


One of the featured scenes in the What’s Hot section out front is called Nicky Huntsman First Audition. Nicky ain’t totally underheard of, as she’s currently ranked #579 on Pornhub. I couldn’t find an upload date, but her scene on is clearly an older piece from her catalog. Looks like they caught her when she really could be counted among brand new amateurs.


It’s just a 45-second preview, beginning with a POV shot of Nicky groping the cameraman’s junk through his pants. He takes them off, which also gives us a quick shot of Nicky’s full, beautiful, naked body. That’s where it ends, though, leaving me with aching blue balls and a hard lust for more. I guess I’d better make my way inside.


How Much Amateur Porn Do You Want?

If you’re not looking for a full-on amateur porn membership, BrandNewAmateurs does offer individual Videos On Demand (VOD). You can buy or rent Nicky’s scene for ten bucks or rent the HD version for nine. There’s also a photo pack for a few bucks if you’re into stills. I like that they include a lot of posed photos, instead of just giving you a bunch of automatically generated screengrabs from the video. They’ve got over 15,000 photos in the full archive, so the place is a goldmine if you’re into those.



Personally, I like the moving pictures, and plenty of them. That’s why I made my way to the signup page to see what the damage would be for the full ticket. Wouldn’t you know it? Membership is cheaper than your average paysite. The current deal is $24 for the first month and then twenty bones recurring. Compare that to everywhere else, where they’re typically asking thirty bucks every thirty days.


They keep the perks old-school, too, just like you’d expect for a premium porn site in established in 2013. Downloads are included, so go ahead and stock up. A hard drive full of amateur porn will probably be really useful when you’re bartering for fuel and ammunition after society finally crumbles.


It kind of goes without saying that if a site has been around this long, they’ve had plenty of time to build up a hell of a collection. Their release schedule is a little bit irregular, but they do promise and deliver regular updates. That adds up. I’m talking about hundreds of amateur porn videos totaling over 350 hours. Even as a professional, it’s going to take me a while to crank my way through the entire collection. Wish me luck!


Show Me the Sexy Naked Ladies

There’s a recent scene on BrandNewAmateurs starring Carmen Valentina that caught my eye. Carmen ain’t brand new, though I would say she’s a little underrated because I’m crazy about those thick legs, round ass and pretty face. Her flick seemed like a perfect place to begin my official PornDude fap test.



Some of the movies here are short, like the ten-minute ginger BBW teen scene added recently. A lot of the movies are nice and long, though, with Carmen’s clocking in around eighty minutes. It opens with an interview, similar to what I’m doing over at PornDudeCasting. (Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’ve got a nicer couch.) The clothes start coming off around 35 minutes into it, and she masturbates ten minutes later. In typical porno fashion, it all gets hotter and heavier from there.


I love Carmen and I love the variety of sex acts in this video. She gives a POV blowjob and even rims the dude, which seems to be a popular thing to do around here. If you like to see women eating male ass, you’re going to love this site. That segues into missionary and then doggy, and I’d tell you where the sperm ends up, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. At the end, Carmen takes the camera into the bathroom with her and shares a few words with the mirror, looking absolutely fucking stunning in the buff. is easily worth a look if you’re into the genre. They do a great job finding sexy sluts, willing to get nasty on video, even if it might be their very first time. I’d say the amateur models and newcomers are the site’s best asset, and the huge library ensures you get a really solid bang for your buck. There are plenty of free previews, so go do some window shopping before you decide to pay for the whole thing.

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