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Do you know what’s hotter than a pornstar pretending to be a horny housewife getting fucked on video in her kitchen? A horny housewife getting fucked on video in her kitchen. Yeah, that studio-produced “amateur” stuff is fun and definitely worth shaking your dick at, but there’s something to be said about watching real amateurs getting all hot and bothered. On Zoig, you can see genuine perverts getting nasty not for money, but because it makes them so fucking wet to know you’re watching. only gets a couple of million views a month, which makes it relatively small as far as porn sites go. What really sets it apart is the loyal userbase they’ve built over the last 11 years, and the content they upload. The landing page spells it out: Zoig has around 150,000 movies and 1.4 million photos uploaded by nearly a million real, active members.



Signing Up For Free

Zoig tries to get you to sign up straight off the bat, telling you over and over again that membership is free. Right. Membership is free, technically, but your account isn’t much use if you haven’t paid for it.



It actually takes a little digging or actually signing up to figure out how much Zoig costs. The basic cost is around $30 a month, though it’s cheaper if you buy a few months or a year at a time. I wish they were more upfront about what they were charging for homemade cumshot movies, but the price isn’t unreasonable. In fact, it’s in line with pretty much every other porn site on the Internet.


There are a few ways to get real access for free, though it will take some kind of investment on your part. The easiest way to get 7 days of access is to take a photo of yourself with Zoig written on your body or even just a piece of paper. Uploading 3 minutes of homemade hardcore earns you a month. Continually adding new material will earn you zDollars, which will keep that membership going.


You can also earn some time by referring friends, but DIY smut is always going to be the best way to play for free. Zoig does everything they can to encourage people to upload their own homemade cocksucking flicks. It’s one of the reasons the site is so fucking active.



This Site is So Fucking Active

As soon as you log in, Zoig gives you a feed of submissions currently being viewed at that very moment, as well as a bunch of recently popular content. My screen is a wall of college whores gobbling cock, chubby sluts working their clits with toys, and MILFs getting hosed down with cum. It’s obvious from the picture quality and the girls that most, if not all of this is legit home porno.



If the warts-and-all approach of amateur fuck films has scared you away from the genre, grow a fucking pair. Sure, there are a few uglies mixed in, but don’t pretend you’ve never cranked it to a butterface. Most chicks with an exhibitionist streak like showing it off because they know they look fucking hot. Check out the Zoig feed if you don’t believe me. I challenge you to look with a soft dick.


There’s a Content Filter near the top, letting you Hide the Dicks, Hide the Pussies, or Show All. If you’re a straight dude, you’ll want to Hide the Dicks. It doesn’t actually hide ALL of the dicks. If there’s a broad interacting with it, you know, sucking it clean or spreading her twat for it, that dick will show up in your feed. It only hides the gay and solo stuff.


To get an idea of how active the site is, I checked out the Videos page and sorted by Most Recent clips. It looks like about 50 new scenes have been uploaded in the last day. The Pictures page shows even more activity; in under twenty-four hours, Zoig users have uploaded hundreds of amateur photos of their luscious titties, puckered assholes, and dildo-stuffed twats.


Fifty new clips a day is a really solid number for a sex site. Some of the better porn site networks are respected for having just two new updates a day. It’s important to put Zoig’s clips in a little bit of context here.


Since this is real, homemade smut, the clips are short. The pros might upload two full-length pornos with professionals fucking a dozen different ways all over a couple of dirty movie sets. The amateurs at Zoigs upload 50 clips, but most of them are one sex act, falling into the one-to-five minute range. That’s what happens when you’re just grabbing the camera whenever you’re horny, not hiring a crew and handing out Viagra. It’s a fair trade-off for fans of DIY fuck movies.


Given the whole site is built on user contributions, it’s no surprise the forums are a more hopping place than on your typical porn site. I know my readers, so I think these might be exactly your kind of perverts. There’s a lot of discussion about where to find horny people and how to masturbate in front of your wife.


For a live, right-now view of what’s hot on Zoig, click the Zoig Live link near the top. It brings you to a feed of the content that’s just been Liked, Commented On, or Collected on the site. The page is in a constant state of motion, with new lingerie selfies, blowjob pics, and homemade cumshot vids all fighting for the top position.



Let’s Watch the Neighbors Fuck

I went back to the main page and browsed some of the submissions that have been popular lately. One screengrab caught my eye. This little tattooed bitch was bent over a bed, taking a dick from behind. The timestamp in the corner said it was barely over a minute long, but the description said people have been asking for this clip. I clicked through to watch.



The video player is extremely basic: play/pause, volume, fullscreen. A message at the top told me I was watching in High Resolution, but Regular Quality was also available. No thanks. The dude who shot the clip used a good phone, but it’s still obviously a phone video.


It is extremely fucking hot, though, and I understand why it’s so popular. The little whore is tattooed, but when I watched fullscreen I saw he’d also shamed her by writing on her tight body with a marker. The moans and squeals that escape her mouth pressed against the mattress sound so much sexier. Take it, you nasty slut!


I clicked Like and added the clip to my collection. I’d like to enjoy this a few more times tonight. After that, I checked out the uploader’s profile. The lucky motherfucker has uploaded a dozen videos of his adventures with different broads.


Scrolling through his collection, I see he has a few longer videos that are marked as Private Uploads. There’s no screengrab, just a little icon of a padlock and the words FRIENDS ONLY.


Zoig encourages interaction between users with some social media features you’d expect on a much cleaner site. If your cousin accepts your friend request on Facebook, you can Like her photos of dinner at Red Lobster. If this dude accepts my friend request, I can Like his photos of dinner at some slut’s pink clam.


There’s a Video Chat feature that doesn’t work like you’d expect. Instead of a bunch of babes with cams, as you’d find on almost any other porn site, the page drops you into a text chatroom with a bunch of Zoig users. Some have cameras, but most don’t. During my visit, there were only a couple of ladies in the chat, and neither one had a cam. I don’t enjoy looking at live penises on the Internet, so I didn’t stick around long.


Overall, I’d say Zoig is worth the membership if you love amateur pornography. It’s not polished or professional, but that’s its entire appeal. The babes getting plowed here aren’t doing it for the paycheck or the fame. They’re doing it because they’re horny as hell, and it gets them hotter to know you’re watching. Honestly, you’d be kind of an asshole not to oblige these amateur nymphomaniacs.

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