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Ready to join Newbie Nudes? One of the drawbacks of reviewing porn all day is that I can’t see regular women without picturing them naked. I want to check out the checkout girl’s hooters, I’d like to examine that jogging chick’s cunt, and I just have to watch my neighbor get stuffed by one of her boyfriends. Newbie Nudes specializes in exactly that kind of smut: amateur pics and videos of the real girls next door. has been on the Internet since 2002, making it a dinosaur in computer years. They’ve managed to stick around, though, which is better than most sex sites could ever hope for, let alone amateur ones. Right now they get a couple of million visits a month, which ain’t bad for a porn site. It’s even better if they’re an active community of perverts.

Millions of Amateur Pics and Videos

At the top of the very top of the screen, NewbieNudes calls itself The World’s Best Amateur Nude Community. Right below that, they’re claiming to have The World’s Hottest Amateur Nudes. That’s great, but even third-rate porn tubes are the biggest and best if you listen to the keyword talk. I’m more impressed by hard numbers, like the ones they post beneath the header.

The first box says they’ve got 4.2 million real members who have posted more than 15.4 million homemade pics and videos. The second box says they’ve got 3.9 million photos and over 110,000 real amateur videos for your pleasure. Even if they stuck you in the retard math class in school, you should be able to spot the problem here. Either 11 million pieces of content were added and then removed from the site, or they just made up the figures to sound impressive.

Four million is still a good number to have as your low estimate, though. That’s a ton of porno. Based on what I’m seeing out front, it’s pretty wide-ranging stuff. NewbieNudes has users of all (legal) ages and from all over the whole world. A lot of amateur sites have a specific type, like the elderly or the Instagram-famous, but I see everyone here.

There are women and men, trannies and couples on the front page. The thumbnails show a lot of solo shots, but there are also whole sections carved out for BJ Photos and Fucking Pics Highlights. Lots of the broads have NN written across a breast.

Most of the tiny pics send me to the larger versions. A few of them, like this sexy little Asian babe and an English chick with her pussy and asshole on display, send me to pages saying I’ll need to sign up. The cock-sucking amateur threesome thumbnail, supposedly a screengrab from a video, sent me to an ominous message that I’d need a premium NewbieNudes account to watch.

Sign Up for Free Bigger Titties

Sign-up is painless. Enter your preferred username and password, give them an email address, and you’re off. You’re logged in immediately, but you’ll need to click the activation link in your email for better access to the goods.

The page is still sliced up into the same categories when you log in. That Asian babe is still at the top of the Recent Popular Real Newbies Girls, so I click through to see what was hidden before.

I half-expected something other than just a larger version of the chick standing in the shower. When you show me blowjob pics and then make me sign up for something else, I assume something else is more hardcore. In this case, it’s just a larger photo than free users are allowed to see. A message at the bottom says Premium Members get an even larger version.

They’ve got the front-page categories laid out pretty well, so you can browse a ton of the newest and hottest stuff without having to dig too hard. I spent a while admiring a tattooed slut from Today’s Featured Girls, and a voluptuous babe from the Popular Verified Profiles.

It’s kind of weird that Popular Verified Profiles is a separate category. At the bottom of the page, they talk about how there’s No Fake Profiles because they hate them as much as you do. Shouldn’t that make all the profiles Verified?

Who Do You Want to Jerk Off to Today?

Even the most deviant minds tend to have some kind of preferences. The filter in the left sidebar will help you narrow your galleries down a bit. You’ll probably want to start with Poster Gender, which includes Male, Female, and Couple, but no Trans options. You can add a region if you want, and hide the dicks or pussies.

A large section of the filter is grayed out, locked until I upgrade to a premium membership. The added filters include post date and poster age, as well as a few ways to sort by popularity. One of the checkboxes asks “Is it verified?” It’s an odd question to ask on a site with supposedly No Fake Profiles.

I spent a few minutes looking for an explanation before I gave up. If there’s a difference between regular not-fake profiles and Verified not-fake profiles, they’re not really in a hurry to tell you about it.

Home-Grown Real Videos

I’d been avoiding the section of Popular Videos Today. The thumbnails of the girl fingering herself and the one playing with her tits made me hard, but I already know what’s behind that threesome pic. They’re going to try to hook me and sell me an upgraded membership.

The banner in the middle of the front page got me. “Home Grown Real Videos,” it said. “You won’t find a video collection like this anywhere else.” The same can be said of most amateur collections, but it’s always one of my favorite things about them.

The View Hardcore Amateur Videos page makes a compelling argument for membership. Presented gallery-style are 32 pages of movies, 1,881 items in total, sorted by Popularity. The default viewing category is Posted Last 30 Days. NewbieNudes gave some fucked-up numbers earlier about how much content they have, but the format here is harder to fudge. It’s a quickly growing site, that’s for sure.

That threesome blowjob is number one on the site, followed by a MILF going to town on her friend. Asians, Black girls, Latinas and hella White girls show off their cooters, and I’d really love to watch the videos.

Amateur Video Fans Pay at the Pump

The thumbnail that got me was a chick groping her own huge breasts in what looked like an office. I’m a real sucker for public indecency. I clicked through and faced up to the Premium upsell.

You actually have two ways to pay on NewbieNudes. For 5 bucks, you can buy 5 Nudles, which you can then exchange for 10 movies. It’s a stupid way to say movies are 50 cents each, but I’m not the marketing guy. If the crackhead pay-per-hit model doesn’t appeal to you, there’s also the Premium membership.

The Premium membership is thirty bucks a month to start, and then drops a little bit when it rebills. Thirty is the going rate for most paysites these days, and it’s rare to get an automatic discount like this. As usual, it gets even cheaper if you subscribe for longer periods of time.

Without any video freebies, I’m left guessing about the premium stuff. The pics I’ve seen are fucking solid, so the videos should probably be hot as hell, too. I have to assume NewbiesNudes videos are shorter than typical porn scenes, because amateur clips usually are. It’s a different format. As far as volume, we’ve certainly got a winner.

Ultimately, I think NewbieNudes’s (often misspelled as “newbinudes”) biggest strength is the sheer amount of amateur porn they’ve got here. I recommend browsing the pictures for a while first, since it doesn’t cost anything. Upgrade if you want to see the same horny (18+)teens and housewives move when they fuck.

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