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Hoby Buchanon

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Hoby Buchanon

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Just who is Hoby Buchanon? Well, I’ve got to assume it’s the guy with his eyes blurred out on the front page of the website bearing his name. Even if I’m wrong and he’s hidden behind the camera or otherwise indisposed, it doesn’t change the nature of the smut we’ll be looking at today. Whoever Hoby really is, his name has become associated with rough, nasty, hardcore dirty sex caught on video. In other words, he’s probably just your kind of dude. has been peddling premium rough sex porno movies since 2019. The blurb out front calls it “The #1 Site for Face Fucking/Rough Sex Videos,” which is a bold claim backed up by a couple hundred thousand visitors a month. You don’t pull that kind of traffic if you’re slanging bullshit, so the numbers alone tell me this one’s worth busting out the lube for. It’s time to slap the ol’ pocket pussy around with my boner while watching pretty girls get similar treatment.



Some Like It Rough, Really Rough

Let’s go back to that front-page image with the blurred-out eyes for a second, shall we? It’s the very first thing you’ll see when you pull up HobyBuchanon in your browser, and it really sets the stage for the whole show. The guy’s got his arms wrapped tightly around the necks of a couple beautiful women, both with cum dripping out of their pretty mouths. My dude looks to be in total control of the situation, dominating these babes, but they’ve all got big, happy smiles on their faces.



If you’re a regular internet porn consumer, there’s a good chance you’ll recognize these babes: they’re Sera Ryder and Chloe Temple. I’ve actually boned them both on the PornDudeCasting couch, though I only met them one at a time. Hoby Buchanon has similar tastes to yours truly, as evidenced by all the grade-A pussy we have in common. Lana Smalls, Mackenzie Mace, Jasmine Wilde and Kylie Quinn are just a few more of the babes we’ve both smashed.


Hoby’s shooting rough sex movies with gorgeous pornstars, rising starlets and legitimate first-time amateurs. The Hotties section is a sprawling six-page picture menu of sexy sluts, often thumbnailed with jizz on their faces, hands around their throat, and big dicks shoved in their mouths. It’s a nice mix of girls you’ve seen before and amateurs with just one name.


These gals get nasty, too. HobyBuchanon writes out front that, “My shoots include: Throat Fucking, Deep Throating, Face Slapping, Gagging, Spit, Ass Eating, Anal and More.” In other words, there’s a nice, wide range of hard-fucking depravity. This ain’t softcore vanilla erotica, that’s for sure. offers free video previews to get you in the mood to both spend some money and jack off. My turgid erection demanded I watch the trailer for that Sera Ryder, Chloe Temple flick pretty much as soon as I saw that front-page image. The sneak peek is a minute and a half of the girls getting face fucked, spat on, choked with cock and boned senseless with smiles on their lovely faces. By the time it was over, I knew I had to watch the full version ASAP.



Rough Sex Flicks by the Hundreds

Memberships for go for the same thirty bucks a month as most paysites these days, with a yearly rate that breaks down to about half that. It ain’t the best discount I’ve seen on a longer premium porn membership, but I think it evens out given the niche format here. Most sites don’t get as rough as this one does in every flick, so you’d be hard pressed to find a similar deal.



They’ve got a nice little stash built up, too. As of this writing, the HobyBuchanon collection stands at around 270 movies. The run times are solid, too, so it adds up to days upon days of non-stop porno. There are a few shorter bonus scenes included, but most of the vids seem to hover around 45 minutes to an hour with some nice outliers on the higher end. Reina Rae’s First Anal scene, for example, clocks in at nearly two hours. Who’s up for a marathon fap?


Members will also have plenty of incentive to stop by at least once a week, though I’d probably be fapping my way through even more often. They add a new full-length movie every Friday, plus bonus shoots along the way. The extra videos include behind-the-scenes action, alternate camera angles, and a series descriptively titled Suck This Dick.


In case you were wondering, downloads are included with the membership. It’s a dying perk in 2024 on a lot of paysites, and I think OnlyFans deserves a lot of the blame for growing popular enough to set the trends. I’m always happy to see sites like Hoby Buchanon keeping it old school with what used to be a standard benefit on any premium porn site. If you’re a collector, this is a good opportunity to fill up your hard drive with some rough fucking porno.



Let’s Watch Some Face Fucking Porno

If I have any complaint about the setup at HobyBuchanon, it’s just that I wish the library was organized a little better. They’ve got almost 300 movies now, but they ain’t doing much to sort that growing pile into the relevant categories and niches. Without a Tags or Categories page to peruse, you’re pretty much left to choose based on titles, blurbs and thumbnails.



Thankfully, they get pretty descriptive even without the usual batch of tags. The lovely blonde Sage Fox stars in a flick called Sage Fox Gets Her Throat Trained And Pussy Pounded, with a thumbnail of the babe all pretzeled up and impaled on a dingdong. The video description is a whole paragraph of perversion that I couldn’t wait to see play out in front of my eyes.


The 80-minute movie opens with an interview, similar to how I begin my own videos over at PornDudeCasting. “I’m here to get fucked pretty hard,” the blonde beauty says, looking sexy as fuck in green fishnets that hide nothing. The Q&A session doesn’t last long, though. About a minute in, Sage is already getting slapped, kissed and groped.


The dude, who I presume is the titular Hoby Buchanon, smacks her boobies a few times before offering up his dick. Sage chokes on it right away, gagging up some extra lube as she gets her pretty face fucked. “You need to warm me up,” she says, then gets a face full of spit and more sausage in her mouth.



But Does It Live Up to the Hype?

After a few minutes of face fucking, Hoby Buchanon grabs Sage by the throat, stands her up and bones her from behind. This leads to ass and pussy eating, then he gets balls deep up in them guts from behind. It’s hot as fucking hell, and we haven’t even reached the ten-minute mark. Some of you are going to blow your loads early on, but don’t worry, you can always come back and continue watching later.



Hoby pounds Sage this way and that, and then we get some cocksucking action about twenty minutes in. It’s an inversion of the usual expectations for a porno, which typically start with oral before moving on to other things. HobyBuchanon wraps his legs around Sage’s head while she’s sucking, helping keep her eye on the prize. There’s a ton of gagging and gurgling along the way.


Hoby’s got a way with the ladies that’s something to behold. He’s rough as hell yet somehow tender at the same time, which seems to be a big part of his formula for heavy chemistry with the women. Sage is giggly, giddy and turned on the whole time as he explores her limits, and frankly, I need to wrap up this review so I can watch with both hands free. lives up to the hype I’d heard, offering some truly rough sex with some genuinely beautiful, talented pornstars and amateurs. The site offers a huge and growing stash of nice, long pornos with an emphasis on the rough stuff, with weekly drops and some bonus material to keep you extra hard and drippy. They’ve got free previews galore, so I’d recommend starting with those and seeing what the vibe does for you.

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