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Bikini Fanatics

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Bikini Fanatics

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This next site is for the Bikini Fanatics in the audience, which I’m sure you already know if you’ve heard of the joint. I actually think they might be selling themselves a little bit short with the branding, because there’s more to enjoy here than just the beautiful women showing off their bikinis. They may well be “The World’s Biggest Bikini Community,” as they’re claiming, but the site ain’t quite as softcore as that description makes it sound. Spoiler alert: there are also a ton of full-on nudes and amateur sex scenes. is a platform built for both those titular fanatics and the bikini models they’re fanatical about. Broadly speaking, it’s a subscription site packed with amateur models posting their own sexy photos and videos. They’ve been around since 2017 and have grown fairly popular, with a hundred thousand visitors stopping by to gawk every month. It ain’t always practical to hide your boner at the beach, but this site offers a way to get your kicks without another indecent exposure charge or angry boyfriend trying to kick your ass. If you ain’t convinced yet, well, let’s take a little tour of the place.


Where My Bikini Fanatics At?

BikiniFanatics is a nice looking site, and I mean that in a number of ways. The presentation is clean and polished, with an understated logo and a social media vibe. It’s also nice is the sense that it’s inviting, with all those smiling, pretty faces staring at you from the front page. In keeping with the theme, most of them are attached to girls in bikinis, which is—you guessed it—also pretty fucking nice!



A couple things stand out at me right away. For one thing, I like the diverse range of women showing off their bodies on the site. There’s a MILF in the promo graphic at the top of the screen, followed by a thumbnail spread of younger (18+) blondes, brunettes, redheads, Asians and Latinas. Some have that girl-next-door wholesome look, others with a tatted-up rock-and-roll aesthetic. I’m particularly drawn to a sexy blonde babe showing off her peach of an ass while lounging poolside. I tried to get a closer look, but the full gallery is for members only and I haven’t signed up yet.


The other element I notice right away is something I mentioned in the intro: BikiniFanatics ain’t just a collection of bikini photos. There’s a lot of straight-up DIY porn here, too. Even before I’d left the tour page, I saw lesbians showering together, girls showing off their sparkly clean buttholes, an Asian chick with cum on her tits, an emo chick doing a blowjob tease, a few closeup female masturbation shots, a kinky broad bound in a handful of BDSM devices, and a thick-booty hotwife getting boned.


The guest area of the site is a hell of a tease, because you can see the main thumbnail image from each of the galleries and the videos, too. You’ll get that “Members Only” message if you try to get a closer look, but there’s still a lot to see. One of the big selling points here is the sheer volume of content, which currently includes nearly 3700 videos and 15000 galleries. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you cheapskates beat off to the vast treasure trove of free bikini and amateur porn thumbnails.


Pricing and Perks for Bikini Fanatics

I was getting pretty horny from all the free peeks. After the Join Now button flashed in front of me for the hundredth time, I gave in and clicked it, bringing me to the signup page. The really good news here is that memberships are way cheaper than your average paysite. Most premium porn sites cost thirty bucks a month, including my own PornDudeCasting, but this one will only run you a tenner. The yearly rate is a hundo, which is solid, though not as big a discount as I expected.



Since it’s an inclusive membership site, the most obvious comparisons are those thirty-dollar sites I mentioned. It’s also worth comparing the site to OnlyFans, though, because the two have a lot in common. They’re both built on content uploaded by the amateur models themselves, and they both include a heavy element of interactive intimacy. As with OnlyFans, you can chat with all your favorite models. The big difference is that Bikini Fanatics is a hell of a lot cheaper. Instead of paying ten bucks or more for one babe’s content and the ability to slide into her DMs, you’re getting access to the whole, mouthwatering selection of models.


Once I got signed up and logged in, I found out there was another perk they don’t even mention out front: BikiniFanatics memberships come with access to a bonus site, NymphoWifeys. It’s a very similar platform, only with more emphasis on homemade porno. The tagline is ”Real amateurs who love to be naughty in public!” As much as I like to pride myself on being a professional, I’m also a compulsive masturbator, and this surprise bonus totally fucked up my productivity. This is day four of writing this review, and I swear to fucking god, I’m going to finish it today!


On the flipside of things, I also found a drawback to the Bikini Fanatics membership that they don’t mention on the tour: that ten-dollar subscription doesn’t include everything. Many of the galleries and videos have a padlock icon on the thumbnail, and those of you familiar with the world of premium pornography already know what that means. Yes, ladies and gentle-pervs, some of the content here costs extra. They use a token system, and some of that locked media is expensive. Clicking around randomly, most of it seemed to run between $10 and $30 worth of their in-house currency. Yikes!


Getting My Cheap Faps In

Thankfully, has some content filters so you can limit your selection to the Public content included in the regular membership price. By the numbers, the included stuff is still a hell of a stash. Without paying anything extra, you get access to almost 1600 vids and over 11,000 galleries. You can definitely get your rocks off without buying any tokens, though I can’t blame you if your willpower won’t allow that.



As in the world of online pornography as a whole, they’re typically asking for more money for the dirtier stuff. That said, I found at least a few “public” vids and galleries for almost any search term I tried typing into the box, from Blowjob to Feet to BDSM to Cosplay. If you’re one of the legit Bikini Fanatics who mainly came to see pretty girls in their bikinis, you’ll have an absolute goldmine of material to help you fap the day away.


Remember that blonde with the nice ass I mentioned earlier? Well, once I got into the site’s members area, that front-page gallery was one of the first places I stopped. The gallery itself includes a couple dozen shots of this MILF named Satine. Making my way to her full profile, I found dozens more galleries and videos to keep me entertained, most of them included in the membership package.


I rarely mention the photo galleries on the paysites I visit, because they’re usually just auto-generated screencaps that nobody’s really looking at. The big-name porn sites tend to use those galleries as a way to inflate their content numbers, but the galleries on BikiniFanatics really are one of the main draws of the site. There’s just something about a gorgeous babe posing topless on a beach that can’t be replicated by a random screenshot from a reality porn video. It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s sexy as hell. is an easy recommendation for fans of that type of homemade bikini photography. I’d also recommend a look if you’re just a general fan of amateur porn, because there’s so much included here, especially when you consider the bonus membership to Nympho Wifeys. The token system for additional content can get expensive, and I wish they mentioned it out front, but ten bones a month is a steal for what’s included even without the tokens. You can get a little peek at most of the menu without even signing up, so check it out and see how it makes your dick feel.

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