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HotMovies Amateur

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How porn is watched has changed a lot over the years. We now live in a golden, nay, a platinum era of porn where it is both free and plentiful. It would be harder to go a year without seeing any porn than going a year watching porn every day.


The Hero We Deserve

That I ended up in this universe, on this planet, in this period of time makes me wonder if I’m the hero this world needs right now. A hero who provides order to the endless barrage of fantastic porn pouring out onto the digital streets every day. If that’s the case, I’m proud to be who I am, and I will carry the torch until the day I drop.



At some point in my elderly life, I’ll experience that final boner. The one that does in my penis for good. But even then, I won’t stop. If I can’t slap my meat, I can still tell you guys where the good porn is. Of course, you won’t find me on the casting couch blowing the pussy out of young 18+ teens anymore. But you’ll find me on set, in a wheelchair with my hands in my pants, whether I can get stiff or not. I’m going out swinging, baby.


The Bad-Old-Days

However, this is all talk about the future when I mean to touch base with the past. Our ancestors, your great grandfathers, used to have to drive to their local porn theater and watch porn surrounded by a bunch of sweaty dudes trying to do the same thing. Needless to say, it wasn’t a pretty sight in the least. It smelled, it was humiliating, and you had to pretend that you didn’t see your boss there.



Because it doesn’t generally take a guy an hour and a half to masturbate, you could purchase time in the theater by the minute. That’s right. You couldn’t have enjoyed the long luxurious porn-watching sessions that you do now. Not unless you wanted to pay an arm and a leg while surrounded by fifty other dudes in assorted stages of cumming for three hours.


Of course, these theaters became churches of many sins. It started with guys beating their meat but soon led to sexual favors in the bathroom, drug use, and the occasional brawl. Hopefully, all parties involved put their cocks away before throwing hands.


I’m more than thrilled that my generation doesn’t have to deal with that bull shit, but a version of it is coming back. Gents, we had about a twelve-year run of free access to the best porn ever made at the time. Unfortunately, those days have recently come to an end. While there is still more free porn around than you could shake a stick at, it’s no longer the best porn.


If you want to get your hands on the very best smut on the market right now, you’ll have to invest. Pay sites are making a firey come back, and I’m ok with it. Unlimited great free porn couldn’t last forever, and I’m glad it stayed as long as it did. I don’t mind pulling my wallet out now.


Not everyone feels like me, though. But regardless, they still want to get their grubby little mitts on the best of the best. This has led to the creation of websites like HotMovies. Hot Movies digitally rent porn to users by the minute. It saves you from paying expensive monthly subscription fees and allows you to choose whatever you want to see. Not just the theme of one pay site.


Don’t think that “best of the best” only refers to professionally shot porn with big budgets, filmed on expensive equipment. Hot Movies also has an excellent selection of amateur content that will knock your socks off. That’s what I’m going to focus on for today’s review.


Before I get to the content, let me speak on web design. Hot Movies isn’t winning any awards for beauty or moderninity, but it gets the job done. Speaking of amateurs, its blocky nature and white background look a bit amateur. However, navigation is a breeze, and finding the content you want to see won’t take too much time and effort.


The main menu hangs out toward the top of the site. It includes the options Videos on demand, Gay videos on demand, Select unlimited, Cams, Phone sex, Spotlight, Watch on TV, Shopping cart, Log in, Sign up, Help, Movies, Clips, Categories, Porn stars, and Studios.


Hot Movies hosts its own live cam streaming site and phone sex line. Both are well-crafted services that accomplish their goals. Of course, each is loaded with amateur performers ready to make your dreams come true.


From Mormon to More Pussy

Now we can bury our heads in some of the great amateur content on Hot Movies, starting with “Summer Counseling,” starring Heidi and Summer. Heidi is a nice and innocent girl from Utah. The is no word on if she is Mormon, but I think we can assume.



Quick side note: fucking Mormon bitches is a blast. There is something about snatching the innocence from the blind that feels right. There is no killing the pussy better than fucking the God out of it. That’s when you can really pat yourself on the back.


But I digress. Heidi has just arrived at camp and has some questions for her counselor about how things work. Her counselor is a bit of a wild child and admits that one of her favorite activities is masturbating while watching her roommate have sex. That’s not the activity Heidi saw coming. She was thinking about cornhole, the game, not cornholing the sexual act.


Summer can see the look of shock on Heidi’s face, so she reassures her that this is all normal. In fact, it can be fun when two ladies have sex also. Summer leans in for a kiss, and it’s clear that Heidi is eating it up. Pretty soon, they are playing with each other’s pussies and moaning in pleasure. I think Heidi is about to have the God eaten out of her pussy.


That takes us to “Sybian Rides 4 Ca$h – Harmony.” Michael has been filming bitches ride his Sybian for a long time now, but this might be the best shoot he has ever had. Harmony is a seasoned porn star but, despite loving vibrators, has never had a ride on the Sybian. Mike is ready and willing to change that.


Mike thought Harmony might be exaggerating about how much she loves vibrators, but soon after she sat on the Sybian, he could see that magic was happening.


Mike has an absolute blast cum torturing this poor girl. Over and over again, he brings her to the precipice and back again. I thought this bitch was going to crumple up and die if she didn’t cum soon. Finally, Mike lets her take a full ride, and she has a world-shattering and life-changing orgasm.


I genuinely thought this bitch was going to need a ride to the hospital after this orgasm. I wish my orgasms were one-tenth as powerful as the one she had. It’s probably for the best they don’t, though. I already masturbate so much that I run out of time for other activities. If I came that hard I wouldn’t stop jerking off until I died of dehydration.



Oops, All Eyeballs

Next up, we have “Mean StepMommy,” starring Annabelle Flowers. If there is anything I know to be true in this universe, it’s that you guys want to fuck your mom. It’s disgusting, and I hate you for it, but it’s the way it is.



You keep fooling yourself by using the word “step,” but we all know what the fuck is happening. I bet you don’t even have a stepmom. For those that do, I know what happened. You’re mom left, you hated your new stepmom, and now you want to fuck your real mom, so she loves you again.


Have you ever wanted to catch your mom masturbating and have her ask for some assistance? Do you fantasize about your mom teaching you how to use a condom with a certain “hands-on” approach? Have you ever seen your mom dressed up for a night on the town and thought about how wonderful it would be to fuck those pillowy titties before she leaves? If so, then “Mean Mommy” was made for you.


Hot Movies brings the past into the modern age. It’s the perfect time for a “by-the-minute” porn revival to compete against the new wave of subscription sites.


The only thing I would like to see them improve upon is the web design. While the concept is old school, the site doesn’t have to be.


Take a break from watching subpar free porn and gift your penis with the good stuff on Hot Movies. It won’t break the bank, and you’ll love every second.

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