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Naughty America VR

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Naughty America VR

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Porno has really driven technology over the years. Sex flicks are responsible for killing Betamax in favor of 3-hour porno VHS tapes, a move we saw repeated with DVD and Blu-Ray smut. Online payments were literally invented to sell the Pam and Tommy Lee tape, and today naked babes make up roughly 97% of the entire Internet. Here’s another prediction: sites like Naughty America VR are going to make futuristic sex-helmets a household item. has only been around since 2015, but that’s because virtual reality porn is new as hell and just taking off. These guys are pioneers when it comes to delivering titties straight to your eyeballs. Naughty America has actually been online since 2003, so they were doing things right long before Oculus was even a thing.



Tons of Virtual-Reality Porno Flicks

The landing page shows off some of NaughtyAmericaVR’s advantages over the competition. For one thing, there’s a lot of material here. The tech is so new that VR porn sites don’t always have the best selection. A few years is a hell of a head start in this business, and it shows here.



Pornos are lined up all over the screen, presented as a bunch of DVD covers as if we’re a bunch of primitive cavemen without head-mounted sex machines. Whatever, though, the format works: I want to watch most of these right now. There are a lot of names, faces, breasts, and asses that I recognize, as well as some stunning up-and-cummers.


It’s an impressive virtual DVD shelf, full of teen girlfriends, Ebony threesomes, big-assed MILFs, and shocking violations of gym health and hygiene standards, but it’s only page one of more than 30. I don’t see a total number of Virtual Reality porno movies listed, but there is a huge cloud of category tags accompanied by numbers of related videos. NaughtyAmericaVR currently has 188 Big Tits movies, 294 Bubble Butt scenes, and 346 Blowjob films. I’m sure there’s overlap, but I like those figures.


The whole package was more than enough to lead me to the JOIN button. Naughty America already has a reputation as a solid online porn site (check out my review on The Porn Dude), so I assumed they’d charge a few extra bucks for access to the VR version. Nope. They’re asking the industry-standard $30 a month to watch these sluts fuck in 3D POV.



Bang Your Favorite Pornstars In VR

As soon as I logged in, I saw even more of my favorite pornstars in what looked to be really hot fucking movies. Valentina Nappi has filmed a bunch of flicks with Naughty America, including half a dozen in VR. Rock hard before I could even strap on my VR device, I clicked one called Lingerie Lust.



The flick opens with Valentina opening a package in front of you. You can look around, but you’re sort of a fly on the wall in this scene. Anyway, why would you want to look at anything but this beautiful pornstar as she gets out of her dress and into the lingerie from the box?


Out on the landing page, I noticed NaughtyAmericaVR mentioned binaural audio in their pitch. I thought it was bullshit marketing talk until I heard the paper in the box crinkling. Holy fuck, with a decent set of headphones it’s like being there. If you’re impressed by that, wait until the next scene when the fucking starts.


If you like eye contact in your blowjob videos, try not to cum the instant you first experience it in virtual reality. The 3D gives it an intimacy you just can’t get with a flat POV movie. A similar thing can be said about VR kisses. A kiss is a throwaway in a typical porno, but here it helps sell the GFE they’re shooting for in their VR pornstar girlfriend movies. It really feels like a beautiful woman leaning in to kiss you.


Valentina rides you after the blowjob, her perfect boobs bouncing up and down right in your face. I thought it worked a little better than the 69 action, though that’s going to be incredible when they figure out how to send the smell of pussy through the Internet.


It would be a top-shelf porn scene without the VR element. Valentina Nappi is an absolute beauty and fucks like a goddess. The fact that you can come this close to living it just elevates the entire production to another level.



Beat Off With A Computer On Your Face

Virtual Reality looks better all the time, and you can see some of the best examples at NaughtyAmericaVR. That said, it’s still new technology, and there are still some little quirks that are being ironed out. For example, they’ve got things stabilized so you’re way less likely to get motion sickness, but for some people, the device is still going to be like jerking off in a scuba mask behind a screen door. This, of course, is yet another pervert’s fetish.



There are a few weird VR quirks related to perspective. Chicks are kind of blurry until they get into banging range, and sometimes when they stick their asshole in the camera it ends up looking enormous in your eye-screens. Crystal Rush got too close during a kiss and I experienced the stark terror of having my face chewed down to the sinuses by a Russian pornstar. Angle changes can be jarring, as suddenly the whole room will be tilted at a dangerous grade while women balance precariously on your dick.


That said, these are primarily issues with VR and not NaughtyAmericaVR. The technology is getting better all the time. Another issue NaughtyAmericaVR can’t help with is the fact that you really should download your movies. Unless you’re on an insanely fast business connection with the most expensive VR setup in the world, streaming quality is probably not going to compare. In a pinch, streaming on NaughtyAmericaVR is passable, and will only get better in the coming months and years.


Files are big, so schedule your VR wank sessions accordingly. While you’re waiting, line up your tissues and lotion, lube up your silicone vaginas and rubber mouths, and pop a Viagra or load your bong. Speaking of bong-loading, you owe it to yourself to experience how stoner slut Melissa Moore satisfies her munchies in VR. Spoiler: she eats your very own cock.



Pornstars Gyrate on Your Palm

I pretended to fuck Abella Danger for a while, a long while because she’s in a couple of hours of VR porn at NaughtyAmericaVR, and then took a look at Fidelio III. The latter, which I saw advertised on the pre-login page, is like a VR ticket to a sex party straight out of Eyes Wide Shut. It starts with masked women serving you champagne and giving you a penis inspection and devolves into an all-out orgy in which you’re the only dude. Nice!



NaughtyAmericaVR is a winner if you’re looking to load up your new VR toy with pornography. The collection is already deep, full of top-shelf smut starring your favorite sluts, and the stash is growing all the time. It’s futuristic 3D porn, and it costs the same as any other premium site. This one’s a no-brainer, folks.

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