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Now that AI can make Pornstars out of thin air, there’s no really good reason to leave the house anymore. Maybe I’m generalizing a bit, but I haven’t even left my place in a week, assuming I haven’t lost track of the days. I’m just rubbing out load after load after load while looking at babes straight out of my fantasies. When I need sustenance, I can summon the Uber Eats guy with just a couple taps on my phone, and then it’s back to jacking off.


Honestly, that ain’t too different from how I’ve been living my life for years, but AI brings a new level to that pornographic immersion. Today, I’m going to take a look at a new entry in the rapidly growing realm of AI porn machines living on the internet and dreaming your waifus to life. uses artificial intelligence to create your very own custom porn pics, so I’d recommend setting some time aside before you look. Well, unless you want to explain to the boss while you were doing your hand instead of doing your job.



Getting Naughty with AI

The front page of the aptly named implores visitors to “Get naughty with AI!” They didn’t really have to tell me, because I could feel my dick starting to get harder the moment the front page loaded on my screen. The naked girls all over the place reached my brain before any of the words did, and I immediately knew I was in a good place to wank away the morning.



Like most of the other AI porn generators out there, this one specializes in realistic fakes and high-quality hentai, all delivered to your specifications. They’re using a handful of models right now, including three realistic ones and an anime option. There’s also a Hybrid model that blurs the line between the two, creating babes that look like manga walking around in the real world.


Maybe “walking” is the wrong word to describe what they’re doing. It might be the result of the users here being hornier than elsewhere, but there ain’t much in the way of wholesome, SFW AI babes out front. No, users here are creating topless selfies, masturbating nymphos, and women absolutely drenched in cum. A lot of these women are dripping copious volumes of their own fluids, too, and I see more than a few eating dick.


The full-on fake porn pics are better than the ones I saw when this technology first started blowing up earlier this year. There are some sexy examples on the front page of Pornstars, but the pics that include dicks are more likely to be the ones with the most hideous AI deformities. One girl’s got a disembodied cock head squirting out of her mouth with a blast of cum, and there’s a POV blowjob shot that looks almost perfect save for the dick helmet melting like a candle.


What’s that saying about making a cake and cracking a few eggs? The occasional eldritch horror seems to be one of the prices of entry here, because overall, the pics are easily good enough to bust out the lube for. If you end up with some extra tits, a non-descript Barbie crotch or an elbow where a foot should be, you’ll just have to roll the dice again.



A Different Kind of AI Prompt does seem like it might have a higher error rate than some of the other platforms out there, with more freaks coming out of the machine alongside the fapworthy pornstars. I think this is because they use a unique prompt-based generation system instead of the menu you often find elsewhere. Prompt sites like this one offer more versatility as far as creating exactly what you’d like to see, but you run a higher risk of weird shit happening along the way.



That certainly didn’t discourage me, not even by a little. After seeing the front-page examples, I was ready to start creating my own. I kept it simple for my first experiment, using their Realistic Vision model and typing the simple prompt: “big boobs, brunette, hourglass body, topless, yoga pants, big butt, gym”.


Here’s where I figured out how the Pornstars interface differs from other prompt-based AI porn generators. After typing in my request, the Generate button failed to light up and I couldn’t click it. Turns out, you have to select your tags from a menu that pops up as you’re typing into the prompt. After some tweaking, my refined keywords were: “big boobs, brunette hair, hourglass body, showing breasts, yoga, big butt, gym”.


This time, the Generate button turned purple and I clicked that bad boy. Even though I was paying with tokens, it still took a relatively long time; my fake photo took about three minutes to crank out. I’m not sure if the gorgeous brown-haired girl is doing yoga, but she is smiling at the camera with her huge boobs out, and that makes me happy.


Once I understood how the system worked, I started banging out more of my own custom pornstars. I have mixed feelings about the way the tags are refined as you type. On one hand, it does take some of the guesswork out of the equation, since you’re not going to end up typing the same bad keywords again and again, hoping the computer finally understands. On the other hand, it does feel a little bit limiting compared to prompts that let you type whatever the hell you want. Ultimately, though, I couldn’t complain about the quality of the pics being created.



Pornstars from Your Brain to the Screen does let you play around with their machine for free, with the expected limitations. If you want an upgraded experience, they’re running on a token model instead of the usual monthly memberships most of the other guys sell. If you’re generating images with tokens, you get unlimited tags, pose selection and early access to new features. Supposedly you get faster, priority generations, but as mentioned, it’s pretty damn slow.



Since I’d been confused by the unlit Generate button, I’d actually purchased my tokens before I even generated my first imaginary photo. The folks on the Discord did help me solve my problem right away, so I recommend checking in with them if you run into any issues.


Buying tokens might be a problem for a lot of you. As of this writing, they’re only accepting crypto payments. Two bucks worth of bitcoin will buy you a hundred tokens, which is a fraction of what you’d pay on a site like SoulGen. SoulGen charges ten bones for the same stack of tokens, but they take PayPal, which is just a lot easier for most people.


I’ve seen sites that use a cash-to-bitcoin gateway to simplify the process, but you’re not going to be able to buy Pornstars tokens unless you’ve already got an e-wallet somewhere. Between the minimum BTC I was able to send and the service fees, I paid almost three bucks for my hundred tokens. It’s still a deal compared to the other sites, but it’ll be a hassle if you don’t regularly move crypto.


The learning curve to buying tokens and the long wait times are easily my biggest complaints about Pornstars, but I was happy with the pics that were coming out. I made hentai redheads spreading their legs, exotic naked chicks on the beach, and total sluts baring it all in a crowded bar. Besides an extra belly button on the beach bimbo, none of my custom pics had any of the freakish hallmarks of AI art. is still in Beta as I type this up, and does have some minor quirks that I think will be ironed out shortly. I think their greatest asset and biggest draw is going to be their interface, a prompt-based system that nudges your tags into order as you type them up. It’s a little easier than just making things up and hoping their horny robot understands, so I think it’ll be a draw for those hoping for something in between the fully open prompt-based interfaces and the menu-based ones. If you ain’t convinced yet, why not give it a try for yourself?

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