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Dopamine Girl

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Dopamine Girl

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Dopamine Girl has a slightly ambiguous name, even if only because you don’t know which side of the dopamine deal she’s on. Hell, I’ve dated babes that were absolute leeches of the stuff, draining every molecule of my own happiness in search of their own kicks. On the other hand, the perfect girl for anybody is one who gives them hit after hit of your brain’s friendly chemical messenger.


“Perfect” is always a subjective term, so your preferences in chicks may not be the same as mine, your buddy’s, or any random smut peddler out there. With most porn sites, you’ve got to settle for somebody else’s fantasy, but is something else entirely. Calling themselves a “NSFW Art community for AI enthusiasts,” they’ll help you craft the naked woman of your dreams using artificial intelligence. Their traffic has been exploding in recent months, a strong hint that their system works as designed, but I always like to try these things out for myself. You know, for research purposes!



The Sexy Girls of Dopamine Girl

At first glance, I thought DopamineGirl might simply be a search engine for AI-generated nudes. The front page has the spread of user-generated pics I’ve come to expect from the nicer AI platforms, with a search bar at the top of the page. It does the trick, delivering at least a handful of results for anything I asked for, from Chun Li nudes to Amazon women to hentai threesomes.



The imagery itself is gorgeous. A lot of AI porn generators have been popping up in recent months, and it’s been incredible watching them get better and better with each passing week. Not only do the pics look great, with relatively few freakish deformities, but these guys offer a wider range of styles than the usual hentai and fake photos offered elsewhere. They’ve got those, sure, along with simulated paintings, digital drawings, fantasy art and some of the better full-on porn scenes I’ve seen a machine dream up.


Right away, I noticed a lot of familiar faces among the Dopamine Girls plastered all over the front page. A number of the AI sites I’ve reviewed have specifically banned users from creating simulated versions of real people, but that doesn’t seem to the case here. The place is absolutely crawling with fake famous women. Visitors have been generating nudes galore of celebrities like Ariana Grande, Gal Gadot, Jenna Ortega, Taylor Swift and Scarlett Johansson, just to name a handful off the front page.


As much as I love the fake shots of Rhianna with her boobs out or Jennifer Lawrence giving a tit job, I have to wonder how long it’s going to last. Fake celebrity nudes have always been a big ol’ can of worms, and it busted right open with the relatively recent rise of deepfakes. Now that anybody can use AI to generate their own realistic fakes in a matter of seconds, I would not be surprised if a legal crackdown is imminent. Enjoy it while lasts, folks!



Build Your Own Dopamine Girl

After flipping through the stack of Dopamine Girls for a while, I was ready to create my own. The site uses a prompt-based AI generation system, which will be familiar to fans who’ve used similar interfaces before. There’s a little bit of a learning curve compared to the menu-based systems, but offers some links to some good tutorials on the subject. Prompt-based systems like this are more versatile since you ain’t limited to the listed keywords, though you do run a higher risk of accidentally creating monsters.



Most of the AI porn generators out there offer some freebies with a few limitations imposed, but alas, today it was not to be. doesn’t let you test drive their horny robot brain without putting some quarters in the slot first. Memberships start at ten bucks per month, which includes 1,000 credits good for 1,000 images. The more expensive packages let you create more pics, and offer higher generation speeds. You can also purchase credits separately from the memberships, though the prices are about the same.


After getting my account set up, I made a simple request. “Tall babe, huge boobs out, daisy dukes, big butt, red hair,” I wrote, leaving the negative prompt empty. I selected the Classic model and kept the other options at their default, then I hit the Generate button.


The resulting redhead is as sexy and well-endowed as I’d hoped, though she’s wearing a red bra instead of exposing her jugs. There’s a certain AI quality to her face, like she’s coming straight out of the uncanny valley, but I can totally whack off to her.



Offer Up a Little Inspiration of Your Own

One of the more exciting features at is the ability to upload your own inspiration images. This is something I haven’t seen on the other AI porn generators, so I was eager to try it out. Their system maps your image, detecting poses and other important features, and then uses that to help guide the creation of fresh smut.



I started with a photo of the lovely Alyx Star that I snapped when she visited me over at PornDudeCasting. She’s sitting naked on my carpet, legs spread with a hand half-covering her goddess-tier pussy. Alyx is a beautiful woman and I wouldn’t change a thing in real life, but in the name of science, I asked DopamineGirl to give her purple hair, pierced nipples, fishnets and high heels. I also moved her from my place to a public sidewalk, just to be a little extra kinky.


I think the mapping step added a few extra seconds to the generation times, but DopamineGirl still came through in under a minute. Sure enough, the newly minted babe was doing Alyx’s exact pose on a sidewalk. Instead of a brunette, her hair is now purple and blue. Her feet are outside of the image, so I don’t know if she’s got heels on.


I hit the Remix button and created a handful of variations, tweaking the settings each time. I turned Alyx into a comic book superhero slut, a hentai waifu, and a few iterations of the pornstar she really is. Using the Fantasy model didn’t turn her into the Dungeons and Dragons warrior princess I was expecting, though the level of realism quickly made it one of my favorite Dopamine Girl AI models to play with.



You Can’t Get This Just Anywhere

The Inspiration feature at is a real game changer. There’s some experimentation required to really get the most out of it, but holy shit, this thing is magic if you’re willing to put a little effort into it. I couldn’t help running some more PornDudeCasting stills through the wringer, with various degrees of success.



My only complaints about DopamineGirl are minor. The lack of freebies is a bummer, especially when most of the other sites let you play around a little bit before demanding money. The other issue is that, as a prompt-based AI porn generator, there is a little bit of a learning curve as far as getting the best results from your prompts. That goes double for the Inspiration feature, since you’re adding a whole new wrinkle to the operation.


If you don’t want to dig into the tutorials, my advice is to start with some of the other creations out on the front page of DopamineGirl. They include the prompt details on all the public images, so you can start by tweaking your favorite images instead of building from scratch. Basic dirty images are pretty fucking easy to create, and it only gets complicated when you start introducing advanced poses, outfits and scenes.


While most of the features you’ll find on are available on the other sites, the power to create your own high-quality, fully fapworthy custom porno makes it easily worth the entry fee. On top of the basics, they really sweeten the fuck out of the deal by offering a couple features you won’t find everywhere else, namely the fake celebrity nudes and Inspiration feature. If you’ve been generating your own sex pics on other sites but you’d like a little more power and versatility, this may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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